if we have time, maybe we’ll be nice enough to translate for you 🙂




01. 소년이여
03. Breathe
04. Butterfly (Feat. Jin Jung)
05. Hello (Feat. 다라)
07. Korean Dream (Feat. 태양)
08. The Leaders (Feat. TEDDY + CL)
09. She’s Gone (Feat. KUSH)
10. 1년 정거장

09 . 거짓말 Remix (Lies Remix)
10 . 마지막 인사 Remix (Last Farewell Remix)

JIN – ABC (Cantonese Album)
02. It’s Hip Hop
06. Yum Dam Cha
08. Instant Noodle


BIG BANG – NUMBER 1 Japanese Album
01 . Intro
02 . Number 1
03 . Make Love
04 . Come Be My Lady
07 . How Gee
09 . Beautiful
10 . Remember
11 . Heaven
12 . Everything
13 . Always
14 . Candle – Together Forever (Japanese Version)(日本語バージョン)

BIG BANG – STAND UP 3rd Mini Album
03 . 천국 (Heaven)
04 . 착한 사람 (A Good Man)
05 . Lady
06 . Oh My Friend (ft. No Brain)

TAEYANG – HOT 1st Mini Album
01 . HOT – Intro
02 . 기도 (Prayer) (Feat. Teddy)
04 . 죄인 (Sinner)
05 . Baby I’m Sorry
06 . Make Love (Feat. Kush)

BIG BANG – WITH U 2nd Japanese Mini Album
05 . Mad About You
07 . Shake It
08 . My Girl (Japanese Version)

BIG BANG – FOR THE WORLD 1st Japanese Mini Album
01 . VIP (Intro)
02 . Big Bang
03 . Lies
04 . How Gee
05 . So Beautiful
06 . La La la
07 . Together Forever
08 . Always


  1. helo~i have a request. well,its ofcourse BigBang’s videos.
    the videos are quite a lot. and i hope i do not cause a lot of trouble.
    well,there is a channel in youtube under the name of ‘bigbangxlove’
    BigBang was doing their mtv colors videos. it was translated in Japanese but i’m not korean nor japanese..but BB were talking in korean.
    i was hoping the videos could be subbed in english?

  2. hi 🙂 thanks for translating the lyrics for ppl who dont understand korean… i have a request could u translate these two song might not know by jewelry n also new ways always by park jung ah… sorri for the trouble… n thanks 🙂

  3. request…for lyrics, korean (or romanization, whichever is easier)
    of Forever With You feat. Park Bom.please & thank you!

  4. Actually, nevermind, I cancel my request. 🙂

  5. @numerovip: we are currently working on your request. it will be up soon. thank you. 😀

    @ boo: sorry for late apply. it would be great if you can e-mail me with songs that you want me to translate for you. please e-mail to: na.artist@gmail.com
    thanks 🙂

    thanks for request.

  6. @jeska..thank you so much for that..i’ll be checking it..thanks once again. i was wondering where will you upload those videos?

  7. @numerovip: i am not working on it but other members are. soon as we are done, we will probably post at this blog.

  8. HI!
    First, I want to thank you for publishing the lyrics for ‘Sunset Glow’! Thank you!

    Second, I would to request a lyrics [Translation, Korean Lyrics & Romanization] fot Big Bang’s ‘LIES’.

    Hope you’ll translate it soon!
    Thank you, Miri.

  9. @ miri: due to our busyness, we are a bit backed up in big bang lyrics.
    BBlyrics (which is under BBfansite) has a translation to ‘lies’ please visit a link above. some of lyrics are there, not a lot though.
    we are currently working on retrieving lyrics to here. sorry about delay. we will work on it as fast as we can.

  10. Could you translate some ufo replies?

  11. Hellos! can i request you guys to sub the Big Bang Seven-Episode Documentary? i wanna see how they do before their debut~ youtube has only up till episode 4 with eng subs. im dying of waiting!!

    so maybe you can consider subbing that too? THANKS alot! (:

  12. Dear Vip Translators

    I was hoping you could translate and romanize
    the song “untill whenever” by Big Bang .

    This will be greatly appreciated 🙂

    Thank You

  13. yess, i really want the translation & romanization for the song “until whenever”
    i luveee this song so much
    i hope u can help me

    thanx a bunch

  14. The translations & romanizations have been up. 🙂

  15. Hi.. I’m wondering if it would be possible for you to translate Kim Jo Han’s song (featuring Tae Yang) – “I Should Have Loved You Less”. I’ve been looking for the translation everywhere, but can’t find it 😦

  16. Hey could you guys translate and romanize To Act like nothings wrong by TOP?

  17. Hi, not even a request for the translations…
    but I haven’t been about to find lyrics for Lexy’s
    and I ask for them, please?
    Either romanized or Korean, either is okay.
    It’s OKAY if you don’t actually have the lyrics, just thanks for reading this.
    Please and thank you.

  18. hi..i would like to request for the translations to their song on the ice cream phone cf..i tried to find it at their soompi website, but i couldn’t find it. please tell me if it has already been posted up..

    by the way, really appreciate the amount of dedication you guy have to doing all these for the non-korean fans like us.. (:

  19. errr….i just want to know these information. this is very urgent! i want to make a presentation about big bang music in my music class. therefore, these information is very important.

    i want to know who compose,arrange n write the lyric for the song forever with you..

    pls…this is very important!

  20. Cancel request, I found it. :]

  21. hi can u plz translate “Lies” in eng version??
    I find but i cant find it out

  22. hey guys..
    just want to say thank you for all your hard work!!
    without you guys.. we nonkoreans will not be able to understand anything from our boys<3<3

    i just have a request.. if you guys have time to fit it in..
    could you guys sub the bangs comics and/or their ufo replies too??

    thanks again for all your hard work!!
    viptraslators jjiang!!

  23. Hi, i was just wondering if you can update the information about the YG Audition? the official page is up and there’s new criteria (i think), but i don’t know what they’re saying..

    Thank you so much! 😀

  24. i havea request 🙂 please translate : voice of korea – stand up for you

  25. I’d hope that I am healthy in both mind, body, and spirit. I might like to travel the world with my friends and family. That would be charming.

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