Big Bang Taeyang, Selected as an Opening Act for Brian McKnight’s Concert in Korea

March 7, 2010


Source: Newsen
Translated by: jeska @VIP Translators
*do not add to or remove credit lines*

Big Bang’s Taeyang will perform an opening act at Brian McKnight’s concert in Korea.

Taeyang will perform an opening act at Brian McKnight’s concert, ‘McKnight at Night,’ which has been 8 years since his last visit, in April 1st at Seoul Jamsil Indoor Sport Stadium.

McKnight, who wanted information of an artist for an opening, readily agreed to have Taeyang as soon as he saw Taeyang’s performance video. Taeyang, who is valued as a best black music style singer in Korea, is an artist who performs the most trendy R&B style music.

Brian McKnight will perform with his two sons, Brian Kelly McKnight Jr. (21), and Nicolas McKnight (18), who has been performing since 2007.


  1. and that is how you know TaeYang is good. Famous singers from over seas wants you to perform and oppenning show at their concert. My Young Bae-By =]
    cant wait! =D

  2. you look authoritative there
    I admire you I LOVE U

  3. congrats Taeyang!!! I love this man and I want to keep spreading the love! just discovered this song that he was feature in! totally feel in love all over again for him

  4. love tae yang!!!!!!!!!!!!

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