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Kim Jang Hoon Thanks to Big Bang, “Helping The West Sea Needs Courage to Do It for Idol Group” (Interview)

November 17, 2008


Posted date: Noveber 17th 2:01pm (Korean Time)
Credit to: Newsen
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Singer Kim Jang Hoon sent his gratitude to Big Bang who stepped up to help the west sea.

On 17th, during an interview with Newsen, Kim Jang Hoon said, “I am very thankful and proud of Big Bang, who gives an big influence to people, for stepping out to help the west sea,” and clarified that “Big Bang probably needed a big courage to make this happen. (People) need to applaud when there are things that needs to get applause.”

He also said, “Big Bang’s ‘Sunset Glow’ release is something I was hoping for,” and revealed his thought, “I experienced a lot of difficulties as I was working on helping the west sea. I felt limitation towards teenagers because I don’t have enough popularity (power) to influence them.”

Kim emphasized that, “I personally hoped that famous idol groups will step out (for this project). It may sound easy but not easy at all. They need a huge courage because they are idol groups. Honestly, Big Bang could’ve release more commercialized songs instead of ‘Sunset Glow’.”

Big Bang recently released 2nd album “Remember” and promoting “Sunset Glow” as main. ‘Sunset Glow’ was made to help the west sea that is moaning from the oil leakage incident last year, thus brought attention. Big Bang has been revealing their thought of helping Kim Jang Hoon who has been helping out the west sea to recover back to how it was. But some netizens criticized that Big Bang is using the west sea incident commercially. Due to this pitiable situation, Kim Jang Hoon decided to cheer Big Bang.

Kim Jang Hoon said, “I receive a big encouragement through Big Bang. People started to give less interest after first prevention (of oil spread) ended, but Big Bang stepped out in this situation and I am really thankful for that. I think their power to influence (others) is hundred times bigger than I am; I am very proud of them.

Also said, “This is a historical thing within idols. I hope other idol groups will help as well.”

Kim Jang Hoon said, “I directed their concert last year but we don’t have any special connection.” As he was recalled Big Bang, he said, ” there were things that lacked when I was directing, but Big Bang brightened the stage more. I thought they were very talented friends.”

He continued, “After we were busy (with our own thing) for a year and half, and I got surprised when I heard the news about them releasing ‘Sunset Glow,’ ” and added with encouragement that, “Big Bang was in a situation where they could’ve get negative feedbacks that they brought up the topic too late, but they still continued to help the west sea with their song.”

“I felt pity whenever I saw few netizens seeing Big Bang with negative eyes,” then expressed his opinion: “(I hope) people will give applause to their courage. There needs to be a lot of praises when there are good actions.”

Kim Jang Hoon added, “Right now, the west sea is in a situation where the fishery and tour business are in danger. It’s time to fight for not only 1-2 years but 5-10 years. I feel thankful for Big Bang for adding encouragement at a time like this.”