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ASK VIP: 3rd Anniversary

September 5, 2009

every year, each member will ask 3 questions released every other day or so on their specially-dedicated VIP anniversary site.

Translations by: jeska @VIPtranslators
Edited by: gdluvzmc @VIPtranslators
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source: ASKVIP 3rd Anniversary

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NII Luck For You!! (Message from Big Bang)

February 7, 2009

Translated by: Somssi @
Edited by: gdluvzmc @ VIPtranslators
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NII Luck For You!!

Lucky hand-written messages from Big Bang, wishing your best on your KSAT!

– this was from a while back, but we could all use luck year-round ^_^

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081115 Seungri – Words I Couldn’t Say!!! ^^ ♡

November 15, 2008


Credit to: Daum Cafe / 춘애님 @ BBVIPZ
Original Post: BBVIPZ
Translated by: Jeska + gdluvzmc @ 
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2008년도 올해 첫번째 시상식
first award ceremony in 2008…
가수들에게는.. 중요하지 않을수가없지요
this is one of the very important event for singers
빅뱅의 멋진무대 기대하고있을 fan분들 위해
to show fans who are expecting a great performance by big bang,
한달전부터 회의하고 연습하고 또연습하고
we had meetings and many practices since last month
비록 아쉬운게 많지만 그래도!!
there were some parts that i wasn’t satisfied with, but!
고생한 우리 멤버형들과 멋진 무대함께해준 효리누나 .. 함께한무대 너무나 영광이였어요^^
it was my honor to perform with member hyungs who had a hard time (preparing) and hyori noona who performed with us at an awesome stage
그리고 오늘 너무… 놀랬어요!!!
and today i was really surprised!
이번 시상식 표를 구하기가 하늘에 별따기 만큼 어렵다고들 해서…
i heard it’s really hard to get this year’s award ticket; like getting a star from sky…
이번에 우리팬분들 많이 못오겠다.. 슬프다 하고있었는데ㅜㅜ
 i was feeling sad because i thought many of our fans won’t be here T^T
아니.. 도대체 무슨 능력들로 이렇게들 많이들 오셨는지..!!!
but…how did they come with what kind of ability?
나진짜 이뻐가지고 감동받았어요~ ㅜㅜ
i was so impressed by your cute acts 
궁딩팡팡 .!!!!! ←이렇게하는거죠??.. .ㅋㅋ??
pat pat on butt!!!!! <-is that the right way?? hahah?? 
하얀 빅뱅 두건들고 목이 터져라 응원하고 있던 우리 vip분들 너무 예뻤고 너무 좋았어요
our VIPs looked so pretty and i was happy to see you cheering really loud with big bang scarf
실은…혹시나 상받을까해서..  어제 수상소감 밤늦게까지 혼자 연습도하고 준비도했었는데..
to be honest…i thought maybe we could get an award…so i thought about what i wanted to say til late at night and practiced and prepared for it…
방송시간이.. 초과가되었다고.. 빨리끝내야된다고해서.. 못했어요…
but the time was really short and (staff) told us to finish fast so i couldn’t say it…
다시 생각해보니깐… 미리 준비하고 꾸며서 말하는것보다..
i thought about it again then i realized that instead of preparing for it,
그냥 내 진심을 말해야겠다싶어서… 아쉬운 마음에 글쓰기로했어요!^^
it would be better to say from bottom of my heart…so i decided to write this! ^^
데뷔초부터 지금까지 너무나 많은 사랑받으면서..
since the debut, as i received so much love,
“고맙습니다. .감사합니다 .. 앞으로도 많은 사랑부탁드립니다..”
“thank you…thank you…please support us more with your love…”
이 말들로 항상 감사함을 표현하긴 했었는데요..
i said these words to express how i felt thankful
여러분들이 주는 큰 관심과 사랑에 비하면 한없이 부족한 말들인것 같아요..^^
but those words aren’t enough (to show how i feel), compare to your big attention and love that you give to me
아직 어린나이에 너무 큰사랑받아서.. 혹시나 나중에 확 시들어버리면 어쩌나하는 걱정도 가끔 했었어요..
i sometimes worry that, “what if this (popularity) goes away all of a sudden” because i got so much love in early age..
그런데 오늘이후로는 이걱정안하기로했어요!! 오늘 본 우리 fan분들의 눈빛들은 영원히함께해줄꺼 같았거든요
but i decided to not to worry from today!! 
because our fans’ (your) eyes that i saw looked today seemed like you will be with us ’til the end.
여러분이 노래를좋아하고 춤을좋아하고 그래서 빅뱅을좋아한다는거..너무나 잘 알고있어요.
i know very well that you like songs and dances so you like big bang…
그래서 저희는 백번이고 천번이고 더생각하고 더고민해서 노래부르고 춤춰요…
so we think about hundred times, even thousand times then sing and dance
3분 정도되는 무대 만들때 얼마나 많은 시간들과 노력들이 필요한데요~^^
do you know how much time and effort take to make a performance that’s 3 minutes long ^^
앞으로도.. 여러분들을 만족시킬수 있는 무대 많이많이 만들거에요… 벌써 기대되죠?
in the future…we are going to make a lot of performances that will make you will feel satisfied (to watch)…aren’t you excited?
기대하셔두돼요 ! ㅋㅋ 언제든지 멋질게 할테니….
you can look forward to it! haha…we will do performances full of awesomeness whenever (we do)
마지막으로.. 나진짜 쑥스러워서… 이말 도저히 못할것같았는데….
lastly…i felt really shy so i thought i couldn’t say this..
해야겠어요 오늘은..^^
but i have to say this today…^^

사랑해요 V.I.P ♡ ^^    -승리-