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01. 모아이 / Moai

November 7, 2008

서태지 (Seo Taiji) – Atomos Part Moai (Single)

01. 모아이 / Moai

Composer: 서태지 | Lyrics: 서태지 | Arrangements: 서태지
Translated by: Jeska @ VIPtranslators
*do not add to or remove credit line*

-note: ITALICS are sung in English

turning back from a trap of neon signs
like days of resistance that i took off
as i sail along, i row with a oar of rich excuses
try to dissect my profane heart

sometimes with my sweet lie
sometimes with open arms for an importunity like a child
now all i need, to those moais
shall i talk about my desire now

what i have left in my heart
a strange times; tears in my eye are now in the ocean
on a strange road, broken landscapes
i want to give you with my heart
in the easter island

now the world allowed me this darkness
finally when a small starlight lights up on my dimmed body
inside of cold ocean, i immerse myself
only a calm wave stirs up my heart

do i feel languid when i smile bright
do i deride my polluted chicness
aimlessly, in this gentle breeze
i gaze at raging waves

Repeat Chorus

when i go back, you will be waiting with barefoot
don’t draw up the knees and wait anxiously
i am going back when this moon is almost down

Repeat Chorus

*Korean lyrics are under the cut*

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