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04. So In Love, Part 2 (Feat. G-Dragon)

September 7, 2009

김조한 – Vol. 5 Soul Family with Johan

04. So In Love, Part 2 (Feat. G-Dragon)

Composers: Fractal | Lyrics:성낙호 + G-Dragon | Arrangements: Fractal
Translated by: Ladykwonn + gdluvzmc @ VIPtranslators
*do not add to or remove credit line*

-note: ITALICS are sung in English

[Johan] Yeah~ What’s up man
Yeah, it feels good to be back
You know, I wanna give you something that you can chill with this time (So in love with you)
We got something special here
It’s called “So In Love, Part 2” (oh~)
And I got my boy G-Dragon
Yeah, we gonna show what time it is (I am so in love, so in love with you)

[Johan] I meet the morning with your fragrant aroma
And start the day with a soft kiss
We gaze at each other while having our morning coffee
It can’t get better than this (Ooh yeah)
We said our goodbyes a little while ago
But still I miss you, and so I call you
I see you over and over again; why am I like this?
I don’t want to hide it because I love you

[Chorus] Saying “I love you” cannot fully express it all
What do I do? I can’t stop smiling
Am I allowed to be this happy?
I am so in love, so in love with you

[GD] (Lady, listen) Yo, yo
People look at me and ask me why I always smile the way I do (haha)
Why I look so giddy and happy (oh)
It’s probably because I’ve fallen in love
Like a little kid, I’m so excited (yeah)
This moment is sweet like cotton candy
I wish it’d last forever; you’re outstanding like the night sky
You shine like a star, you’re my own big star
That radiant smile today is so fly, fly

[Johan] Your smiling face is like that of an angel
And if I were to be together with you, it’d be heaven
Whoever sees my appearance these days would think I’d look like a fool (mm, yea)
If I’m with you, I don’t mind what we do
If you want, I’ll even give you the stars in the sky
I’m okay with giving you my everything
I won’t regret it because I love you (Check this out)

[Repeat Chorus]

[GD] Yeah, baby boo (so sweet)
I’m so addicted, hmmm … haha (Let’s go)

Together we ride in a fancy car
There are no set rules, let’s just go wherever (haha)
The whole world is blessing us
Oh word, they’re rejoicing for us
These two hands you’re holding, don’t ever let go
Let’s always trust each other and fill each other up
Happiness, sadness – let’s share it all together, I say
I love you forever girl

[Repeat Chorus]

[Johan] Yeah, at this time, I wanna give thanks to all the brothers that helped me out with this album
You know, like uh, Big Bang, you know, Taeyang and G-Dragon
My boy DJ Fractal (ah yea), my boy … Mr. YG … Lena Park …
My big brother Sam Lee, my boy Nako … KM Music and the base ninja Andre Barry … Guitar Hyung
My boys No Brain, and all my friends and family …
This was a Soul Family Production

*Korean and Romanized lyrics under the cut*

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