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Taeyang, “I Want To Love Someone Now” (Interview)

November 22, 2009


Source: Star News
Translated by: jeska @VIP Translators
Edited by: gdluvzmc @VIP Translators
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In ‘Look at Only Me,’ he was a man who you couldn’t stop loving even though he’s self-centered. Taeyang (21) is now in unrequited love. He came back as ‘Taeyang,’ not as ‘Big Bang’ with a song, ‘Wedding Dress’ that talks about a man who experiences unrequited love and how he feels miserable. It has been a year and a 1/2 since his first solo mini album release.

How much he has been changed? Taeyang, off stage,  is 21 years old and still shy. He, who isn’t good with strangers said, “There a reason why I can’t appear in variety shows like Seungri,” and smiled awkwardly.

Like what one fellow singer quoted, “Taeyang’s performance on stage was the best in Korea,” Taeyang is a person who has strong charisma that no one can approach on a stage. But, you will be surprised once again for his sweet charm if you meet him in comfortable environment.

But this man, hopelessly smiled as he said, “I’ve never dated before.”

“Maybe because I have a strong confidence that music is my only outlet; I never got a chance to date because I was focusing on music and performing. But I think my image is leaning on ‘a guy who never dated before’ too much (laughs). I never had time to date; I didn’t mean this to happen intentionally.”

Taeyang said he wrote about how he felt when he used to like someone for ‘Wedding Dress.’ He does know how to love, not just work.

Music, of course, is Taeyang’s life. Taeyang is here because of music and it gives him energy to live.

“(For me) Music is… it’s hard to explain with a word, but it’s becoming an important and necessary existence as time passes by. I was always happy whenever I received a good song or when I am on a stage with that song. Honestly, I think I will have a hard time if I think about music not existing in this world. (Meaning,) music brings very important meaning to not only me, but to everyone.”

Conversations always went back to music from any topic. Music is the driving force that helps him stay alive. He willingly gave up the happiness that he could’ve had during his childhood, and he’s ready to endure all the hardships that he has to go through for his future.

“I started this because I love it. I want to focus on music now.”

But he’s recently developed a small desire to get rid of the “guy who’s never dated” tag that’s been attached to him since he turned 20.

“I really want to break out of that ‘guy who’s never dated’ status. Hahaha.”

Reporter gave him an advice that “you should date secretly since it would be difficult if there’s a scandal,” but Taeyang said, “I will give you a call later when I get a girlfriend. I want to tell people fast,” he bragged. He can’t have a girlfriend because he doesn’t think he has the confidence to be nice to her.

“Singers may look flamboyant, but patience and pain follows it. So I thought many singers would feel lonely like me. I don’t think you can do anything about that feeling of loneliness even if you have someone you love. I still have a lot of things to do since I just released my second single. I was lucky until now, but it’s going to be hard from now on. I need to work fiercely. I feel more responsible for my words, actions, and music, especially when I am getting a lot of attention.”

21 years old, and he’s already thinking too maturely, but he thinks it’s just a start.

“I still have a long way to go. There are only 2 albums under my name. I actually didn’t take a first step since I didn’t release an actual album. I received a lot of love and support compared to what I brought out. But I like to take each step correctly even if it would take a long time. I think I will be able to make music that people will like for a long time (laughs).”

Everyone has a time when they dream about their future. But once you turn 20, your dream disappears and life gets busy to live everyday. But Taeyang is different – he is living with strong and hot passion just like his name.


Taeyang Digital Single [WHERE U AT] Information Released!

October 14, 2009

Translated by: jeska + gdluvzmc @VIPTranslators
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This is YG Entertainment

Big Bang’s Taeyang will be coming out with [Where U At] after 1 year & 5 months since his last solo release.

Taeyang, who left a strong impression on audiences & critics alike with his first solo mini-album [HOT], with hit singles including “Look Only At Me” & “Prayer,” received recognition as the famous idol group, Big Bang’s lead singer, as well as a solo artist through his mini-album.

This Digital Single, “Where U At” was composed & written by Teddy, who brought sensation to the music industry with songs the songs he produced such as “Look Only At Me” & “Prayer” from last year, to this years’ “Lollipop,” 2NE1’s “Fire” & “I Don’t Care.”

The lyrics for “Where U At” were written in consideration of 22-year-old Taeyang, who has never had a girlfriend. The touchy story is reflective of Taeyang’s situation, imagining his future girlfriend who’s out there somewhere.

Much to expect from Taeyang as to what type of style & music he’s going to promote with his activities beginning with “Where U At” to his official album, so please take interest & give support.

Thank you.


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★Taeyang – On the Front Line of Music Industry This Year, There was ‘Look at Only Me,’ and Taeyang was Shining There.

November 21, 2008

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Credit to: GQ, 영배갤, 큰엄마 @ BBVIPZ
Original article:
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*GQ picked Taeyang as the man of the year. CONGRATULATIONS!*

Q: Do you like to receive compliments?
-It’s okay. I like to receive criticism too.

Q: You like to receive criticisms?
– I am used to being scolded.

Q: Why would you like it even if you are used to it?
– I think it’s a part of showing interest (to me) in anyway.

Q: I was about to give you compliment that you did very well this year but our conversation is getting twisted.
– Ah, haha. “Thank you.”

Q: How can you describe your year of 2008 in one word?
– Well, out-of-control, maybe?

Q: An idol, especially if someone from idol groups under big management company does something, I don’t think his act (doing) is entirely his: A song that someone made, a dance that someone put a polish on, a first place impression that someone could’ve wrote even. But your performance was different.
I tried to put my sincerity as much as I can during solo performance. The biggest reason why I sing is to convey my sincerity (to people who give me love).

Q: Sincerity is a hard word; rather, iffy. It includes to do what you wanted to do, to know what you do exactly, and etc. What’s your sincerity?
– First of all, it’s music. A thought about doing music in real life that I’ve been wanting to do since I was little was in center (of my mind), and I strived to enjoy every work.

Q: ‘Strived,’ do you mean everything wasn’t fun all the time?
– Yes. Compare to my younger days where I used to just like music, I feel music as a work so I get responsibility. So I think I need to strive to have fun. Isn’t it obvious that I need to strive because I am happy when I do music most?

Q: You were able to shine part of it is because of a stage. Stage is a scary place. Fake ones can be found easily and not all of sincerity can be conveyed.
– I just want to say this for now; I am at the happiest moment when I am on stage. Instead of being happy by just standing up on a stage, I feel truly happy when my thought and will make something perfect. I strived to make it perfect.

– Interview continues under the cut.


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Big Bang Taeyang, First Place in “Male Idol Who Will Succeed as Solo”

November 18, 2008


Posted on: November 19th, 11:07am (Korean time)
Credit to: Money Today
Original article:
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Translated by: Jeska @ VIPtranslators
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Big Bang was voted first place in “a male idol member who will succeed most as solo.”

DCInside had a survey from 11th through 18th with “a male idol member who will succeed most as solo” as topic, and Taeyang received 2335 votes out of 10,084 (23.2%), thus he was placed as first.

Taeyang, Big Bang’s main vocalist, released his first solo album “HOT” on May and made a big hit with “Look at Only Me.” As a first in the group, he had a solo concert in July.

Second place went to Seungri from Big Bang with 1553 votes (15.4%), and SS501’s leader Kim Hyun Joong received 1130 votes and received third place. Kim Hyung Joon from SS501, G-Dragon from Big Bang, and Kim Kyu Jong from SS501 were place after.

Earlier, DCinside had anoter survey with “a female idol member who will succeed most as solo” as a topic and Taeyeon from Girl’s Generation received first place.