Big Bang “It was sensual so we were surprised…” Debut as a Model at Fashion Magazine with a Shocking Style

May 15, 2009


Source: Newsen
Translated by: jeska + gdluvzmc @VIP Translators
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Big Bang challenged themselves with shocking style for their debut as fashion magazine models.

Big Bang who recently released new single album ‘My Heaven’ in Japan, had a photoshoot for a men’s fashion magazine ‘Arena’ with world famous photographer Terry Richardson.

Big Bang members first introduced themselves with brief English before a photoshoot began at a studio located at Kangnam, Seoul. When Terry turned on a Michael Jackson song, Taeyang responded with a Michael Jackson dance. While TOP was doing an action of spitting out flower petals , Terry kept saying “good, good,” and went on with the harmonious atmosphere throughout the photoshoot.

Terry Richardson added ‘freedom’ and ‘sexiness’ on top of each member’s natural ‘color’ for their styles during s shoot, then he appeared as a model for a June cover of ‘Arena’ to capture a memory they made and shared during a shoot.

After photoshoot, Daesung said, “The photo concept was sensual so I was a bit surprised, but I finished it well. I think I can be sexier if I get another chance.” G-Dragon said, “I really wanted to be in front of his camera because I really like Terry’s photos. My wish finally came true today,” and smiled happily.

Terry Richardson quoted, “I will never forget about Big Bang’s pureness. I don’t like typical and fixed things. They looked more like playful boys rather than superstars,” during an interview with ‘Arena.’

‘Arena’ with Big Bang’s cover and their photos will be released on the 20th.



  1. now thats why i call style

  2. OGM GD!
    that’s exactly HIM!
    lol, but.. smnthng adoubt me that ‘ isn’t tht jean(or ..?) that gd wore on 1st picture was the same as Dara 2NE1 wore in Fire MV (space ver.) ? OO ”

    yeaa, probly not
    but btw, I CANT WAIT TO SEE ALL PICS >< !

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  4. missed their innocence look. Gosh this look like little boys porn;;;; tastless’

  5. i need top pic!!!!

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