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G-Dragon’s Solo Debut on ‘Inkigayo’, Amazing Viewers’ Rating

August 31, 2009

Source: Dailian , E-Daily
Translated by: ladykwonn @VIP Translators
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SBS’s ‘Inkigayo’, where Big Bang’s G-Dragon debuted as a solo artist, exploded with an amazing viewer’s rating.

On August 30th, G-Dragon performed his two title songs,‘Heartbreaker’ and ‘Breathe’, on his solo debut stage. During his performance, the viewer’s rating rocketed to nearly 17% (according to TNS Media Korea).

Not only that, but on that same day, ‘Inkigayo’s’ average viewer’s rating was recorded as 14.1% (according to TNS Media Korea). In comparison with the previous recording of ‘Inkigayo’s’ ratings on August 16th (11.3%), G-Dragon’s solo debut raised the viewer’s rating by a prodigious 2.8 points. This overall effect can only be explained as something crazy.

[On the 23rd, ‘Inkigayo’ was canceled due to the former president’s, Kim Dae Joong, death.]

On his own birthday (last 18th of August), G-Dragon released his first solo album and showed an enormous power. Although he was enwrapped in plagiarism rumors, in an instant, he was #1 on the CD sales. Undoubtedly, his title song, ‘Heartbreaker’ swept the #1 spot on both the online music charts and mobile charts.

Especially, on August 28th, G-Dragon won 1st place on KBS’s ‘Music Bank’ even before he made his debut stage. This surprised the PDs and staff alike.

On a side note, G-Dragon will showcase more superb solo stages on SBS’s ‘Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate’ on the 2nd and on KBS’s ‘Music Bank’ on the 4th.


MC Mong’s Kid Rapper B.I, “I Met G-Dragon, The Person I Want To Look Like”

August 31, 2009

Source: Newsen
Translated by: ladykwonn @VIP Translators
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Kid rapper B.I (real name Kim Han Bin) revealed a picture of himself with G-Dragon.

On August 30th at 8:04 pm, B.I uploaded a picture titled ‘With G-Dragon Hyung’ on his Cyworld Minihompy. He and G-Dragon both held ‘V-signs’ (peace signs) in the picture.

In his first year in Junior High, B.I is the kid rapper promoting alongside MC Mong with the song ‘Indian Boy’. B.I is grabbing a lot of attention for his adorable appearance and his mature rapping.

On August 7th on KBS 2TV’s ‘Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook’, B.I expressed, “I want my lifestyle to be like Mong hyung’s and my face to look like G-Dragon’s”.

On that same day, MC Mong said, “When I look at B.I, I feel like I’m looking at the young G-Dragon.”


G-Dragon’s Hat Auctioned for 600,000₩ at a Charity Event

May 16, 2009


Source: E-Daily
Translated by: Ladykwonn @ VIP Translators

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Big Bang member, G-Dragon, donated a hat to a charity auction that was bidded as high as 600,000₩.

E-daily hosted a charity auction event from the 11th to the 17th sponsored by Woori Financial Group and Lotte Mall. Celebrities donated various clothing and accessories to this charity. Popular idol groups and Hallyu Stars such as: Big Bang, Kara, Choi Ji Woo, Yoon Eun Hye, Kim Tae Gyoon, Park Kyung Hwan, and Kim Kwang Hyun participated in this event. Also, Korea’s national soccer team and other sports stars donated their uniforms and autographed balls.

Big Bang’s G-Dragon, an everlasting idol, donated a hat that was auctioned from the 6th to the 16th of May. His hat became the best item, making a record of 610,000₩.

His black and white cap was bidded for a record of 72 times.

A limit was set when it was realized that most bidders for this hat were adolescents and university students. To prevent the price from going too high, the officials set a maximum bidding price of no higher than 10,000₩.

Also, Kara member Han Seung Yeon greatly helped the charity as well. She donated an autographed book called ’21 People Who Move the World Oprah Winfrey’. It was auctioned for 300,000₩.

All proceeds of this charity event will be donated to a children’s foundation for missing children.

In order to participate in this auction, please visit (

This event will continue to go on until the 18th of May at 10am.


Big Bang Taeyang, First Place in “Male Idol Who Will Succeed as Solo”

November 18, 2008


Posted on: November 19th, 11:07am (Korean time)
Credit to: Money Today
Original article:
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Translated by: Jeska @ VIPtranslators
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Big Bang was voted first place in “a male idol member who will succeed most as solo.”

DCInside had a survey from 11th through 18th with “a male idol member who will succeed most as solo” as topic, and Taeyang received 2335 votes out of 10,084 (23.2%), thus he was placed as first.

Taeyang, Big Bang’s main vocalist, released his first solo album “HOT” on May and made a big hit with “Look at Only Me.” As a first in the group, he had a solo concert in July.

Second place went to Seungri from Big Bang with 1553 votes (15.4%), and SS501’s leader Kim Hyun Joong received 1130 votes and received third place. Kim Hyung Joon from SS501, G-Dragon from Big Bang, and Kim Kyu Jong from SS501 were place after.

Earlier, DCinside had anoter survey with “a female idol member who will succeed most as solo” as a topic and Taeyeon from Girl’s Generation received first place.


Big Bang Leader G-Dragon, Solo Coming Close; Plans to work on Solo Album Next Year in US

November 16, 2008


Posted Date: November 17th, 00:22am (Korean Time)
Credit to: MyDaily

Original Article: mydaily
Translated by: Jeska + gdluvzmc @ VIPtranslators
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Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon is planning on debuting as a solo artist.

G-Dragon is planning to go to United States to work on songs as soon as Big Bang finishes their 2nd album promotion, thus he can release his solo album. In July, YG Family’s Yang CEO mentioned about G-Dragon’s solo activity through company’s website. This plan has started to make progress and G-Dragon is looking forward to his solo debut very close.

During an interview with MyDaily, G-Dragon revealed his plan and said the “songs were already made,” and reported that the plan is to become actualized.

G-Dragon is planning on going to United States soon as Big Bang’s 2nd album promotion ends. G-Dragon revealed his reason why he’s going to US, “all the people who I work with are in United States right now” and said his happy plan that “(with this chance) I am planning to go on a trip to the United States with members.”

There is a higher chance that his solo album will be a mini album. G-Dragon predicted that “about 6-7 songs will go into the album,” and also mentioned that “concept and genre aren’t decided yet.”

Big Bang is receiving a lot of love as a group, but Taeyang and Daesung were active as a solo with “Look at Only Me” and “Look At Me, Gwisoon”