G-DRAGON’s me2DAY Updates

August 6, 2009

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credit: gdluvzmc @ VIPtranslators
source: http://me2day.net/g-dragon

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credit: gdluvzmc @ VIPtranslators
source: http://me2day.net/g-dragon


  1. Oooauuu it’s beautiful photo

    • I LOVE G-dragon. He’s so cute! I would totally pick him during the fan service after Big Bang’s concerts. Thanks for the translations!! ❤

    • big bang giúp em nhiều thứ làm,thoải mái-vui-sảng khoái,lúc nhảy theo các bản nhạc của oppa í,iu luôn đó. em yêu big bang
      translate:big bang help me very much,comforable-happy-cheery,when i dance follow the songs of them,cool.i love big bang

  2. i love the translation hehe…gdragon so cute…

  3. I’m so sorry But I love Bigbang 4ever
    Big bang la` cuo^c. s0^ng’ cua? to^i. thie^u’ BigBang la` to^i k0 th3^? so^ng’.thu?c su? la` nhu? va^y.
    Anh GOn gio?i tha^t. da^y’

  4. wee!
    lovin’ BIGBANG!
    especially G-dragon 😀

  5. I comefome thailand

    I love Bigbang

    I love G-dragon

  6. Oww.. i Love GD so much!!

  7. Wee!!
    i Love Big Bang very very much,,
    Love GD ‘n T.O.P!!

    I just love GD!!! Jiyong-oppa, fighting!!!

  9. I love you, GD
    Jiyong oppa, fighting
    U’re no.1
    I love big bang
    I love 2NE1

  10. ahhh … G-DRAGON oppa i love U ❤
    saranghae " FIGTHING !! = ] ^ ^
    Please hurry i want to hear Your new album ❤
    2ne1 ❤
    Bigbang ❤
    By the way im not asian ^

  11. I like it Big bang ,the best G-dragon .May be strange but I live in Hungary.

  12. hehe~ ^—-^
    G-Dragon oppa is sooo cuuuute~
    lol love his pics
    haha so adorable
    saranghae oppa! ^—^♥

  13. i love bigbang especially G-dragon!!!♥♥♥

    i’ll keep supporting them…

    say B-I-G to the Bang!!!

    saranghae…more power

  14. he should be on teitter too!!!! he knows english doesn’t he?!?!
    he should tweet so poor ppl like me could communicate with such an angel!!!

  15. LOVE HIM ! He Rocks !
    Trying to use me2day now .
    Really tough cuz i don’t understand korean !
    Used google translator . Haa !

  16. I came from Singapore .
    Does Singapore sell Big Bang’s CD ???
    Anyone knows where to buy in Singapore ??

  17. Lol.

  18. Heyyy!!! i love you sooo much!! and Big Bang i love all of you guyz sooooo much!!!!! well i come from america livin here right now but im egyption haha werid but im learning korean right now so i can one day visit u guyz in a concert!!!! i love allll of ur songs the best ever!! please continue to work hard!!!! Oh and wish Daesung to get well for me k i woulda came and visited but my parents wouldnt let me get on the plane by myself haha sucks

  19. say biiiiiig baaang {hehehe
    i love g.d ^.^
    i love gig bang moooooooooor mooooooooooor

  20. can somebody where to buy GD’s beddings? i soooo love them!! gotta have ’em! gotta have ’em!! pls!!! im dying!!!

  21. can somebody where to buy GD’s beddings? i soooo love them!! gotta have ‘em! gotta have ‘em!! pls!!! im dying!!!

  22. OMG I luv u guys SOOO MUCH..t.o.p He is so mine lol

  23. Thank you so much for the translation!! 🙂

  24. […] and for fans of GD, he has his own me2day which is a Korean version of Twitter… here's a link: Big Bang fansite- G-dragons me2day translation :] i'll be back with more updates haha ~ if you want the link of the teaser and previews just tell me […]

  25. happy birthday to g_dragon
    you are the best 4ever

  26. HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!!!
    Hope u have a fun time celebratin ur birthday!!! I love you!!!!;p

  27. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GD!!!!! I love you!!!!! XD

  28. Jiyong oppa fighting!!
    we are always by your side no matter what!!i love all the way ya are,and all of the things ya show us
    Vietnamese girl(:
    GD♥dont forget we’re here with ya

  29. HAPPY B-DAY JI YONG (G-Dragon)! Wish much success to you and to your brothers in BIG BANG and extended love to YG Entertainment. OMG we will always love you and support you no matter what! FIGHTING!!! You have the looks… hotness…sexiness…killer smile…EVERYTHING!!! You’re going to be mine some day! I dream about you all the time! I wish you good luck on your new album! And please come to the USA (Texas maybe??) lol LUV U SO SOSOSOSOSSOSOSOSOSOS MUCH!!! I literally can DIE for you!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX ❤

  30. To: Jiyong Happy Birth day to you
    From PAE Nuna VIP Thailand

  31. Luv U 4ever n ever.Hope u will live a happy Life

  32. SarangHae.Always luv u And U R So So So So So So So So SO CUTE G-D

  33. GD♥Oppa Keep Fighting!!!!!!!!!!We Still Luv U Till D End

  34. i looove Big Bang! im a true fann 🙂
    GD and TOP!!!!
    Big Bang Fighting ❤ ;D

  35. Jing Yo oppa! haha :DD
    thanks for working hard for us ( :
    we really love you [:
    and were here to support you till the end :DD

    Belated [: sorry I wasnt able to go online because of exams :DD Jing yo hwaiting!

    please send my regards to all the big bang members.
    hope you’re all doing well. especially Dae Sung oppa! i hope you’re doing well out from your surgery [:

    Tabbi oppa 😀 haha. hello!

  36. Here in Japan, or in my country Brazil, Ill always love you! COME TO JAPAN, NAGOYA, PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE

  37. i have one questions~is this page linked straight to GD me2DAY page?if we post a comment here,then can GD read our comment?…..PLEASE ANSWER MY QUESTION!!!! i’m so desperate to know..i am so thankful if u answer my question[well it’s two questions actually is’nt it?]^v^

  38. ^ no, & no.
    it would be kinda creepy for him to see ppl translating his messages.

    • ummm…. how did u contact oppa??

  39. so then gd’s not gonna read all the stuff that we said here?

  40. heartbreaker is so wonderful, we love you!!!fighting!


  41. i’m probably the only 1 in italy who know Big Bang..& i’m PROUD of it!! ^^ I LOVE BIG BANG & I’m really impatient & anxious to listen to GD’s new album!! __CIAOOO! BACI!

  42. hey gyus!i am from greece!i am very excited i actually found a site that is related to BIG BANG!and especially GD!i listened the new GD’s album and i really liked it!
    (the comments are really from kwon jiyong???)^___^
    kisses from greece!!

  43. I’m such a big fan of Big Bang its unbelievable…
    Hmm i’ll try find out when they perform and i would only fly over to Korea from london just to see them haha! Ooooh And 2NE1… XD

  44. hey ya love g-dragon zo^ đối um moahhhhhhhhhhhhh chuc anh thanh cong lalala lalala

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  46. wonderful, oh my god, i can’t believe my self
    i can communicate with my angel, can’t i?
    oh god, i love you
    gd ak, try your best, i love you
    i’m vietnamese vip

  47. G-D you work so hard and you always please us all.. I love you sooo much! Keep up the good work!
    Your my favourite in Big Bang your just so cute..!! ❤
    XxX Your 'Number 1', Hollie xoxoxoxox
    Kisses from an Irish princess! <3<3

    (You're known here in Ireland… So it'd be great if you could come here…..? ^-^)

  48. hye.. G Dragon,..
    I’M KATE FROM MALAYSIA…how are u?..i hope u’re fine!!..i know that u’re a busy persons..hiihhi..salang hae ji young aa..AZA AZA FIGHTING..

  49. i love GD, forever, im so envious of Gaho too, i love them so much, ilove big bang forever if they ever break up, i well cry for like a week not even that.




  53. keep up with the hard work and i along with everyone else in the U.S. will cheer you on…i love your first album…!

  54. Jiyong oppa is SOOO CUT.TEE!!
    P.S. GaHo is SOO CUTTEE ;D
    Just Like GD 😀

  55. Jiyong oppa ! 사랑해요~

    Cutie . Bella eng. You hor!

  56. Ya La…Me…xDD

  57. Lol. its on my BDAY!!!!

  58. I come from Vietnam
    I love Big Bang 😡
    I love G-Dragon ❤

  59. I come from Vietnam
    I love Big Bang :d
    I love G-Dragon ❤

  60. I love BB, especially GD
    GD is my soul, which I can’t lose
    With me, he is an undying star

  61. Im come from Viet Nam- a beautiful country with many special things.Moreover there’re many BB’s fans there.Wish to be friend with every body who love Yong too. Thanks!

  62. Umm, can someone please tell me IF you leave a comment here GD will actually see it and comment us?!

    To: G-Dragon
    If u can actually read this comment. i would be very happy. I HOPE YOU THE BEST IN THE FUTURE!!. I so wanted to see you in person DD: hehe (: I just want to let u know i support BIG BANG but your my favortie. hehe (dont tell the others) I LOVE YOUR SONGS!! FIGHTING!~!

  63. wow this is so darn cool.i love big bang to the max!=P

  64. Aw!! I wish i lived in korea near G- Dragon

  65. im from the US, i just became a fan of GD by listening to Heartbreaker. from there i’ve been searching all kinds of stuff related to him. now im addicted to him. GD is my new obsession. im mesmerized by his skills n his adorable smile*
    to be honest GD is cute now with his blonde hair n outrageous style, but the face is too pale, the hair is too long, n the clothes sometimes kind of feminine. other than the appearance, his talent in music is blasting. from rapping to singing to dancing he masters them all! luv u Jiyong oppa n BIGBang

  66. no, this is just a post to translate his updates on me2day. try your luck by commenting him on his me2day profile…

  67. much love from the philippines~ fighting GD~~~ love your music alot~ hope you can release YG albums here too~~ please say hi to taeyang~~LOL

  68. Wow Gdragon! 😀 Stay healty and live happy!

  69. hah! me2day.. add me there. should i say, follow me there.. me2day.net / leejaedi ok? vote on my poll about gd tooo.. just click on my name..

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  71. may all the blesses be upon ya. work harder~thanks for all the beautiful songs u wrote & composed. keep it up!~good luck ya.. waiting for all ya to come to m’sia

  72. I really love G-Dragon’s Heartbreaker album! Hi from Houston!

  73. GD….So cool…..So lovely..

  74. I want to know his real BLOG (korea version)..do u know it!!! Thank you

  75. oh ji yong oppa !
    oh i love him so much !
    i go gaga when i see him in his vids and on tv
    im from malaysia !

  76. This was so fun to go through! The pictures, cuteness, and every-day type of thoughts were sweet and kind of… hmm, the right word… domestic? Normal? Whether happy, working, or doting, it a neat connection between an artist and fans.

  77. GD is so cutee ^^ omg i love him xD i love heartbreaker the most-t-t ^^

  78. ji yong oppa!!!
    gd is da best now n 4ever…..
    luv u so much…
    big bang fighting!!!
    gd fighting!!!!


  80. love love love!!! bigbang number 1

  81. jiyong-opps fighting
    i will alway support you!!



  83. g-dragon u got talent plus looks nehoooo love ya!!! n i belive gd n me r always number 1.

  84. G-Dragon is soooo cute! ( > 3<)//
    and TOP also……hehehehe

  85. G-dragon is love 🙂

    I REALLY hope big bang comes to Malaysia!!
    PLEASE! SO many fans around!

  86. I love u,love bigbang, love vipz…you are so cute!!!Hope u always happy…VIPs vietnam love u…Fighting!!!

  87. i like big bang..
    and i admired g-dragon for creating their own songs..
    good job!
    hey, GD! we have the same birthday! but u born a year earlier than me..

  88. I’m a crazy fan of BIGBANG
    i love G-Dragon and all his song
    I really hope bigbang comes to vietnam
    G-Dragon so cute

  89. GDGDGD!
    i luv ya!

  90. love your songs!!^_^
    do your best
    i will support you hehe
    fighting!~~ (>.<)

  91. i love you Ji Yong!=) please be mine! kekeke ^^ Good luck on your upcoming concert (dec.5,6). I’ve been praying for your success. Cherios Gotta goes!=) much love! ❤ ❤ ❤

  92. OMG !!!!!
    I like u so much G-D oppa ^^
    From VietNam .
    Well….wish u were !!!

  93. Kocham Big Bang!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love Big Bang…They are so so so I can’t say…they are

  94. Yobosayo Jiyong-ie! o(^-^)o
    Saranghaeyo.! (Big Bang too, of course :P)
    Come to Europe please..?? Can’t travel to Asia, only 11 T^T…
    Big Bang ~F-I-G-H-T-I-N-G~
    Jiyong-ie Hwaiting..!
    Love from Ireland.!! Many fans here..!!
    … E-mail me 😉 Kidding 😛

  95. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    hey,boy,,,,seung-ri’s head is bigger than g.d?
    ussually,i don’t know it!

  96. did you know there are alots of update about him ?
    by the way i’m waiting for the new one !!
    i’ll wait thx

  97. ^ i’m very much aware.
    my computer recently died & i am without photoshop. if you could provide me w/ the software & find all my fonts back, i’d be glad to do the updates.
    until then… yes, you should wait.

  98. I love you, BIG BANG!
    today, I dont know why I dreamed ’bout oppa GD, hehe. It was really…..excitin’ n’ amazin’. there was a so weird feeling which I’ve never been through. Then I just wish I could see oppa someday in the UK….:(

  99. I love Big Bang

    if you LOVE BIG BANG and GD please help me spread this site to the world.
    click this link below to show your support for GD!


  101. Hi, I’m a fan from Vietnam. I am very fan of you in the group Big Bang. Especially TOP. I would like you to Vietnam. I LOVE BIG BANG

  102. … Tired of waiting …
    … BIGBANG …
    … But always waiting the mess of u …
    … BIGBANG figting !!! …

  103. I LoOoOove BIGBANG 4ever
    They R the KING always.
    BIGBANG fighting.
    GD fighting ^-^

  104. I love you GD!!!!! You my all!! You my life…I don’t know what I will doing without you…My heart is broken…

  105. hai.. im from malaysia and im a very big fan of u, mr. g dragon.. love ur songs, love ur MVs, love ur gaho, love ur hair and im so much in love with ur personality.. keep up the good work.. i will always be there to support u.. big bang hwaiting!! GD hwaiting!! saranghae… ❤

  106. Thanks so much for giving us non-korean speakers the chance to read GD’s thoughts and messages.
    Your work is really appreciated!!!! ❤

    I'm just a little bit worried that he hasn't updated since that incident. (ó_Ò)
    I hope all the cheering and support from his fans, other members and YG Entertainment is giving him enough strength to pull it through.

    I would be damn sad and disappointed if such a genius had to leave only because Korea is way too conservative and anti-fans have a grundge against him. :((((

  107. Loveyou GD !

  108. Love your hair blonde ! :DDDD but i love the whole of you^^

  109. GD Is The Best!! Love Y0uuu ❤
    Your songs are great, I always listen to them ^^
    BigBang Fightinggggg!!

  110. haha.Nc pics g-d!dara has also a lot of me2day updates!annyong hasseyo!Sarang Haeyo G-D!Spread the bbl♥ve!^O^

  111. omg!!
    GD is so great!!
    lubyou guys!!

    go BIG BANG!!
    go 2NE1!!!

    –from philippines

  112. ღ ڸ٥ﻻ ﻉ√٥ﺎ ٱ ღ LOVE BiGBANG

    ღ ڸ٥ﻻ ﻉ√٥ﺎ ٱ ღ LOVE BiGBANG

    ღ ڸ٥ﻻ ﻉ√٥ﺎ ٱ ღ GO BiGBANG

    ღ ڸ٥ﻻ ﻉ√٥ﺎ ٱ ღ GO BiGBANG

  113. GD, Happy New Year!;)
    I very, very love u BIG BANG and 2NE1!!!^^
    U are my favourite groups!
    I think u are the best!!!:)))
    I love u!<3

    Я люблю Вас!<3 Мне очень нравится ваше направление в музыке!:) Я вами восхищаюсь!^^

    with love from Russia…=]

  114. i love bigbang fighting!!!

  115. JiYong Oppa! You so adorable. :] don’t ever change! no matter how old you get, we all still love you ^^

  116. I’m soooooooooooooooo in lov with Big Bang because their voices together just sound amazing& i never want them to break up i loveeeeeeeeee them so much =’) < i just hope they come to Canada!!!! i really want to see them live

  117. Hello ) it’s my first message and I don’t know what I must write…
    hm…Good luck in the future)
    I smile when I listen to your songs, so thank you for this …maybe something like this ^_^
    ohohoh and I like your dog *

  118. GD IS NUMBER 1

  119. i cant wait for the concert

  120. Ahh i love gdragon…i love all of big bang!!<3 this is great to be able to see his post in english..i google everything and trying to find anything personal about any of the members is hard…i like to read from thier own words and this is great keep it up with the post translations thank you!!!

  121. I love GD so

  122. I love big bang….

  123. GD…you try to, I support you, I was Vietnamese, you are forever my idol

  124. I worry for you too, GD

  125. ????wat is d-day???

  126. Seung ri…

  127. this is my first comment. I’m confused.:) I am from Russia. In our country you love and know. Stay always in the same cheerful, charming, stylish and talented. Do not listen to anyone. You’re the best!!!! Ehyyy !!!!!
    Let all your dreams come true:)))
    must earn money and come to you at the concert is my dreams.ty too, wish me luck

  128. Love u G Dragon loveeeeeeeeee always

    aomme at L.A. USA but from Thailand loveeeeeeee

  129. wah! gd! so cute! i’m loving you and bigbang more! gaho! mwahhugzzz!

  130. too cool.So cute. I love GD

  131. hi GD 🙂
    aniooong ^__^
    i am arabic fan of the Middle East >> chohayoo GD oppa
    and i love TOP and tay yang ❤
    also Tell them I love them so much
    Then giving them kisses from me and you too ^___^Hehehehe

  132. anyounghasayooo GD oppa ..
    you are the most adorable , and i love u so much..
    my wish is to visit ur country so i can attend one of ur concerts.. anyway, keep up the good job
    saranghaeee oppaaaa ❤ ❤
    10000000 kisses and hugs for u

  133. http://www.myspace.com/498664754

  134. Happy Valentine’s Day !
    I wish you will find your real Love and will be loved …

  135. Happy Valentine’s Day G-Dragon! I love you so so much! You’re so adorable!Haha!BIG BANG FIGHTING!

  136. GD your awesome=)) respect four you) i love your song)
    Hello you in Russia)

  137. i am from saudi arabia ( Middle East )

    GD oppa i love u so much

    you have lots of fans in saudi arabia

    and they really love big bang

    and i love your song & big bang song

    (( Big Bang oh god i think i’m gonna have a Heart attack becuase of u guyz ))

  138. hi..i am WEJWEJ from SAUDI ARABIA..we love bigbang so much and you guys have a lot of fans here in the Middle East specially here in saudi arabia*-*..
    GD your album was amazing..wonderful..beautiful..just perfect..i couldn’t stop hearing it and the songs were played over and over..thanks for making such great music..keep going(fighting:)..GOOD LUCK..LOVE YA..

  139. Jiyongie you are my one and only addiction!
    i absolutely fall for your cute and boyish smile,
    obsess with your voice,
    and mesmerize by the edgyness you show on stage.
    I acknowledge your hard work for the fans.
    i want nothing but happiness and health for you,
    love and acceptance from everyone,
    and a lover to lean on.

    one suggestion:
    all kpop boys are wearing a lot of make-up nowadays. i wish Big Bang would not wear as much. Jiyongie, your face and skin is already too beautiful for make-up.

    other than that, much love to GD! stay cool!

  140. hi ^_^ .. i am from saudi arabia

    gd i love u so so much & i love your song

    you dont Imagine the fans u & big bang have here u have No idea how much they love u & big bang

    Without mentioning 2ne1

    From the depths of my heart i wish to meet big bang & 2ne1 T_T

    i’m simply in love with u

    good luck

  141. i love BB so much………..GD ..he born to be a singer รัก บิ๊กแบงเหลือเกิน อยากจังถ้าจะไปดูคอนที่เกาหลีจะซื้อบัตรยังไงใครรู้บอกหน่อยนะ

  142. plz come to vietnam …i want 2 meet u guys once

  143. hmm..first, thank you..for sharing your talent with everybody..i love your first album and im already waiting for your next one..i really love your voice..i really do wish you and the rest of BB would come to US to do a show..i know there are a lot of us here that are looking forward for it to come true..i love BB, but im a big fan of yours and i think you are amazing..i wish you all good health and goodluck..we fans will be waiting and supporting you always…GD hwaiting! BIGBANG hwaiting!

    -las vegas, us

  144. OOOooooooh!!!!!
    I’m a fan from Iran! I Luv BIGBANG & specially my Luvly GD. GD U R sOOOooooo amazing.I’m in Luv U 4ever. I LOVE YOU, SARANGHAE,DOSTET DARAM ^_^

  145. Ha ha! This message comes from Singapore. When are you going to come to Singapore. There are a lot of VIPs here too! Come quick!!!!!!

  146. looool >> love all pic gd look cuute .. oupa top so hot <3<3<3<3

  147. i love g-dragon .

    gaho is very cute .
    g-dragon is very very very cool .

    love forever…

    すみませんっっ!!!!! (japanese)

  148. I love GD. You are my L.O.L.L.I.P.O.P.
    Everyday I cant stop talking about u, thinking of u and listening your songs.
    Please come to Vietnam and u’ll see how much Vietnamese fans love u.

  149. YaY!!!!
    JiYong! Big Bang! We very much love you!
    We live you!

    We are not a lot! But we are loyal!

    So, i’m from Kazakhstan!

    I luv G-Dragon!!!

    Please come to Kazakhstan, n’ we’ll HAPPY!!!

    We dream about it!

    Come visit us in Kazakhstan! Please!

  150. YaY!!!!
    JiYong! Big Bang! We very much love you!
    We live you!

    We are not a lot! But we are loyal!

    So, i’m from Kazakhstan!

    I luv G-Dragon!!!

    Please come to Kazakhstan, n’ we’ll HAPPY!!!

    We dream about it!

    Come visit us in Kazakhstan! Please!

  151. i’ve seen Gaho on GDTV

  152. plzzzzzzzzzzzz come to vietnam…..i really really really wanna see you once in my life …i really love your music…it’s so amazing!

  153. hahahahah..so cute..i love you gd..saranghae

  154. Oh, Big Bang, I love you very much. G-Dragon, you are the best in the Big Bang, the talented rapper and leader. Tae Yang, you have a wonderful voice and TOP, Daesung, Seungri. Best wish for you

    • YEAAAA
      I AGREE WIF U ^^

  155. Come visit Vietnam, a country that you will love

  156. Hello Ji Yong! I want to say thanks because you are doing a great job (solo and with Big Bang). Congratulation for the hard work and for all your successes! I’ll look forward to your activities and I really hope that one day I’ll go to your concerts! Fighting! hugs from Romania.

  157. great!!!

  158. big bang!

  159. please come to vietnam!!

  160. Gosh!
    I really am GD’s big fan..he seemed like a kind person.

  161. G DRAGON !!
    WANNA MEET U !!!

    GA HO


  162. Hi GD^^ i love u so… much and Gaho 2, u guys r very cute together!! i’m very pround of u GD, u did work very hard on ur solo album and it came out very greats. Congratulation GD Kwon Ji Yong Leader, but i just hope that u’ll get more sleep and be healtie every single day. And i wish someday i can go to BIG BANG concert. BIG BANG FIGHTING!! and hope i’ll c big bang new albums of u guys soon ^_= byee….

    By the way I’m from Laos, LOVE U Ji Yong!

  163. I am searching for ksa.girl, any one can reach me to her? It is very important.


  164. I love U Big Bang, and I Love G-Dragon( Kwon Ji Yong) forever

  165. I Love you G-Dragon, Gaho, Big Bang. I wish someday I can go to Big Bang ang G-Dragon concert. but I’m from Viet Nam, I wish Big Bang and G-Dragon can go to Viet Nam and visit Vinh Long city although It’s a small city. I can’t buy Big Bang and G-Dragon album therefore I’m very sad (T_T)

  166. xin loi vi toi viet sai 1 so tu nhung toi rat mong 1 ngay nao do minh co the di den buoi hoa nhac cua Big Bang va G-Dragon toi hi vong rang Big Bang se den Viet Nam

  167. 안녕하세요 g dragon 🙂

    I’m a huge fan from Canada and I really love your music and your group big bang! ^_~
    Canada gives you a shout out! you should come down here sometime!I play piano and mostly i learn most of your songs ’cause I’m totally cool 8-\
    I enjoy writing music also, but I’m the dirt on your shoe compared to your superior skill and um fan base ;D if we should ever meet in a bizarre circumstance i shall serenade you with a song and give you all fist pumps, oh yeah 😛 BTW since I’m probably one of your most die hard..can i say fan? I prefer saying worshiper 😉 O.o well, since I’m your most die hard ”worshiper” in Canada (who is non-Asian) ”shock face” you should really make my life and get your butt to Canada!don’t worry we don’t have polar bears and igloos ”it’s a myth” shh ;D ;it’s actually really hot! but if you like polar bears and igloos…then I’ll buy you a polar bear ^o^ muhaha!

    well you wouldn’t think a girl like me would like something that’s so not my stereotypical scene.
    but i ignore everyone that wants me to like what girls ”like me” like. and i give all my dignity to you. lmao. that was lame xD

    ( i hope you know English or their would be no point posting this. T___T)
    ;P annyeong! bye! ♥
    PS, your dog, Gaho, is amazing!just saaaying >;O’
    he reminds me of cookie dough since he’s so adorably..rolly? not a word. oh well! 🙂

  168. okay i realize you most likely speak Korean ”duh face”
    so I’ll try to give you as much Korean i know (English fan) :/


    네 음악 입니다 멋진 과 네 귀여운 😉 lol!

    올 에 캐나다! 🙂


    나의 한국의 젠장 -_-”

  169. aw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!happy 2 see JI YOUNG’S picha =]
    luv u ji young hun ^^
    fall for u =]
    M so much addicted 2 U ji young dat it’s hard 2 stay widout seeing U …So, always search abt U … ur vids and fansite…I dunno da websites dat I’ve got is reallly U or not BUT from my inner of da heart believes JI YOUNG u gonna see my message 1 or mayb sumday… I WANNA C U GD…can u cum around LONDON n throw a concert…I even saw u in my dream 2day huhu T_T dat was only a dream…Do ur BEST!!!ji young !!!!!I’m gonna support u always =] Wanna meet U so bad.M planning 2 cum KOREA 2 attend ur concert…I dunno ..TOTALLY BLANK … crazy waitin here…DONT 4GET ME JI YOUNG…I HOPE U’LL REMEMBA ME…i wish dat u’ll rememba me…UR BIGGEST FAN…
    luv u much much much+ ❤ RISTA

  170. hi JI young ,,how’re u ??? aha i’ve got sumthing 2 say…have u got youtube channel ???n twitter.i’ve got dem…bt rit now m confused tottally..there’s 2 twitter of urs one called gdragon1 n oda 1 is KWON jiyoung…which 1 is really u????
    reaply na plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…
    stay well eat well..
    luv u

  171. Hai GD 🙂
    i just wanna say , Happy Birthday for you ..
    i hope you get the best in your life .
    God bless you GD !

    when you come to Indonesia ?
    i’ll waiting you GD and BIGBANG offcourse 🙂

  172. G.D,ur sooooooooooooo cute n handsome.I just love you.All ur songs r a total hit.Sarangheo:)><99Wish u culd b mine keke

  173. what up GD! i feel very sorry for you because i know a lot of people that hate you. you probably can’t understand this…THAT’S WHY I’M LEARNING KOREAN!!! you should be very proud of me:) LOL (by the way, in Australia that stands for “Laugh out loud”)- jokes:) Yes, i am from Australia- there are a lot of fans here! just hoping that you will come one day- even if i have to wait 20 years or even 50 years…but you may not have any energy by then…YOU CAN DANCE IN YOUR WHEELCHAIR!! HAHA!!!!
    But i must say that you inspire me to do better in life- you help me try harder and so when i feel sad, you help me get through the hard times so thank you very much.
    Thank you Ji yong:)
    “FIGHTING!” … i think that’s right??
    PS- Gaho is very cute:)

  174. GD,
    please..please..please..come to Malaysia..
    love your songs,your dance & your voice…
    so please come here please…………….

    p/s- your 2 baby, its sooo cute..envy them coz they can see u everyday hahaha..


  175. JingYo oppa, sharanghae yo. Vip Vietnam always love you and BigBang. Hwaiting!!! We are ” Forever with you”. If all the world turn back with you, VIP will turn back with the world!!!

  176. We are waiting for you to come in Viet Nam!!!

    Jing Yo oppa! I can not live without you! Please always smile and happy!!!!


  177. i love you

  178. ur sooooooooooo cute guys!!!!!!!!!!!i want to meet u with 2ne1!!!!!!!gaho ur so cute too……^_^
    please visit us here in the Philippines with 2ne1…..

  179. annyonghaeseyo bigbang….^_^ saranghaeyo bigbang….haru haru i check this site to see new pictures from you guys!
    oh girl i cry,cry yo my all say goodbye,bye oh my love don’t lie,lie yo my heart say goodbye….^_^


  181. gd, there’s nobody like u.
    u’re the only one.
    since i’m juz a small piece of ur unknown world,
    u’re probably my alient!
    luv u!

  182. I just love GD, I wish I could meet but I don’t thinK he will come to Estonia because it’s so small country 😦

  183. gd, u shud be with her—————-clroo!

  184. BIG BANG have many fans from Russia.We listen your songs watch perfomances.I’m very happy that i knew about Big Bang

  185. hi , am from india…. Am a big fan of T.O.P and G.D … Just wanna know ,watever was wriiten is it done by G.Dragon himself or is it some prank …. if its truely done by G.Dragon , bloody hell i wud be the happiest person in the world 🙂 . Communicating directly with bigbang oooowwwooooo 🙂 amazing amazing ….

  186. Ji yong Oppa . I really like your song . I love you ! Hahaa , Your song is so meaningful . I love big bang and 2ne1 . I hope you can come to Malaysia as in at Sabah . 🙂 Fighting oppa ! YOu have a lot of Fan in Sabah .

  187. Today for you the best day of the year, today’s your birthday))) Thank you for your songs that you write yourself, thank you for your rap, thank you for your smile (: You’re the best! We love you very very much! ^_^”
    Now a difficult time for BIGBANG and you’re the leader of the group, so try more! Together you can do it, because you’re the best))
    Ji Yong Saengil chuka hamnida, Happy birthday!!! (@^.^@)
    PS: Your new hairstyle cool! Don’t listen to others, always be confident!! =))

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  192. amazing leader,good reaper!!!he can make song and music by he self!!!

  193. please follow me back in twitter!!!please came to malaysia as in sabah coz u have a lots fan there!!

  194. G-Dragon’s so cute~~! I hope he will stay young and energetic forever so that Big Bang will not have a chance to disband…..

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