Big Bang Will Leave to US this coming February to “Study Dance and Music”

November 17, 2008

Posted Date: November 17th, 11:02 am (Korean Time)
Credit to: Newsen
Original Article:
Translated by: Jeska + gdluvzmc @ VIPtranslators
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Big Bang is going to US this coming February.

Big Bang said in an interview with Newsen that they are planning to have about 2-3 months of vacation after finishing promotion by end of January,” and also said that they “haven’t had any breaks since debut. This break is going to be the time to recharge.“

Also, they reported that they “are planning to go to US with members and to study more about dance and music in US.”

They continued that they “won’t be able to just rest during break. Not only dance and music, but also need to study English as well,” and added that “there are a lot of producers under YG and Se7en is staying in US, thus will work with them a lot.”

Also, they added that they “felt missed out because (we) didn’t study deeply (about music); there were things that learned from experiences but we want to learn the basics again to lay the foundation.”

Big Bang is currently promoting their new song, “Sunset Glow” from their 2nd album “Remember” and ignite ‘Big Bang Boom” again as they take over the top place in music charts and music stores. Big Bang confirmed their position as this year’s best idol group by receiving ‘best artist of the year’ and ‘best male group’ in MKMF which was on 15th.



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  2. where will they have a concert at?like what state is that?

  3. Ohhhh plz do, plz dooo!!! >< *cross fingers*

  4. OMG pleasee do!
    i have to see them!

  5. ooo me too me too! COME TO MAMA TOP ;] heh i love them ;] TOP is my ultimate favorite!

  6. anybody know where in the U.S. they’ll be?

  7. A interesting news but I don’t want they to go far my eye sight. Why they do not visit Vietnam??? Big Bang is my motivation of my life. I really want to see them close. There are many crazy fans here and they extremely love Big Bang as I. We here have some Big Bang Fan Club too.


    🙂 why dont i teach them english and they can teach me korean. hahaha JK;]

  9. I noticed that this is not the first time you mention this topic. Why have you chosen it again?

  10. OMyFrickenG!
    really any idea what state they are
    coming to?

  11. Minnesota big bang?…likely not maaybe CA or NY

  12. Oops, the should say “The beginning of February. I signed up on the 3rd.”

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