Big Bang Calendar Schedule

August 6, 2009
since i’ve seen my calendar being posted on other sites (basically JOCKED w/o CREDIT) i have removed it from BBFansite & posted it here @ VIPtrans.
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Brief Big Bang Calendar:
Dates are in KST
08/06 – [TV] On Style REAL SOUND by TAEYANG (12:00PM)
08/06 – [TV] MTV World Stage (8:00PM)
08/07 – [SHOW] 2010 Summer Sonic – Osaka (2:35PM)
08/08 – [SHOW] 2010 Summer Sonic – Tokyo (2:35PM)
08/11 – [EVENT] SEUNGRI: [Enjoy Today] Press Conference (MC) (5:00PM)
08/12 – [RECORDING] TAEYANG: 2010 R.O.K Feast of Music (8:00PM)
08/14 – [TV] TAEYANG: MBC Music Core (4:10PM)
08/18 – [RECORDING] TAEYANG: SBS Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate (6:30PM)
08/21 – [EVENT] 2010 BIG BANG LOTTE Premiere Talk Show (2:30PM)
08/21 – [TV] TAEYANG: MBC Music Core (4:10PM)
08/22 – [TV] TAEYANG: SBS Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate (12:10PM)
08/22 – [TV] TAEYANG: SBS Inkigayo (4:00PM)
08/22 – [TV] SEUNGRI: MBC Night [Enjoy Life] (6:40PM)
09/04 – [TV] TAEYANG: MBC Music Core (4:10PM)
09/25 – TAEYANG 2010 CONCERT [SOLAR] – All Ages (7:00PM)
09/25 – TAEYANG 2010 CONCERT [SOLAR] – 18+ (6:00PM)

source: bbvipz
use the following site to find out what time the shows are on where you are:

I recommend using TVANTS or LIVESTATION to view the channels. you need to DL the programs.

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  1. wow,, Desung and seungri will join @ introducing star’s friend… it’s fun!!

  2. good luck Big bang, I love you guys

  3. i wish to see Daesung n Seungri @introducing star’s friend…

    i can watch it at youtube right??
    or it gonna be on bbfansite after the live show there??

    Big Bang fighting!!

  4. what channel is family outing ?

    or where do you watch it with eng subs ?

    • Go to youtube… you can get fron rssubs or family outer channel

      • can you give me the link of family outing with eng subs? thanks. i wanna watch them too (:

  5. @selenax3T.O.P SBS is showing the family outing. I’m not sure with the eng subs.

  6. AH! I love Star Golden Bell, that show is addicting, i can’t wait to see BB on there.

  7. when is the next time the calendar
    will be updated? and does anyone
    know the date big bangs comming to
    the US?? im sooo excitedd!! XD

  8. ^ i was wondering that too when i was reading the calender ahhha man, i wish i would be near where their plane will let them off TT__________TT

  9. hahha me three lol. i would so go to welcome them=] i always go for Rain =]

  10. does anyone know anything about big bangs japanese activities??

  11. they’re gonna leave on the 15th & stay there for 3 days.
    they’re appearing on a valentine’s day special show
    & doing a fan meet.
    that’s all we know.

  12. i was just thinking where did the calender go. aww, it’s a shame how people misuse people’s belongings. thanks for the update :]

  13. hey can i pls know..
    which SBS is it? is it the australian SBS??
    if it is .. what time?

  14. what is sbs ?
    ahah im new to thiss !

  15. how can i watch family outing in malaysia..?

    • well… u just search in the youtube (rssub)… you can download also if you have internet downloader.

  16. luv big bang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. when r yall coming to America and what cities and dates?!

  18. thanks for always updating everyone on big bang news! ur the best THANKS!! =] go BIG BANG ^_^

  19. SBS is a korean channel.

    you can watch FO using TVANTS. google it.

    don’t be confused – Big Bang is not touring in America.

  20. i’m confused, top will be on family outing again on the 22nd? i thought it was going to be yoonA?

  21. ^ thanks for pointing it out. i copied & pasted w/o fixing ^_^

  22. wen are they going to america?

  23. has seung ri really ended his promotions??
    if yes,how come on the calender it says tat he’s still performing??? O___O

  24. ^ sr is ENDING his promotions, meaning he is in the process of ENDING his promotions.
    he’s technically done @ the end of february.

  25. oo so he’ll still be peforming till end of feb? O-o

  26. thank you for this information ^^

  27. I love this calendar… i download tvants yesterday but its hard to know when we need to look for a perf or anything since your calendar don’t have hour on it…can we see what time is the show/perf/tv on your calendar?^^’

    anyway thank for the calendar^^

  28. HEY. i’ve noticed that all these events in this calender shows that Big bang is staying in Korea in February.
    but then the articles say that they are soming to USA in February.
    so what’s the truth?
    what’s happening?

  29. hey..
    um just wondering when big bang is coming to australia. i luv g-dragon and seung ri and taeyang!!! anyways i hope that they will come over here sometime!!!!


  30. hiii,,
    big bang u rock,, let us say big bang ,,

  31. hiii, whens big bang coming to australia ? is there gunna be a concert or what ?

  32. hiii, whens big bang coming to australia ? is there gunna be a concert or what ? .

  33. i do not recall them having plans of going to australia.

  34. thanks for all the hardwork.. you guys are amazing && i always check here to see when i can see the boys next.. ^_^

    ^^ like Devja said.. it would be nice if you guys could add the time too.. if it’s not too much of a trouble.. if it is.. then what you guys have here is just fine XD

    VipTranslators Fighting<3<3

  35. Gahhh… come to MALAYSIA ALREADY!!!! T-T

  36. I was told that Big Bang is going to Australia. Does anyone know if this is true?

  37. I hope the big bang is success forever ….. give me the best song ..to hear.. I love big bang…

  38. i love……big bang

  39. ^_^ thanks for the update=] awww BIG Bang is the best!!! they are always so busy!! hope they can get some rest♥

  40. i wonder when are they coming to america?

  41. does anyone know what time the
    SeungRi+DaeSung: MBC-Music Core
    on 03/07 starts at?

  42. to keekeeheartsbb ^ MBC music core starts at 3:05 korean time..

    I will be tuning in too=D

  43. BG..

    thankss!! also, is it live??
    and if i watch it on Channel Chooser
    which MBC channel would i choose??

  44. bigbang สู้ๆ bigbang สู้ตาย bigbang ไว้ลาย bigbang สู้ๆ

  45. Guy You are so cool.I am waitting for you come back to Thailand soon. BIGBANG FIGHTING !!!

  46. I’m confused. Do the colours mean the time of the show? if so, then may I know what times do the colours represent?

  47. ^ the colors are my personal way of categorizing things. it’s grouped in a way (i.e., perfs, events, shows, tv, etc) & has nothing to do with the times.

    i do not put up times b/c they are subject to change & confusing w/ the different time zones.

    but i will try to create another legend for the times weekly shows will be on & find a time converter for you guys.

  48. Oh thank you. that would be very much appreciated. 🙂 and also for clearing that out for me, thank you.

  49. I have a time converter link here btw just in case this could help. And yea I think putting simply the K-time will be easier. thank you again!

    http://www.timezoneconverter.com/cgi-bin/tzc.tzc (time converter)

  50. FIGHTing!!! BIGBANG When U come back to thailand?

    love JingYo~ So much


    ALL HAIL Keon Ji Yong!! (*=[]=* b

  51. do u know when thier ginna be here in LA? i would appriciate it so much if u can find out their schedule in LA.

    i heard their gonna be in hollywood for Korean Festival thing. :]

  52. Does anyone know what time
    Seungri’s YTN LIVE POWER Music
    on 3/14 thingyy starts at?
    and which channel it will
    be on for Channel Chooser?

  53. Is Big Bang still coming to America…?

  54. troj oj bao jo bb den vjet nam dey??
    chak den het doj lam”

  55. Plz, Will Big Bang go to Vietnam ???????? When???????? Plz I LOVE U BIG BANG !!!!!! Is Big Bang coming to Vietnam ?

  56. Is Big Bang coming Australia Or wat??????

  57. idk where you’re hearing those rumors from.
    but big bang isn’t going to australia. not anytime soon.

  58. i want to ga to concert bigbang

    but i can’t will go to

    i hope in some day must can go to ,

  59. i love you guys good luck ❤

  60. Hi gdluvzmc,

    Regarding BB’s schedule, will you post up all upcoming concerts that BB will have as well? Definitely wanted to know in advance of when they will be doing Concert in Thailand 🙂 Hope they come some time this year~

  61. sorry just wanna ask that anyone know that now TOP is still in Japan or Thailand????

  62. @CKT:
    yes, when they do, i’ll post it.

    i haven’t heard anything about thailand yet.

  63. hey! =] I just want to ask when are they releasing GD’s first solo album?

  64. hey gdluvmc do you know if g dragon is still debuting this month and if tae is releasing his after g dragons done? or are both of their solo activties post poned for 2NE1?

  65. thanks for the update i dont know what to do without u! lol 🙂

  66. hee just wondering if you know when they start their activities in Japan 🙂

  67. i just have a quick question…
    can we watch these shows via tvants??

  68. When will they come to Thailand?

    ..I want them to come but not now -*-

    because the older people are fighting about the contry!!! So it’s very DANGEROUS!!!

  69. does anyone know where or what channel i can watch bb the beginning when it airs? and possibly with english subs? thanks(:

  70. “the begining” O.o
    what’s that?

  71. please please can anyone tell me what’s the channel for watching BB the beginning? I’m not sure of the channels. Or is tvN already a channel ? i wanna watch it so badly.

  72. tvN is a channel. search for it on tvants

  73. thank you gdluvmc for replying!!

    hmm, sorry but can i ask again, cuz when i search for that channel on tvants, it came out 2, titled TVChile, one genre is general and the other is noticias. But when i click on both, nothing would appear on the screen. SORRY IF I’M TROUBLESOME!!

  74. if it doesn’t try another channel streamer. maybe channel chooser. but for me, i only use tvants. so i can’t help you outside of that. sorry.

  75. ohh, it’s alrights, don’t have to say sorry, thankz though for replying! i’ll try using channel chooser. Thankz lots! =)

  76. Thank You! =]
    does anybody know where i can find “Why Did You Come To My House”
    And watch it…subbed maybe?

  77. Cn any1 pls tll me sum thngs bout t.o.p!
    I reali luv im!

    Sarangae BIG BANG!;-)

  78. @ ninalee- mysoju.com

  79. What channel are these performances?

    04/18 – [EVENT] 2009 7th Stage Family Concert
    04/25 – [PERF] Changwon Help Pediatric Cancer Love Concert (6:00PM)

    I’ve already had TVAnts, but don’t know where I can watch them.

    Thanks in advanced… =^^=

  80. it’s an event, nothing televised yet.

  81. M just curious bt will they show it in arirang global tv channel too?!…

  82. Can someone tell me the radio station they usually go on? and can i access the radio station using iTune’s international radio?

  83. i wonder when will GD solo album come out T___T

  84. what do you mean when you said
    05/14 – HAPPY 1000th DAY?
    Is this Big Bang’s 1000th day since debut or the viptranslators 1000th birthday

  85. This page is very useful for V.I.P =^^=

    Plz keep update BB schedule every month


  86. this is a bb calendar, so i would say it’s bb’s 1000th day anniversary.

  87. luv bb…!!! bb hwaiting…!!! kang dae sung oppa!!! hepi becoming birthday…!!! i dunno how to reach you,to wish you this, but somehow… take care…hepi birthday…luv u..luv bb always..!!!

  88. Muchas gracias

  89. what station can i watch [PERF] Changwon Help Pediatric Cancer Love Concert

  90. nice video. thank you

  91. Do you know if the stuff being broadcasted on TvN is exactly the same as Big Bang’s documentary?? Thanks in advance.

  92. what channel can i watch the bigbang concert this day..on TVant?..What should I type?

  93. help. BIGSHOW is gonna air soon. but i dont know where. there’s to many TBS results in my list T.T

  94. i tried watching tbs at tv ants but there was no big show :((

  95. tbs is showing classic Korean movies now 😦

  96. Do hope GD is fine and cheer as he used to!
    I felt very sad when the YG announce that his album has to be postponed to august..=(

    Aza GDragon!!!

  97. Thank YOU!! =]

  98. i also think that the refreshed GD will come back today 😉

  99. what theeeee, why is jiyong going to europeee ?

  100. oh wait, i meant, why’d he go to europe?

    LOL, he came backkk 🙂

  101. reply @ yumii

    for a vacation/break from working(:

  102. I will wait for date me will have met BIGBANG always
    together Foever Love foever

  103. i wish BIGBANG will go to the philippines :]

  104. wah..thanks to BB’s schedule..xDD

  105. awwww i want big bang to come australia =(

  106. I just watched GD’s performance in Japan on youtube
    Glad to see him coming back

    Aza GD!

  107. how to watch mtv japan award through internet? can someone help me? through tv? which channel? mtv channel through astro perhaps? please help me…

  108. Guys,BB’s latest Japan released album is the English version of ‘Heaven’?

  109. ^ heaven, jap version.

  110. does anyone know when is BIGBANG concert 2009 in Japan?

  111. in the near future will they do any appearance in korea@KBS?also when the next BB concert will b held?!
    plus when will they come to perform in Malaysia?
    malaysian V.I.P wait for them eagerly here!!!
    oo..so many Q for u to A..hehe(^_^)

  112. Do you know when Big Bang are going to come to the United States to perform ?
    I read stuff and it said something about near summer of 09 , and it is summer of 09 .

  113. will there be an english version of ufotown, w/e happened to the petition for one? :/

  114. gdluvsmc, is bb ever coming to Malaysia?

  115. i love big bangggggggggggggggg! i want them to perform in brunei!! :DDD

  116. I will support u all.

    Good luck….

  117. i love big bang

  118. OMG,i think our boys hv been in JAPAN for quite sometime.i really miss’em.i think they better prepare some kind of comebackstage for us..please come back from japan,we need big bang love as well..T_T

  119. BIG BANG FIGHTING <3333333333333333

  120. does anyone know when big bang is comming to america ……………… i was reading something and they said they were comming but it didnt mention when or which state…

  121. I think they are not going to America this year. They are pretty busy in Japan and Korea. They are promoting in Japan till the end of July and then next month GD will release his solo album on his birthday. Taeyang’s solo album around Sep or Oct and Daesung’s solo album within this year, maybe the end of this year. TOP will have his action drama “IRIS” which will broadcast on Oct. Seungri has a musical called “Shouting” with Daesung from 12 – 23 August and a drama with TOP called “19” on SBS Korea

  122. wow gd’s first solo will be released on his birthday ! and i think it’s gd’s very special birthday !

  123. Happy Anniversary day to Big Bang!!
    Bang it!

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  125. What time GD will be perform in Global Gathering 2009. Is it midnight?

  126. gdluvmc,
    can i ask one question? why can’t i watch Mnet at tvants.are there something that i need to do?

  127. […] show is to be aired on September 19th according to VIP Translators BIG BANG Schedule. Below are my favorite shots from the recording on September […]

  128. daesung wont be showing up though o.o
    he got out the hospital aruond the 29th …
    and he needs a few more weeks to rest and he already missed the episode with hyun joong

  129. why did daesung go to the hospital anyway? “/

  130. -“- Daesung has met with a car accident while traveling back home from the filming of Family Outing… where did u go???? -“-

  131. LOL, sorrry. too caught up with the whole jaebum thing “/ needa start paying attention more.

    so did daesung get released yet? aww, that sucks): poor daeee .

  132. GAHH!
    I can’t watch MUSIC BANK today! UWAHHH!

  133. AH!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish we had cable TV at my house..it can get SBS.I think.. my aunt has it but it’s like useless for her..I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  134. i hear dae sung recharge from hospital becoz accident..i hope u will be fine soon..DAe sung Fighting!!

  135. Someone, plese, tell me why GD is not performing on Music Core!?

    Thank you!

  136. when thy will show the music bank festival on TV and whick channel?

  137. >Khel
    Not very sure but it’s something about YG and MBC not being on good terms. It’s been quite some time since a YG artist appeared on Music Core.

    Now can someone tell me if Jiyong’s performing on Inkigayo today? Cause his schedule isn’t up there! ><

  138. i havent been on here for soo loong 😦
    im super behind

  139. what it mean to DL the program?how?

  140. i love bigbang 🙂

  141. First of all: Mel, thank you for your answer… I didn’t knew that… It is sad, cause I used to like music core… Oh well…
    Second, anyone know if Global Gathering was really broadcasted on tv sptember 29?
    I’m looking forward to watch, but I can’t find anywhere…

  142. aha oct 9. is mi birthday hehe

  143. i don’t know if this is mentioned already or not?…but do you know if they will be coming to the states…anytime soon….cause if they do i would go no matter what….

  144. ^ no time soon.
    if there were legit plans, we would’ve known already.

  145. i just saw one allkpop regarding that bb’s performance at dream concert will not be aired?

  146. Man idont why or if it just me but i cant get any of the ways to watch SBS to work..i really wanted to watch his performance. HElP Please!

  147. the best singer is kwon ji yong…. ji yonng the best!!!

  148. i love ji yong, big bang, and all member of big bang, i love big bang 4 ever


  150. ohyea BIG BANG♥!
    kwonjiyongie boo
    i’m so proud of him!~~

  151. hi BIGBANG U R the only one

  152. Big bang^^

  153. Big bang^^<333

  154. in 21711 bigbang presen in mama(mnet asia music award) gd in the hausy electo music y bigbang n the best male grup xDDD

  155. sorry 21/11

  156. erm..who is melly?

  157. Do you know…??

    That I love bigbang so muchhhhhhhhhhh

    WE all love bigbang…

    Now…I am very sad …

    but love love bigbang


  158. Hahahahahhahaahahhaahahahahahaha

    make some noise


    Bigbang is the best male singer (for me)

  159. do seung ri and g dragon in love with each other?

  160. […] according to their schedule, they have a lot stuff planned for their japan activities, so i’m positive they’re all […]

  161. I know this has been asked sooo many times, but will Big Bang be coming to America? Cuz i read that Taeyang said they will, but they dont know when BB hwaiting!

  162. will big bang ever do concerts in the u.s

  163. I luv u da most bigbang !!! U r alw in my heart !!! ^^

  164. hey.. its my very 1st tym in dis stuff,, i jst want to ask if G Dragon s now over w/ BIGBANG??

    I jst heard dis rumor… GD and Seung Ri are my IDOLs in d grop…

    Can sumbody clarify d mater???


  165. really thank you very much for updating BB schedule!!!

  166. When will BigBang visit Thailand again
    I was waiting for ages..

  167. i’m freaking jealous of ppl who will attend GD’s solo concert!!!
    if i can go there~uhhh~i kow it’ll be amazing!!
    n for BIGBANG esp to GD~please take good care of ur health as the flu r attacking korea now!!!
    although i can’t go but i’ll definitely support u guys!!

  168. When Bigbang Come to Thailand???

    I’m waitting for BigBang

  169. i think they will be on NHK music fighter 29/11 once again as NHK wants to apologize for the technical problems risen in BIGBANG previous show.

  170. why don’t they come to VIETNAM, big bang T^T i want yooo~. omg~, they are too incredible~~ look at each of them individually, so perfect~.

  171. I want big bang to come to the UK, they’re amazing.

    Or the US even.. just somewhere nearer so I can go see them.. if anyone knows if they will let me know!!

  172. I want big bang to come to the UK, they’re amazing.

    Or the US even.. just somewhere nearer so I can go see them.. if anyone knows if they will let me know!! xxx

  173. =p~ i want u badly~ boyssss :X

  174. What’s the clips album??

    • it’s a dvd w/ all big bang music videos done thus far.

  175. do you know if they are going to be having concerts in january of 2010? i heard that they were and i wanna go for my birthday. please email me and let me know: emeraldforrestyay@yahoo.com

    • they do have concerts. you have 3 chances to catch it. check bbfansite for ticket ordering details =]
      good luck! (the schedule is also updated w/ the concert dates & times)

  176. wowww*_____*

  177. When you come to Indonesia????????^_^

  178. hai!!
    can someone help me??
    lately i`ve been formatting my laptop..
    and all the folder in it all gone..
    including TVants..
    where can i download it again??
    i`ve go to the previous entries where we can download Tvants..
    but can`t download it cause it already past 30 days..
    i wanna Big Bang LIVE!!
    this is my email : atin157@yahoo.com

    • just search for it again, i’m sure it’s ok to download, there’s no way to check how long, etc.
      or you can search for LIVESTATION, which is another program similar to tvants.

      • owh..
        but i prefer TVants rather than livestation..
        but its ok..
        as long as i can see them LIVE!!
        tq very much again!!

  179. in these days , i really really like big bang

  180. and pls
    can i ask u for downloading process?
    i cannot download big bang’s song as i also cannot buy coz this is from Myanmar .
    and so, i cannot buy big bang’s album in our country.
    Also g-dragon’s heart breaker!
    what should i do?
    i really like gara gara go and heart breaker.

    • Just download from youtube.. you can get trial version of internet downloader to download video. to get mp3, just download from 4shared.com

      • Me too.,I’m from Myanmar and youtube is access denied.Hey shegirl07..I have some of Big Bang ‘s song.Contact me,and I want to friend with you.You can buy Big Bang’s Big show album from BAK shopping mall.Are you in Yangon?

      • and Thank you esha ..

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  182. I can’t figure out how to use tvants and livestation to watch the sbs gayo daejun..

    pls2, can someone pls help me? i really want to see gd and yb perform..

  183. Will be encouraged to Big Bnag forever.
    BIg Bang for the happy new year 2010.

  184. i prayed hard for BigBang to visit Thailand
    it was already a year passed by
    all the fanz here are cryin’!!!
    we voted for BB music videos in every music channel
    gettin’ poor nowwwwww
    pleaseeeeeee BB
    come to Thailand quick!!!!!
    hope Thai fanz would see you in this year….

  185. Darn~ Too hectic scheds.

  186. I heard something bout bigbang comin goin Thailand.. not so sure bout it so can someone pls answer me??

  187. gahhhh…. i LOVE big bang!! how did u get all of this info?? is it email?? could u give it to me??

  188. i wonder if they have plans to come hold a concert in singapore….

  189. I found a lot of Big Bang ‘s song from 4shared.com.
    Thank esha..sooooo much…

  190. i want them in California!!! there is so many fans out here!!!

  191. You guys are awesome!! Even though i don’t understand Korean. I love your music!! ;P And i have the same bday as Daesung!! 😉

  192. can anybody tell me if big bang has a scheduled appearnce next week?i am coming to korea for a short visit and i hope to catch a glimpse of them.does anyone also know where they live?i want to see their place,even if it’s just outside 😀 your answers will be greatly apprciated..

  193. hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I really love big bang so much!

  194. HI all fans of Big BAng I’m new member of Schadule i really love Big Bang I LOve GD The Best! Esp The Song HAru Haru I always Hope They can come to my country it’s CAMBODIA!

  195. Any fans of cambodia here?

  196. BB will come to Thailand next month~!!!! I’m so excited for Thai fans~!!! They are new presenters of Eversence Cologne… Unfortunately, I’m in US right now TT^TT I wish I was there~!!!!!!!!!

    I’ve seen them in Asia Song Festival 2009 (-Daesung) and I was in GD’s concert… BUT I wanna see them in my country… Thailand~! TT^TT

    • really? is that confirmed already?can you please tell me the dates they’re gonna be there?i just got back from korea last night 😀 if what you said is true,i would definitely want to go there,hahaha!

      • Yes, they will be in Thailand on April 2-5. They also have some activities for Thai fans to join with BB in this commercial. I wish I was there~!! I wanna be BB’s Girl!

  197. Wowoww!! Finally they’ll come to Thailand!!! Soso happy!! Rather than knowing the dates then can you please tell me any other informations. For instance, where will the activities take place and what time. Oh!! And what time will they arrive at Thai airport or whatever informations you know, pleassee share. Sorry for asking many questions, hope you didn’t get annoy cause we are the same kind (all bb fans).

    • They will arrive Suvarnabhumi airport on March 2 flight KE… (I have a friend working in airline industry that’s why I knew that they are already book the flight, but I think I’ll keep it secret for their privacies ^^) Anyway, are u a Thai fan? It seems like u r not or maybe you are >”< coz you seemed know nothing about their plans in Thailand haha just curious.

      • hi again..you see,i work in an airline also,and i have friends working in KE,i asked her to check both flts on that day,and on the 3rd also,but she said there’s no booking yet 😦

  198. -_-‘ I’m Thai fan ka. But I’m kinda busy getting ready for my school exams, so I didn’t follow bb news at all until today I saw your commen!! Anyway,as we are both thai, could I have your e mail? So we could get to know each other better.

  199. so… if u r Thai fan, u’d better check out their infos or activities for this commercial on Eversense’s website or bigbangthailand.com – -” I think all Thai VIPs r on that site = =

  200. Well..I used to b only on diz site. Anyway, Thx for sharing me abt da other website. I’m kinda new, yeah I’m not vip lyk U do.ill called u superrrr vip girl la gun.

  201. oh my god… really they going to thailand? for concert? april? aaarggh…..

  202. regina …your friend was right~!
    My friend told me that BB finally postponed their schedule in Thailand. I think it’s because of those freakin’ crazy red mob in bangkok. They were booked on flight KE653 on April 2 that will arrive Bangkok around 11pm. Check this website out http://www.eversense-bigbanggirl.com/index.php
    I’m not sure if they did post any update infos.

    • hi again! 😀 just keep me updated if it will push through,’coz i’ll fly there in a heartbeat,hahaha!i was in Korea last week and went to the new YG bldg.,i was willing to wait outside to catch even a glimpse of them but it was way too cold i can’t bear it!
      I was having doubts about their BKK plans because of what’s happening there now but still,i wish it will still push through,I bet lots of Thai VIPs will be very happy! take care..

      • hi there again! any update if our boys will push through next week? 😀

      • Yes! GD, DS n SR will come to Thailand first on flight OZ… on April 1

        other 2 TOP n YB will be on flight TG65.. on April 2

        and they will back to Korea on the same flight OZ… on March 5

  203. super thanks for those info 😀 sorry for sounding so pushy,but the first flt out frm icn on apr1 is on codeshare with TG,will their names be on OZ or TG? and another thing,on april 2,what’s the correct flt no.? there are 2 flts departing,TG659 and 657,for int’l flts there’s suppose to be 3digits on their flt nos..I dunno if I’ll be able to come,flts out of mnl are ok,but flts bck are all full 😦 i travel on standby,waaah!

    • I didn’t ask my friend about that, but their names probably be on OZ.
      for 2nd question… yes it should be 3digits. I didn’t tell u the last digit coz I was wondering if I should post their flight no.s here or not >”<

      • ok,tnx again for the info 🙂 i don’t think i’ll be able to go 😦 all flts are still full..take care!

  204. um..hi! i want to know um when bb come to thai um..what’hotel they live for 1-5 april in thai


  205. love BB so much, hopefully they will come to malaysia 🙂

  206. Hey BIGBAng come to the philippines wer just south of korea theres many fans BEAST came june 19 and super junior came here hope u can come 😀 many fans here :DDDDD

  207. when is seung ri coming out his own album ?

  208. Happy birthday G-dragon i love you…

  209. I LOVE BIGBANG… V>I>P shaman bookshop bkk

  210. happy birthday ji yong hyung. luv you so much much much. mis u

  211. wow! my best wishes 4 ya…^^

  212. your birthday’s coming soon, i love u with all my heart, my yong:x

  213. big bang please come to usa or mexico. G-D happy birthday. I RRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLYYYY like your songs their the coolest .I’m from Mexico

  214. you guys are the coolest .I LOVE YOU AND YOUR SONGS.

  215. I’m hearing haru haru.my fav song is garagar go! I’m only 11! I love bigbang.G-D is is my fav!!!!!!!


  217. Hi. i have 4 tickets for sale, for 23rd oct Singapore kpop night 2010 concert.
    Please email me at agnestiffany@hotmail.com if interested.
    Thanks 🙂

  218. I heard rumors saying Big bang is coming to brunei.. Is that really true? If it is so,i really want to meet big bang group~ Love big bang<3<3<3

  219. hello, i was wondering where to get big bang’s arrival flight timming to singapore for the kpop concert 23 oct?

  220. No calender for October..?

  221. Day by day remade… 🙂

  222. Are they confirm coming to MTV world stage in Malaysia?


  224. saranghae ❤

  225. I’m suggested this web site through our uncle. We are no longer sure if this article is published by using them seeing that who else know these specific about my own trouble. You are outstanding! Appreciate it!

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