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Daesung Can’t Stand on Stage Yet

September 18, 2009


Source: Gwangnam
Translated by: ladykwonn @VIP Translators
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Big Bang’s group member, Daesung, will not attend the ‘2009 Asia Song Festival’.

On the 18th, an official from YG Entertainment talked on the phone with the Asian Economy Newspaper . He revealed, “This coming 19th, Daesung will not attend the ‘Asian Song Festival’ that will open in the evening.

He also revealed, “Daesung is in an almost completely cured condition, but still, standing on stage has been judged as too difficult for him.”

On this day, Big Bang will schedule to go on stage with only 4 members.

On a side note, Daesung took part in the filming of ‘Family Outing’ and got into a car accident on his way back to Seoul on the 11th of last month. He fractured his nose and back.

After surgery, he was discharged from the hospital on the 28th and recuperated at home. He will participate in the upcoming filming of SBS ‘Family Outing’ in Jejudo on the 21st-22nd.



Big Bang “It was sensual so we were surprised…” Debut as a Model at Fashion Magazine with a Shocking Style

May 15, 2009


Source: Newsen
Translated by: jeska + gdluvzmc @VIP Translators
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Big Bang challenged themselves with shocking style for their debut as fashion magazine models.

Big Bang who recently released new single album ‘My Heaven’ in Japan, had a photoshoot for a men’s fashion magazine ‘Arena’ with world famous photographer Terry Richardson.

Big Bang members first introduced themselves with brief English before a photoshoot began at a studio located at Kangnam, Seoul. When Terry turned on a Michael Jackson song, Taeyang responded with a Michael Jackson dance. While TOP was doing an action of spitting out flower petals , Terry kept saying “good, good,” and went on with the harmonious atmosphere throughout the photoshoot.

Terry Richardson added ‘freedom’ and ‘sexiness’ on top of each member’s natural ‘color’ for their styles during s shoot, then he appeared as a model for a June cover of ‘Arena’ to capture a memory they made and shared during a shoot.

After photoshoot, Daesung said, “The photo concept was sensual so I was a bit surprised, but I finished it well. I think I can be sexier if I get another chance.” G-Dragon said, “I really wanted to be in front of his camera because I really like Terry’s photos. My wish finally came true today,” and smiled happily.

Terry Richardson quoted, “I will never forget about Big Bang’s pureness. I don’t like typical and fixed things. They looked more like playful boys rather than superstars,” during an interview with ‘Arena.’

‘Arena’ with Big Bang’s cover and their photos will be released on the 20th.


“My Heaven” Japanese Single

May 13, 2009

45 second clip of their Japanese Single, “My Heaven.” yes, this is the jap version of “Heaven”

credit: gilbakk@youtube.

Source: E-Daily
Translated by: gdluvzmc @VIP Translators

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Big Bang held a press conference at noon on May 13th in Japan’s Tokyo Hyatt Grand Hotel to celebrate the release of their new single, ‘My Heaven’ at Japan’s Hyatt Grand Hotel, near Tokyo.

Big Bang signed a contract with UNIVERSAL MUSIC to release a major debut single in Japan. At the press conference: “Thank you very much to the fans for the wait. We will work hard as always.” They also expressed interest in performing in Japan’s NHK Red & White Songfest, where DBSK, BoA, etc. had appeared in & said, “We will also work hard in hopes of participating in it too.”

Big Bang was greeted by 500 local fans at the airport, some of them crying.

Big Bang’s Japan major debut single will be released June 24th.


Check out BB’s Japan site:

1. My Heaven
2. Emotion
3. Candle Remix


Lee Hyori, Second Meeting with Big Bang

December 3, 2008


Credit to: 한국일보
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Continue from MKMF, special stage is provided at Lee Hyori’s solo concert; Lee Hyori will perform second special performance with Big Bang.

Lee Hyori and Big Bang’s second meet is going to be at Lee Hyori’s solo concert stage.

Mnet Media, Lee Hyori’s management company, said on 3rd that “Big Bang confirmed to appear as a guest on 19th at Lee Hyori’s first solo concert, ‘the Invincible Lee Hyori.’

“(Big Bang) is not appearing as simple guest, but to present a special performance with Lee Hyori they are preparing for it spe” according to Mnet Media.

Lee Hyori and Big Bang received attention by performing a joint performance at ‘2008 MKMF’ on November 15h. Especially, a performance where TOP kisses Lee Hyori a sudden kiss brought the best topic.

On the other side, Lee Hyori decided to refund all of her guaranteed fee to use them as system expenses to perform perfect performance on her first solo concert. Also, she is planning on giving t-shirt that she designed to fans who are coming to concert as a present.


Big Bang (1): “Top Popularity? We Still Have a Long Way to Go.”

November 20, 2008


Posted date: November 19th, 07:30 am (Korean time)
Credit to: 아시아경제
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Big Bang is doing ‘big bang’ just like their name. Recently a kiss performance with Lee Hyori at MKMF heated up the online, and SBS “Family Outing” that Daesung is appearing is making a record as first place in variety program rating. The fact that their title, ‘Sunset Glow’ from their 2nd album reaching the top became it’s a ‘obvious’ thing. They are already a ‘big model’ in commercial industry.

As their humor is increasing a bit in every interview, they said, “(we) are worried about what to do from now on” and are in a happy worry. With Daesung’s absent due to of ‘Family Outing’ shooting, rest of members talked honestly about their opinion and worries after running without any break, controversy about clothes, negative comments, and other sensitive cases.

Q; First of all, TOP, kiss performance is a top subject (of a story), how did you end up doing it?

-TOP: It just ended up like this while we were planning for a performance. Just coincident. Umm, I feel cautious to answer. (laugh)

Q: Wouldn’t there be a special reason that TOP did it when there are 5 members?

-SR: Because a performance needed acting skill very much, we thought if TOP would match most if he does it.

Q: Whose idea was it for SR’s ‘U-Go-Girl’?

-SR: Hyori suggested if we make male version of ‘U-Go-Girl’ and let Seungri do it. I don’t know why. (laugh)

Q: There’s something that we need to clarify as we go into main topic. Is ‘Sunset Glow’ a remake or a sampling?

-SR: It’s a sampling. You can see it as same as how Se7en did a sampling of ‘I know’ of Taiji Boys before. We just used the chorus, and rest was made new.

Q: Big Bang is receiving a big points in creativity side, was there any opinions about putting completely new songs because it’s an official album?

-TY: We picked(and talked about) mammonism with a song called ‘Dirty Cash’; we try to reflect social atmosphere a lot for official albums.
When YG first told us to do ‘Sunset Glow’ we were doubtful. But the song came out well as we worked on it, and we thought about showing this song to adults too because it’s an official album. We recorded during 3rd mini album, and it came out well so we kept it as a title song.

Q: Your promotional activity must be longer since it’s an official album.

-TY: We are going to have a concert end of January next year. We are going to be active until then, after I think we are going to United States.

Q: By the way, G-Dragon, are you feeling sick? you wore sunglasses.

-GD: No, I got an eye infection because I slept so much last night. I slept deep because there wasn’t any schedule.

-TOP: Everyone just slept. I think we are a bit relaxed (now).

Q: I assume your know-how to fight with sleep increased?

-TY: I don’t think sleep is a subject to overcome. Sleep is there to sleep (laugh). I used to take care of personal stuff whenever there was a spare time before, but I sleep a lot whenever I have time now.


Q: That means you are busy that much. Big Bang’s position now, aren’t you proud?

-TY: I haven’t thought that way, we still have a long way to go; it’s been only 3 years. I know that a lot of people gives love to us, (and) I think I need to work harder every time (I am aware of that). We are worried about what we should do from now on instead of thinking about how much we have came.

Q: What are Big Bang’s strength and weakness?

-GD: Our strength is everyone has different personality. We have different music taste team wise, and I think there are different talents within our team. We have our own color. Weakness, we don’t have any. (laugh)

-TOP: There aren’t any weakness or limit we feel yet. If we think there are limits, I don’t think we will be able to show anything on a stage.

-GD: Mmm. There are parts where we can’t practice every details because we don’t have enough time to practice. Because we have been doing it in short period of time, there are parts we need to complement for performances.

Q: ‘Sunset Glow’ has a cute atmosphere all over. I think TOP would feel a bit awkward. (laugh)

-TOP: No. I wonder if viewers feel awkward; I think I can be cute enough too. (laugh)


Big Bang (2): “We Will be More Prudent and Careful.”

November 20, 2008


Posted date: November 19th, 07:30 (Korean time)
Credit to: 아시아경제
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Reaching to the top and holding on the top; which one would be more difficult. It’s hard to decide easily. Because it’s something that involves a lot of worry and self-reflection for the other’s case as well.

Same for Big Bang who received 20s and 30s’ absolute support through a big hit with ‘Lies’ in 2007. Big Bang was blessed with highest popularity this year again as other singers expressed their envy (of Big Bang’s popularity) straightforward, but their effort and reflection is continuing. Thus they intend to learn and grow again. Big Bang answered sincerely with serious face (expression) even on sensitive questions.

Q: (People say) popularity and negative comments are balanced; do you read comments often? How about you, TOP?

-TOP: Hold on, Why (to) me? (laugh) Honestly, what we are feeling is that there are things that aren’t fair. We first wanted to persuade them however we could, but it was difficult to do it.

-TY: I think people who use Internet say whatever they want to say because they don’t reveal themselves completely. I don’t think it’s an issue that can be fixed by just saying ‘let’s this fix in this way.’

-TOP: We won’t be able to do our work if we care about all of them. In any way we monitor our stages (performances) ourselves so we can improve ourselves, but we try not to watch much when are active.

Q: It seems like there are a lot things you need to take care of as your popularity raises. G-Dragon’s clothes became the issue last year?

-GD: That was really my fault.

Q: What is the reason why there wasn’t any explanation after the incident?

-GD: Umm, I had no idea what to say. I think I didn’t know when, how, and what I should say. People pointed out the part where I did wrong, but I felt awkward (weird) to explain in haste; I did wrong.

-TY: It was really our fault that we didn’t check on that clothes. Instead of making excuses, I think it’s best to be pay attention more and more careful from now on.


Q: Do you remember during an interview, for a question ‘Do you feel any difficulties after you became a singer,’ you answered ‘There’s nothing other than not being able to sleep’? If you receive a same question, how is your answer going to change?

– TOP: In any way, as you gain, there are things you lose. Spare time to spend with my family and to meet friends decreased, thus feeling of loneliness seems big.

Q: Did you plan anything to overcome loneliness?

– TOP: No. (laugh) Because there are a lot of happy things too. I am not having a hard time to look for solutions.

Q: How is the relationship between members? For other groups, they slowly have conflicts while they are together for 2-3 years. (laugh)

-TOP: Our personalities are so different and our age is different as well, thus we don’t have any conflicts. We become like a family as time passes by. For example, when we go out to eat together and Seungri taking care of me, it seems like he’s doing it to a real brother. He was never like this before. (laugh) Now our parents become very close, so it’s impossible for us not to be like a family.

Q: By the way, Seungri, you put your solo song ‘Strong Baby’ in this 2nd album?

-SR: Taeyang and Daesung had their own solo songs. YG asked “You want to do it too, right?” and gave me a chance. A composer who wrote Rain’s ‘Rainisim’ and G-Dragon worked together for this song. It means ‘I grew up so come to me now.’ I thought I needed a transformation now. (laugh)

Q: Will the performance of the song be sexy like Rain?

-SR: I don’t think so. I thought about the concept, I might reveal it on next concert.

Q: Why? Don’t you do weight training?

-SR: Taeyang, Daesung, and TOP have a great body, but I am small compare to them. I am not sure being muscular (for my body).

Q: TOP, I heard you exercise a lot even at dawn?

-TOP: Because it becomes dawn when schedule is over. Because our job is viewed by people, I get a greed that I need to show myself becoming better as time passes by. It looks good to look healthy to people.

Q: Is there any member in diet?

-TY: In any way, we become particular about food because it would be a waste of exercising. Jiyong and Seungri eat whatever they want. Jiyong has a physical constitution of not gaining weight no matter how much he eats. Seungri just can’t bear if he wants to eat. (laugh)

-TOP: Seungri eats cookie while he’s lying down an hour after he exercises hard. (laugh)

Q: Big Bang can’t leave out fashion too.

-TOP: There are some items that we are holding on to, (because of those) we have worries.

-TY: Because our free period between albums aren’t long, it’s hard to change our style often.

Q: Since you brought up free period, what are your plans to do during free period next year?

-TY: Daesung probably continue doing programs that he’s been doing, TOP is going to start shooting drama, and G-Dragon will release his solo album.

-SR: I want to learn more for my self-development. I will learn singing, dance, and dance at United States. Other members’ pronunciations are good, but I still need to learn more.

Q: Aren’t you all good at English?

-TY: We aren’t that fluent yet. We pronounce words as we hear and understand.

Q: If you are staying at United States for 2-3 months, I can probably see Big Bang’s new album on second half of the year.

-SR: That’s right!

Big Bang will be an artist that can’t be excluded in award ceremonies end of this year. It has been ‘barely 3 years now’ and have items they are holding on to for next activities (promotions). Also, they are becoming mature in every step and making up their wrong doings. They ‘already’ reached to the top, but they are an unusual group that brings anticipation of their next journey to us.


Kim Jang Hoon Thanks to Big Bang, “Helping The West Sea Needs Courage to Do It for Idol Group” (Interview)

November 17, 2008


Posted date: Noveber 17th 2:01pm (Korean Time)
Credit to: Newsen
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Translated by: Jeska @ VIPtranslators
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Singer Kim Jang Hoon sent his gratitude to Big Bang who stepped up to help the west sea.

On 17th, during an interview with Newsen, Kim Jang Hoon said, “I am very thankful and proud of Big Bang, who gives an big influence to people, for stepping out to help the west sea,” and clarified that “Big Bang probably needed a big courage to make this happen. (People) need to applaud when there are things that needs to get applause.”

He also said, “Big Bang’s ‘Sunset Glow’ release is something I was hoping for,” and revealed his thought, “I experienced a lot of difficulties as I was working on helping the west sea. I felt limitation towards teenagers because I don’t have enough popularity (power) to influence them.”

Kim emphasized that, “I personally hoped that famous idol groups will step out (for this project). It may sound easy but not easy at all. They need a huge courage because they are idol groups. Honestly, Big Bang could’ve release more commercialized songs instead of ‘Sunset Glow’.”

Big Bang recently released 2nd album “Remember” and promoting “Sunset Glow” as main. ‘Sunset Glow’ was made to help the west sea that is moaning from the oil leakage incident last year, thus brought attention. Big Bang has been revealing their thought of helping Kim Jang Hoon who has been helping out the west sea to recover back to how it was. But some netizens criticized that Big Bang is using the west sea incident commercially. Due to this pitiable situation, Kim Jang Hoon decided to cheer Big Bang.

Kim Jang Hoon said, “I receive a big encouragement through Big Bang. People started to give less interest after first prevention (of oil spread) ended, but Big Bang stepped out in this situation and I am really thankful for that. I think their power to influence (others) is hundred times bigger than I am; I am very proud of them.

Also said, “This is a historical thing within idols. I hope other idol groups will help as well.”

Kim Jang Hoon said, “I directed their concert last year but we don’t have any special connection.” As he was recalled Big Bang, he said, ” there were things that lacked when I was directing, but Big Bang brightened the stage more. I thought they were very talented friends.”

He continued, “After we were busy (with our own thing) for a year and half, and I got surprised when I heard the news about them releasing ‘Sunset Glow,’ ” and added with encouragement that, “Big Bang was in a situation where they could’ve get negative feedbacks that they brought up the topic too late, but they still continued to help the west sea with their song.”

“I felt pity whenever I saw few netizens seeing Big Bang with negative eyes,” then expressed his opinion: “(I hope) people will give applause to their courage. There needs to be a lot of praises when there are good actions.”

Kim Jang Hoon added, “Right now, the west sea is in a situation where the fishery and tour business are in danger. It’s time to fight for not only 1-2 years but 5-10 years. I feel thankful for Big Bang for adding encouragement at a time like this.”


Big Bang Will Leave to US this coming February to “Study Dance and Music”

November 17, 2008

Posted Date: November 17th, 11:02 am (Korean Time)
Credit to: Newsen
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Translated by: Jeska + gdluvzmc @ VIPtranslators
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Big Bang is going to US this coming February.

Big Bang said in an interview with Newsen that they are planning to have about 2-3 months of vacation after finishing promotion by end of January,” and also said that they “haven’t had any breaks since debut. This break is going to be the time to recharge.“

Also, they reported that they “are planning to go to US with members and to study more about dance and music in US.”

They continued that they “won’t be able to just rest during break. Not only dance and music, but also need to study English as well,” and added that “there are a lot of producers under YG and Se7en is staying in US, thus will work with them a lot.”

Also, they added that they “felt missed out because (we) didn’t study deeply (about music); there were things that learned from experiences but we want to learn the basics again to lay the foundation.”

Big Bang is currently promoting their new song, “Sunset Glow” from their 2nd album “Remember” and ignite ‘Big Bang Boom” again as they take over the top place in music charts and music stores. Big Bang confirmed their position as this year’s best idol group by receiving ‘best artist of the year’ and ‘best male group’ in MKMF which was on 15th.