Contacting VIPtranslators

  • Feel free to contact any of us for questions or information on anything, or just to make friends!

Name: Melinda / Melly
Role: Admin / Webmaster / Translation Editor
Email: jiyongie@gmail.com
MSN: mellybloom12@hotmail.com

VIPz know me as gdluvzmc
Friends call me melly
& everyone else calls me Melinda or ‘hey’ or ‘yo’ or straight into a question -_-

– 20; i share seungri’s bday except i’m his noona ^_^

– i go to
UCLA, 3rd yr, south campus, physiological science major, classics minor. more about me on my BLOG!
owner of BBFANSITE

TEAM GD LEADER… i hold my position very well thanks ^^
– i dig the old school hip-hop.
– addicted to sick beats & great composing/producing.
– i’m a shoe junky.
– i love my metallic gray 2010 camry SE like it’s my living child.
– my anime forte: NARUTO & BLEACH
i LOVE all my VIPz... my buddies. you guys keep me going, & i’m forever grateful to you all. believe me, i read every single one of your comments, & ppl think i’m crazy cuz i always laugh at the computer screen.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming by our sites. we work really hard to bring you the latest news on our favorite artists & spreading that KPOP MOVEMENT.



YOU LIKE? i do. always NUMBER 1<33333



Name: Jeska
Role: Admin / Translator / Editor
Email: na.artist@gmail.com
AIM: jessicakorea
MSN: na_artist@hotmail.com
Blog: Jeska Illustration

Hello, jeska here. I am 100% Korean and born in Seoul, Korea. I moved to United States in August 2000. I am the oldest member of VIPtranslators.

I major in illustration at art college in Pasadena, CA. I LOVE ART. I was born to be an artist, no joke. People may not like my work, but I wouldn’t be here writing this if i didn’t do art. I do a lot of drawings and paintings most of time and do logos, and t-shirt designs for friends and church at no cost (for now.)

I started to help VIP friends whenever they had any questions about translating Korean words/sentences to English or vice versa. After I sort of built experience, with help of others, I got a position as translator at BBFANSITE translate lyrics, articles, sometimes videos upon request.

I started to like BIG BANG soon as I watched their documentary. I don’t remember exactly when, but soon as I saw episode 3, (they focused on YB) I kept thinking about YB part of it was because I used to have crush on this guy who sort of looked like YB. But now, my love only goes to YB. I just love EVERYTHING about him. He’s younger than me, but having a noona fan isn’t so bad no? >_<

Mmmm. Feel free to contact me via AIM or MSN. I am online most of time and I will be glad to help you if you have any questions about what certain Korean word means in English or vice versa. Also please visit my blog if you want to get to know me a bit more. My artworks show part of my personality.

Name: JT
Role: Editor / Encoder / Tech Program Master
AIM: jdragon0013

First of all, I’m a GUY. I encode vids. I don’t really make that many posts.

Some other things about me.. i’m 16. I’m 50% Filipino, 25% German, and 25% English.
I started listening to BB in February 2007. I found them while i was looking for Se7en MVs on Youtube. I saw Lalala and i thought it was pretty sweet. Then i watched Goodbye Baby and i was hooked.
My fav member is GD. He’s my idol.
Some more stuff.. I’m an editor at BBFANSITE.  I help Melly with the ringtones page there.  and i manage the fansite branches page there too.

And…  Rice pwns!  BB ftw!

I guess that’s it for now. If u have any more questions, just ask.

Name: Jae
Role: Japanese Translator
AIM: asianxsushi

First off, hey everyone! I’m Jae from the BBChat, haha. Thanks Melly & JT for this opportunity! ^^

I am half Japanese and half Vietnamese, but I’m more fluent in Japanese and English. I’ve been hooked on Big Bang near the end of 2006 when I saw their documentary. I love all of them equally, so it’s hard for me to love just one of them. At first, when I found out that YoungBae knows how to speak Japanese, I started spazzing about it. XD Maybe one day, I can talk to him in Japanese instead of English.

Anyways, I have a crunchyroll account by the name “letsgowest“, so you guys can add me there, but I’m just using it to upload videos for me to translate. XD I probably won’t respond back to you guys much on there because I don’t really pay attention to it, so just AIM me up! I can help you with anything Japanese related and even though school is pain, I would always have time for you VIPs. ^^

Name: Jin
Role: Japanese Translator
AIM: aznninjablade

Sup everyone. I’m SlimJin or as the BBChat people know me, the BoA pie eating Jin and I am also a guy.

Just like Jae, I am also half Japanese and half Vietnamese, but I am more fluent in Vietnamese and English with some Japanese here and there. If you didn’t know, yes I am Jae’s brother and my idol is G-Dragon and TOP. I found out about Big Bang from my sister because she kept talking about them and when I saw GD and TOP beatboxing, it made me want to try it out. But I still can’t beatbox, so I’m just sticking with my BBoy roots for now. Well, if you guys want to talk or something because I suck at writing intros, just talk to me on AIM or in the BBChat.

Name: Ash
Role: Translator

Hey guys! I’m 100% Korean and 2nd generation in the United States.

That’s all for now. Peace!!



  2. i can tell this wordpress is going to be awesome!!
    i appreciate EVERY one of you guys~
    you guys are all my unnis and opa’s keke.
    thanks so much for the trans. and info! <33

  3. nice work you guys!

  4. ahh! our other staffers have finally put up their bios! <33 cute.

    thanks you guys for taking initiative to do this!

    i look forward to working w/ you guys ❤

  5. wow!
    BBFAN13 is a Filipino ne~
    i was quite surprised :))
    thanks for everyone who is behind of these things :))

  6. This is so great,Thanks very much u guys,I really wanted to say this to translators who worked hard 4 us who doesn’t know hangul..hehe..Tq so much!!^^

  7. Cool… I never thought there’d be guys who would love BB (and who wouldn’t??!!)
    I would like to be one of the admin but I’m quite busy with all my work… I visit BBFansite everyday but I don’t comment all the time… I just watch vids and sometimes I do comment…
    I dunno what would be my BB life without you guys…

    @ gdluvzmc
    -you’re name’s everywhere… no joke.. d^_^b…

    @ JT
    -God! YOU’RE A FILIPINO?! From where? I’m from manila… try my friendster ^_^ http://www.friendster.com/hillian….

    -i would love to learn korean with you…

    @ IVIP translators…

    @ IVIP’s
    – we are BIG BANG

    @ bIG BANG..
    – come to the philippines!!!

    -Music is my Passion…

  8. forgot to post my cyworld>>> ww.cyworld.com/hillian


  9. It’s nice to meet you guys. You guys rock. Thanx for being able to translate all this information to us. I really appreciate it, as much as I love Big Bang, and other Kpop artists. Although I am not Korean and I, too, am a noona fan (if that means I am much older). I love Tae Yang and GD. Damn! >_< Oh well!

  10. @ rafael: feel free to ask for any korean word….as long as you aren’t asking for something weird/bad i would love to answer your questions 🙂

    @ yoli: it’s okay. i am a noona fan as well LOL.

  11. Really thank you all!!!
    I’m visiting the BBfansite like every day there is not one day that will passby without looking at the page!!
    I love it that there is every day new news!!!
    can’t live without you!!! I’m soo happy that I found you guys!
    I’m from the Netherlands and yes even dutch people are visiting your BBfansite..^^
    and LOVEing BIGBANG!!

    I wanna learn Korean so badly..T-T
    hope ther is a way you can help me…^^
    there is one question…
    Daesung alwais says: ‘da’ is it yes or someting els cause I read somewere that yes is: ‘Ne’
    alreaddy: THX

    Yeahh! a Boy how loves Bigbang!!!Loveyou X_X

    <-_- (Seung Si’s head peace =P)

  12. Hello, hello! My name is Tama, 19, Bio major (for now anyway). I just stopped by to say hi and thank you for all of your hard work. I know it’s silly and you guys prob. get it all of the time, but I really do appreciate it. I am a recent Big Bang fan. My friend always talked about them, but I never paid much attention, until this past weekend when I sat my butt down and started youtube-ing them. Well, needless to say, I was hooked. I love them all. So thank you for this website where I can continue to feed my obsession (oh boy, there goes more money).

  13. Ah…To Jeska-ah,
    I have seen your blogpost.
    OMO, your ART, I so loving it.
    I loves ART so much, yet I cannot fulfills my dream to be artist.

    Love your art,
    And love you guys as well
    VIPz saranghaeyo


  14. And yes yes TO JT,
    Wah, for a guy, you rock.
    It is very seldom for me to found a guy that love BB, ehe wow, sugoi ne.

    You guys are awesome, saranghaeyo…

    next time if I have trouble in Korea, I may ask you, may I?

    And loves Yong and Mr. Bear [Seung Hyun hyeong] so much, yet loves all of BB boys cause we’re VIPs, right right ne?

    Anyway, love you guys,


  15. @Rafael: yep! I’m half Filipino. I’m from the US.

    @YJ: haha, thanks! yeah, i know. i only know a few guys who like BB.

  16. Hehe.

    @ bbfan13: The asian guys that go to my school all enjoy dancing to Big Bang music. But the non-asians always tell them “Turn that Chinese s*** off!”
    I get mad. But I’d rather not start a fight..

    @ Jeska: TT TT I wanna learn Korean so badly..

    ^-^ You guys are awesome.

  17. @ KimiDiep :] : feel free to ask me if you have questions through msn or aim. i will be glad to help you out as much as i can.

  18. @ Ala : ‘da’ is used in end of sentences to complete them in formal way.
    @ YJ: ahahah thanks for liking my art pieces! and i will try to help you out if you go to korea, we also have translator who lives in korea (not shown here, her name is somssi.) she prob can help you out as well.

  19. Omg it must be hard to get an opportunity like that.I wish I was an Admin.LOL.

  20. […] Contacting VIPtranslators […]

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