DAESUNG’S me2DAY Updates

January 21, 2010

check here for the latest me2DAY Updates from DAESUNG.
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credit: gdluvzmc @ VIPtranslators
source: http://me2day.net/bbdaesung

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credit: gdluvzmc @ VIPtranslators
source: http://me2day.net/bbdaesung


  1. Aye! I love Dae Sung. :]
    Amazing singer.

  2. daesung you are so cute ❤

  3. so cute!!!

    when are you coming to malaysia?…

  4. i am from saudi arabia ( Middle East )

    Dae Sung love u so much

    big bang have lots of fans in saudi arabia

    and they really love big bang

    (( Big Bang oh god i think i’m gonna have a Heart attack becuase of u guyz ))

  5. hi this is me wejwej from saudi arabia we love you guys sooooo much..
    DaeSung keep the good work plzzzzz and dont forget to have fun while doing that so we can always see you guys smiling i know it’s difficult sometimes but try to..you have a really really charming voice and character..good luck(fighting*-*)..love ya..

  6. […] Daesung's me2DAY Updates (Translated) […]

  7. hi im from philippines,,,we really love big bang so much
    when will u able to come here ???????

  8. Hey DaeSung, no matter what struggle you go through, you will be able to fight it off. alright? Don’t let your fans down. i’m backing you up all the way. =] i love you music. you inspire alot of my friends. and i’m here to say that your really good. and your strong. so take whatever comes your way. If something goes wrong everyone will support you, and i don’t think anyone on this website will let you down. I know i’m just another person submitin a comment. but its okay. i’m here to support you all the way. But my wish before i go into surgery and for my birthday is to meet you, which i know its not gonna happen, one because i’m just another person that really don’t matter in your life, and 2 i live in Lincoln, NE. Not anywhere near you but everyone wishes for alot of things its just a wish.I have severe cancer. so i’m not sure how long i can support you, i dont’ know if my surgery is gonna be successful or not, but you’ll be in my thoughts. =] Well i gotta head back into the hospital bed, just wishin I’ll hear from you one day. but i know that won’t ever happen. Well hopefully everything is successful for you. Live everyday one step at a time. Always smile cause you have one of the cutest smile. Goodluck in your later future. have a wonderful rest of the year. IloveyouDaeSung! ❤

  9. TRuths, I very love Bigbang,I want to go Korea,because this year I will go America….I want to go Korea…look…Bigbang…I will simle..if I see Bigbang….I love bigbang….Bigbang have hate I? I don’t want….Bigbang hate me…I very love bigbang…I like bigbang because….everything..:x

  10. OMG! my love;D we have a lot of fans here and also kpop, we do parties with kpop, all the girls are very friendly and we r crazy about u and BIG BANG! awww yes!<33

  11. hope that you will come to malaysia soon.saranghae daesung oppa…..

  12. When will you come to Australia? Or when will you go to France? I love you so much Daesung!!! And I love Big Bang sooo much as well!! I’m looking forward to see you at least once in my life! Saranghaeeee yooooo =)

  13. Dae Sung ôppa….i love u so much….never give up… hwaiting!!!

  14. Ah! Saranghaee! Daesung Oppa! c”:
    You are Cute!/Sexy!/Talented/funny…If i wrote all the things i love about you it would take days…xD im so cheesy! anyways i love you and the rest of BIG BAM! and you guys keep smiling cause no matter how many songs you guys sing or stages you perform on your guys’s happiness makes everything! smile:D ! and show off your charm! Lol
    Suengri!,Daesung!!!!!,Taeyang!,GD!!,And TOP!!. ❤ Fighting!

  15. I LOVE DAESUNG! (:

  16. saranghae yo kang dae sung
    you are the best

  17. Heyhey! Daesung oppa, you are really one of a kind, wish you best of luck in whatever you do! Please come to Singapore ASAP ❤

  18. Miss u already, Daesung!! Pls come to Thailand again ASAP (◕‿◕✿)

  19. really luv bigbang….once i listen their songs, i already fall in love……daesung very cute n funny… i like to see him in f.o….hope u guys will success in your career….n will come to malaysia 1 day…..

  20. ur soo cute daesung just like top,g-dragon and seungri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i love you bigbang and 2ne1!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Big Bang you are great!

  22. I love you BIGBANG!

  23. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.. X FINNN X FINNNNN…. MI AMORES…. MIS AMORESSS…. MI BB, =)mi tae, tan xurrooo,papacitoooo, ni k decir TOP(muy lendo CON ESOS LENTAZOSS..,pero ta reservado pa mi amea MENI ajjaj) , G-dragon–> mi primera ilusion jaja xD, SAUNGRI es muy lendo…y DAE SUNG “separado pa zhuleee ajjajaj” nadie se meta con el.. xk ella da hasta la vidaa… WENO CUALKIERAAAAAAAAA =)
    exitossss.. BB =) muxos exitossssssssssss….. (=

  24. Daesung u r so good singer and u r so cute (::<3

  25. Daesung you were my first favorite singer on bigbang, i love your voice and your cute and funny..im from Hawaii so not many people know k-pop music but i love it!! supporting you with more success on the way!!

  26. Please..Im very desperate..im begging you..from my botttom of my heart..please..please…please..make fly messages available in english..Im really begging you.(Im crying for real)
    Believe it or not.

  27. mong anh và D_GRADON sớm quay lại với big bang thân yêu. i love big bang

  28. hi I am a VIP
    and i am participating in the big bang galaxy cover contest.
    If you have a facebook ,can you help me by voting?

    thanks alot

  29. Happy birthday oppa! Love u

  30. Happy birthday daesung !love u!

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