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Theme: Big Bang – Remember Photoshoot
Made by: gdluvzmc
~ November 11th 2008 – January 19th, 2009

Theme: Big Bang – FILA Limited Photoshoot
Made by: gdluvzmc
~ January 19th, 2009 – April 4th, 2009

Theme: Big Bang + 2NE1 – Lollipop MV
Made by: gdluvzmc
~ April 4th, 2009 – August 20th, 2009


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  2. YAY! Congrats guys on your Grand Opening!

    I seriously appreciate what ya guys do
    for us non-Korean speakers 😀

    your like the portal to understanding BB

    pls keep on doin watchu guys do best!

  3. VIPtranslators ftw (:
    thanks for the translations!
    big bang and viptranslators fighting~~

  4. Man…u guys rozk…kkkk
    with all the news and pic, video and stuff…
    is so much easier and i get to knw all the latest stuff of Big Bang…

    THZ lotz…
    and Happy Peperro Day…1111

  5. grand opening!!! weee~
    i look forward to seeing u guys expand XD
    im so proud of u guys ^^


    i swear, i wholeheartedly agree with whoever mentioned that http://bigbangkorean.wordpress.com/ is definitely the number 1 Big Bang site.

    highly appreciated here in Australia 😀

  7. oh my gosh! i personally would like to thank all viptranslator from the bottom of my heart..THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! you guys are the best of the best!
    CONGRATULATION for the opening of this website..hope to see more projects of BB in the future=) you guys just made my life..
    i’ll be sure checking this website often.
    oh yes,i’m from Brunei. i’m proud to be a VIP=)

  8. yay thanks for translating everything for us so we can understand (=
    i reeally appreciate it!

  9. omo this is a great and huge honor to actually be a vip!~ this is a great idea of having a website like this, this is a awesome yo

  10. Wah.. congratz u guys for opening of this site! XD
    and thank you for all the translations u guys made.. =)
    gah, wish I could help too but seeing my poor korean skill wont make any help ^^”

  11. this is freakin awesome ppl!! im so loving this!!!
    thanks so much for all these hard work and bringin awesomeness to vipz!!! thanks!!

  12. congrats!

    i must say, thanks for all this hard work, all these hours you spend translating articles, songs for us, thanks a lot ! i really appreciate you guys ! we love youu all !!! <33333

  13. Congrats!!!! Thanks a lot for all the translations ^^ <33

  14. Congrats on the new site!!You guys ROCK!!!Thanks for all the help..btw, nice to know JT is 50% Filipino coz I am too! Just wanna ask if you are living here in the Philippines?? Anyway, thanks again and best wishes to all of you…=)

  15. @top_lover
    that’s awesome that u’re half Filipino too! No, I don’t live in the Philippines. I live in the US.

  16. Congrats people….^_________^
    you guys are awesome, found this another great site with BB translations again, i’ve been looking for this for so long, God answer my Prayer ^^
    Love you so much guys…*hug*

    I will always thank you n grateful for VIP who gave their time, mind, n everything for Big Bang n us VIP ^^
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your hardworks

    from Indonesian VIP ^^

  17. thanks for the reply JT..I’m 75% Filipino and 25% German but I live here in the Philippines…i still am proud of you and all of the guys there…I really hope BB would come to here to perform one of these days (I’m actually crossing my fingers,lol)

  18. the translation has helped me a lot,since i’m not a korean…Thankyou!

  19. THANKS ALOT YOU GUYS! i appreciate what you guys do alot because i know it takes time and effort to do what you guys do on top of your busy schedules.very much appreciated.helps all of us love big bang even more when we watch videos you guys upload.i visit bbwordpress fansite alot and now i’m going to bookmark this site too! 🙂
    love you guys here and at bbwordpress!
    BIG BANG ❤

  20. thank you for putting this together! i luv how i can find the music and updates easily! keep it up! ❤

  21. Thanks for translating BB’s stuffs 😡
    VIP Translators ROCK!!!

    Hope you guys’ll keep going on 😀
    Don’t stop moving moving moving~

    Can I request something here?
    Can you guys translate GD & Kush ver. of 10 minutes in 2008 MKMF Scandalous Stage?
    I found it really interesting but I just couldn’t understand it

  22. @Jenny Omi: thanks for your interest to our site. If you have any request, please write it to REQUESTS / CURRENT PROJECTS section and we will help you once we are available. thank you.

  23. thanks a lot ^^

    4 translating…..keep up the good work!!

    ur guys roxx….^^

  24. thank u so much for translating a few articles that i find confusing…’lost in translation’ is, ironically, the right expression XD
    really appreciate all the work that u guys do ^^
    great job guys 😀

  25. yeah let’s be friends! thanks for the lyrics translation!

  26. Awesome web site. Thanks for the translations!

  27. helo..^^.. i’m alice..i wanna ask permission to take ur translation for their video to put in youtube.. n i’ll giv u guys credits.. if can, u can send me a message.. i won’t take it if not allowed to.. tanx.^^

  28. really, thanks so much for translating! 🙂

  29. thanks so much… u guys so best!!
    plz,keep going on
    i’ll waiting 4 ur next translations
    Fighting Guys \^O^/

  30. I LOVE LOVE This site 🙂

    Thank you very much for translating
    I Love the romanizations :]

  31. WHOA~ this is mad HOTT! i love the site, so keep it up! thanks for all the updates on our boys, i really appreciate EVERYTHING that you guys do =)



  33. woah. i just found out this site! i hope i am not so late to congratulate you guys for the opening. hope you’ll do more projects! i (we) will be waiting for your subbed videos! 😀

  34. Thank you guys for ALL you AWEsome translation of many many Big Bang goodies~
    Enternally grateful

  35. im seriously in love wit g-dragon/kwon ji yong
    and taeyang/young bae .

  36. Can I put the lyric out here?
    Many vips want to know many newest lyric

  37. it is sad those boys were push into such hungry industry and become famous too fast and lost their yyouth innoence due to proverty;;;I hope deep down inside them they are happy;;;youknow we cannot buy love;;; these kids were being rob by their manager;; feeling bad if they said somthing so i wish them happy andwill soon make enough money and retired early and enjoy their\ real happy life

  38. hi i want to link your site on my blog if its ok with you…pls send me an email if you allow^^
    thank you!

  39. Hello, I’m new to Big Bang and I just wanna say:
    you guys are awesome translators. You helped me a lot since I’m the type that always wants to know exactly what are they singing and the meanings in a song I like ^__^

    I have a request, could you please translate “Lies” too? I know it’s an old song… but I can’t seem to find a decent translation anywhere. And it’s one of the song that made me love BB ^^

    thank you~ VIP translators hwaiting!!! :))

  40. Very good site, welcome


  41. sometimes words are not enough to express how much you are greatful for someone and this is what happening now with me..so i am helpless infront of your great effort and all i can say is THANK YOU ALOT for everything..keep going(fighting*-*) and good luck..

  42. Они засняли наверняка что все тематики и описывать их нет никакого толка, да и читать придется слишком долго. Или попросить ее станцевать вам стриптиз. Если вы обнаружите такой web-ресурс, то вам очень сильно повезет, так как вы получаете значимую выгоду. Проанализируем второй аспект, а если быть точнее возможность загрузить видео.

  43. Hi. i have 4 tickets for sale, for 23rd oct Singapore kpop night 2010 concert.
    Please email me at agnestiffany@hotmail.com if interested.
    Thanks 🙂

  44. Proceed with caution… it seems to be longer than i thought! ANYWAY!! Highly doubt you both still use this. But what the heck.. Saw the video about this a day ago and thought, No harm in taking a chance! 😄. Anyway, it’s really good to see you two have come a long way and have followed your dreams and are doing well. Do take care of your selves. You two and the rest of Big Bang are amazing alone and together as well. The group has its X factor with all of you contributing your great talents, keep it up and loads of respect for each of you all individually. A little more for Ji-Yong oppa though 😝 . He’s really been inspiration. Young-bae oppa, respect for you too for coming such a long way too, I can relate to the not having a significant other, can be a pain not having found that one. Love the body and the fact that you take care of it well. Love your album, my fav song would be need a girl and break down. Ji-yong oppa, your tatts are awesome and my fav songs of yours are crayon, breathe , butterfly, she’s gone(kush oppa is awesome!) and missing you, if I had to choose I’d say butterfly. Do tell the rest that they are amazing in their own ways(big bang members and all those you have featured on your albums… Jealous of Dara though 😁). Daesung has always been amazing, his voice is full of self confidence now and it’s very good to hear it that way.. Love wings!, he has always been cute and talented to me and always was good at singing and in looked good too… I don’t know why he’s harsh on himself 😔 (can relate to him too sometimes I guess.. The way he seems atleast.) . T.O.P oppas rapping and beat boxing is soo sick! Love his stares… Those black eyes makes me blush 😝 . Maknae… He’s ladies man! He too sings very well, love his playful attitude. You guys are a box of assorted nutty chocolates.. Always good, no matter which one you pick! Ji-yong oppa always smile, you’re too die for when you do, ESP when you make those faces and when you play around with your lips… *faints* . Young-bae oppa you’re one stealthy man. You guys look soo cute when you dance. And when you all speak English… *faint* soo cute!!! . Oh well. That’s most of what I want to say to you both and rest. Well the half of it atleast. Sorry I’m blabbering.. Nervous… Excited.. 😄 . Take care! Always keep dreaming! Live Laugh Love! Looking forward to more awesome music. Do try not to stress yourselves out. With great power.. Comes great responsibility and what a ***** it can be sometimes! Keep smiling! Post loads more pics :p . It’s good to see you having fun.. Always. Love you. ✌. Will always be 👏 you all on.

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