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Daesung Can’t Stand on Stage Yet

September 18, 2009


Source: Gwangnam
Translated by: ladykwonn @VIP Translators
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Big Bang’s group member, Daesung, will not attend the ‘2009 Asia Song Festival’.

On the 18th, an official from YG Entertainment talked on the phone with the Asian Economy Newspaper . He revealed, “This coming 19th, Daesung will not attend the ‘Asian Song Festival’ that will open in the evening.

He also revealed, “Daesung is in an almost completely cured condition, but still, standing on stage has been judged as too difficult for him.”

On this day, Big Bang will schedule to go on stage with only 4 members.

On a side note, Daesung took part in the filming of ‘Family Outing’ and got into a car accident on his way back to Seoul on the 11th of last month. He fractured his nose and back.

After surgery, he was discharged from the hospital on the 28th and recuperated at home. He will participate in the upcoming filming of SBS ‘Family Outing’ in Jejudo on the 21st-22nd.



Daesung, Eye Injury Has Been Added Thus His Treatment Will Last 8 Weeks

August 12, 2009


Source: Yunhap News
Translated by: jeska @VIP Translators
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Daesung of Big Bang who got into a car accident on 11th found more fracture around his eye after close  diagnosis.

According to YG Entertainment representative on 13th, his diagnosis came up with 4 weeks of treatment based on nose and spine fracture, but they found additional fracture around his left eye cornea, thus his treatment got extended to 8 weeks.

Representative also added that “he needs to get surgery for that area when he gets nose surgery.” Daesung’s car was coming out from a tunnel located at Pyoung-Taek Freeway and it slipped and hit guard rail with the back of car around 4pm after shooting for SBS ‘Family Outing.’


‘Traffic Accident’ Daesung, Nose Fractures, Injuries and Displaced Four Weeks .. Other Passengers Maybe in Critical Condition

August 11, 2009


Source: Star News
Translated by: jeska + gdluvzmc @VIP Translators
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Big Bang’s Daesung got into accident and sent to hospital on 11th. According to diagnostic result, Daesung fractured his nose and got small bruises on his face and arms as well. Thus, doctors required him for over 4 weeks of treatments.

YG Entertainment later said, “We first thought it was a car accident, but found out that the car that Daesung was in hit the guard rail itself,” on the same day of an accident to Money Today Star News.

According to YG, the car was driving around Pyung-Taek City, Kyoung-Gi Province, under rainy conditions and hit the guard rail around 4pm after having finished shooting SBS ‘Family Outing.’

Also, according to company, Daesung was sent to the closest emergency room right after accident. After an hour of close examination, he suffered a fractured pleurapophysis and nose. YG said, “Hospital said pleurapophysis will heal naturally if he rests for about four weeks. We are planning to send him to a hospital in Seoul and get treatments.”

Also, manager who drove the car got leg injuries.

YG said that the stylist who was sitting in the back seat got severe injuries and bled a lot, so they are worrying about her health a lot at this moment. The stylist was sent to the nearest hospital, but hospital recommended to send her to a bigger hospital in Seoul, and is currently waiting for surgery.

There’s a big possibility that Daesung will not be attending his new musical ‘Shouting’ press conference on the 12th because of this accident. YG said, “‘Shouting’ press conference will go on as planned, but we don’t think Daesung will be able to attend. We will focus on his rest and put him back on good condition.”

YG also added, “We are sorry to many fans who are worried throughout this incident.”


Daesung, by FO’s Exposure that He “Exchanged Text Message with a Female Group Member,” He Undergoes Hardships

November 23, 2008


Credit to: Newsen
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Idol star Daesung from Big Bang admitted that he exchanged text message with a female group member.

On 23rd during ‘Family Outing’ of SBS ‘Good Sunday,’ he confessed shyly that he has “exchanged text message with a female group member before.”

One of members exposed a secret, “I saw Daesung exchanging text messages with a female group member” and as he was showing his surprised expression, he made idle remarks that he “won’t be able to work forever from now on if this continues.”

Daesung continued and spoke, “I exchanged two text messages but I drew the line (between us),” thus brought misconception. Although it was a simple text messages that can be exchanged between colleagues, he was trying to explain that there’s nothing special between them; family members cheered him that “it’s fine to exchange to keep in touch.”

In addition, Daesung revealed, “when only cold water came out when I was about to take shower, I pretended like I took shower.” But, this was a secret that he revealed himself. He made an awkward smile and showed interest about his another secrets (that others wrote).

But at a sudden exposure he said, “I putted a slipsole on the first episode of ‘FO'” and feigned innocence. But ended up confessing that “I put slipsole inside of shoes during opening and ending of the show” and made people around him burst out in laughter.


‘FO’ Will Keep Same Members in Fall Reorganization Season

November 13, 2008

Posted Date: 08.10.28
Credit to: StarNews | Original Article: Click Here
Translated by: Jeska @ VIPtranslators
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‘Family Forever?’
SBS ‘Good Sunday – Family Outing ‘ (‘FO’) is going to keep Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Hyori, Yoon Jong Shin, etc after fall reorganization season.

‘FO’ Jang Hyuk Jae PD answered, “None of current members will be out this coming up season” to a question about if the current members will be changed after fall reorganization which is coming up end of October. Right now ‘FO’ has a ‘family’ made by fixed members of Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Hyori, Yoon Jong Shin, Kim Soo Ro, Park Ye Jin, Lee Chun Hee, and Daesung from Big Bang.

Jang PD said, “current members has a great teamwork and they are perfect to receive love from different age group.” Member’s age group are: Yoon Jong Shin in 40s, Kim Soo Ro, Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Chun Hee, Lee Hyori in 30s, Park Ye Jin and Daesung in 20s.

‘FO’ won’t touch on current members, who helped the show to reach ‘Best Variety (Show),’ and plan to have guests every week like Rain and Kim Jong Gook to add fun.

Jang PD answered related to standard to pick guests that “I am not putting guests because they are idols or to create an issue. Anyone can be part of ‘family’ if their schedule matches and all.”

Meanwhile, ‘FO’ received 23.6% on 19th and 27.5% on 26th on ratings. As they renew their own rating every week, ‘FO’ made a record of getting 1st place out of variety programs.


A Cat Like a Person… Arrogance is the Life

November 13, 2008


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Posted Date: 08.09.11
Credit to: JO!NS // Joong Ang Il Bo | Original Article: Click Here
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An hour and half for to give birth to a cat?

What am I talking about? It’s about a time to change a performer of ‘Cats’ from a regular person to a cat on a stage.

A makeup process for ‘Cats’ was finally released after it was thoroughly hidden in a veil. ‘Cats,’ one of 4 best musicals in the world that has over 20 years of history, has been avoiding exposing backstage because they wanted audiences to feel and recognize performers as cats. But after long persuasion, RUG (Really Useful Group, Original Production of ‘Cats’, United Kingdom) introduced a secretive process to Joong Ang Il Bo (The Korean Daily). To be honest, I thought myself ‘Why are they being so complicated? Isn’t it just putting make up and wear costumes?’ But they had their own know-how and experience, and a strict philosophy on participating in the performance.

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