Big Bang (2): “We Will be More Prudent and Careful.”

November 20, 2008


Posted date: November 19th, 07:30 (Korean time)
Credit to: 아시아경제
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Translated by: Jeska @ VIPtranslators
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Reaching to the top and holding on the top; which one would be more difficult. It’s hard to decide easily. Because it’s something that involves a lot of worry and self-reflection for the other’s case as well.

Same for Big Bang who received 20s and 30s’ absolute support through a big hit with ‘Lies’ in 2007. Big Bang was blessed with highest popularity this year again as other singers expressed their envy (of Big Bang’s popularity) straightforward, but their effort and reflection is continuing. Thus they intend to learn and grow again. Big Bang answered sincerely with serious face (expression) even on sensitive questions.

Q: (People say) popularity and negative comments are balanced; do you read comments often? How about you, TOP?

-TOP: Hold on, Why (to) me? (laugh) Honestly, what we are feeling is that there are things that aren’t fair. We first wanted to persuade them however we could, but it was difficult to do it.

-TY: I think people who use Internet say whatever they want to say because they don’t reveal themselves completely. I don’t think it’s an issue that can be fixed by just saying ‘let’s this fix in this way.’

-TOP: We won’t be able to do our work if we care about all of them. In any way we monitor our stages (performances) ourselves so we can improve ourselves, but we try not to watch much when are active.

Q: It seems like there are a lot things you need to take care of as your popularity raises. G-Dragon’s clothes became the issue last year?

-GD: That was really my fault.

Q: What is the reason why there wasn’t any explanation after the incident?

-GD: Umm, I had no idea what to say. I think I didn’t know when, how, and what I should say. People pointed out the part where I did wrong, but I felt awkward (weird) to explain in haste; I did wrong.

-TY: It was really our fault that we didn’t check on that clothes. Instead of making excuses, I think it’s best to be pay attention more and more careful from now on.


Q: Do you remember during an interview, for a question ‘Do you feel any difficulties after you became a singer,’ you answered ‘There’s nothing other than not being able to sleep’? If you receive a same question, how is your answer going to change?

– TOP: In any way, as you gain, there are things you lose. Spare time to spend with my family and to meet friends decreased, thus feeling of loneliness seems big.

Q: Did you plan anything to overcome loneliness?

– TOP: No. (laugh) Because there are a lot of happy things too. I am not having a hard time to look for solutions.

Q: How is the relationship between members? For other groups, they slowly have conflicts while they are together for 2-3 years. (laugh)

-TOP: Our personalities are so different and our age is different as well, thus we don’t have any conflicts. We become like a family as time passes by. For example, when we go out to eat together and Seungri taking care of me, it seems like he’s doing it to a real brother. He was never like this before. (laugh) Now our parents become very close, so it’s impossible for us not to be like a family.

Q: By the way, Seungri, you put your solo song ‘Strong Baby’ in this 2nd album?

-SR: Taeyang and Daesung had their own solo songs. YG asked “You want to do it too, right?” and gave me a chance. A composer who wrote Rain’s ‘Rainisim’ and G-Dragon worked together for this song. It means ‘I grew up so come to me now.’ I thought I needed a transformation now. (laugh)

Q: Will the performance of the song be sexy like Rain?

-SR: I don’t think so. I thought about the concept, I might reveal it on next concert.

Q: Why? Don’t you do weight training?

-SR: Taeyang, Daesung, and TOP have a great body, but I am small compare to them. I am not sure being muscular (for my body).

Q: TOP, I heard you exercise a lot even at dawn?

-TOP: Because it becomes dawn when schedule is over. Because our job is viewed by people, I get a greed that I need to show myself becoming better as time passes by. It looks good to look healthy to people.

Q: Is there any member in diet?

-TY: In any way, we become particular about food because it would be a waste of exercising. Jiyong and Seungri eat whatever they want. Jiyong has a physical constitution of not gaining weight no matter how much he eats. Seungri just can’t bear if he wants to eat. (laugh)

-TOP: Seungri eats cookie while he’s lying down an hour after he exercises hard. (laugh)

Q: Big Bang can’t leave out fashion too.

-TOP: There are some items that we are holding on to, (because of those) we have worries.

-TY: Because our free period between albums aren’t long, it’s hard to change our style often.

Q: Since you brought up free period, what are your plans to do during free period next year?

-TY: Daesung probably continue doing programs that he’s been doing, TOP is going to start shooting drama, and G-Dragon will release his solo album.

-SR: I want to learn more for my self-development. I will learn singing, dance, and dance at United States. Other members’ pronunciations are good, but I still need to learn more.

Q: Aren’t you all good at English?

-TY: We aren’t that fluent yet. We pronounce words as we hear and understand.

Q: If you are staying at United States for 2-3 months, I can probably see Big Bang’s new album on second half of the year.

-SR: That’s right!

Big Bang will be an artist that can’t be excluded in award ceremonies end of this year. It has been ‘barely 3 years now’ and have items they are holding on to for next activities (promotions). Also, they are becoming mature in every step and making up their wrong doings. They ‘already’ reached to the top, but they are an unusual group that brings anticipation of their next journey to us.



  1. Q: It seems like there are a lot things you need to take care of as your popularity raises. G-Dragon’s clothes became the issue last year?

    -GD: That was really my fault.

    What issue did he brought?

  2. GD wore a shirt with ” i love sex’ on it

  3. haha knowin G-d’s personality up till now, i can only say he did it for attention. i dun tink he meant anything by it. datz y he said it was his fault cuz dat was not the kind of attention he might hav been seeking! aigoo my jiyong oppa lol!

  4. i didn’t see what the big deal was when g.d wore the shirt with i love sex on it. i mean he shouldn’t apologize, it’s his own fricking style. he doesn’t dress for the public, he dresses for himself. i’d wear it if i could [but i can’t]. take french connection u.k. (F.C.U.K.) for example. lots of people buy it, proably because it looks like a swear word and it’s really popular. why can’t g.d wear something like that? screw the bums who got offended. they have no effing reason to be.

  5. you’re right, jiyong has nothing to apologize about, only the fact that it drew negative energy towards him. he just happens to wear things that stand out & ppl tend to notice every little detail about him b/c he’s an icon in every way.

    when it took the media a day to realize wtheck was on his shirt, it just made me really mad. the media no longer plays a positive social role in the lives of people. all they aim for is the juicy gossip & anything that will draw viewers.

    the media has forever twisted the minds of people where they know more about britney spears then they do about the emancipation proclamation. priorities have gotten twisted up in people’s lives.

    sad indeed.

  6. woah their coming to the us ?? xDD
    can someone say when?
    and yeah i agree w/ the whole concept of gd wearing the shirt. i think he should be able to wear w/e he wants, and some ppl disagree cuz hes famous and might draw negative attention.

  7. They came to the US (don’t know what state or any of the specifics) on November 16.

    Aww Seung Ri eats a cookie after he excercises. ♥

    I feel bad for all of them cuz the public feeds off on every little thing that they do… I’m sure the shirt thing was just for good humor. This was a great example as to how paranoid and controlling the media and the public has become. Big Bang shouldn’t be feeling so pressured as far as censoring wise. I mean, after all, they’re just human.

  8. OMG YB does have a nice ody just take care of your selves guys rest I awlaways attack those who attack Big Bang sorry I’m so bias when it comes to them is it just me?? LOL

  9. ?___?
    what shirt?!

    Haha.. That’s what I do.. I eat a cookie or little snack after I excerise for a while. x]

  10. where’s Dae-sung ? why didn’t he answer in these interview ?

  11. he was shooting for a “YG family outing” thing or something like that. refer Part 1. 🙂

  12. i love how their answers are not the standard “we will work hard for the fans, etc”. love how they are not afraid to say what’s on their mind. thanks for the translation!

  13. the way i see it is that g-d has his own style
    he shouldnt be patronized over some sayin on his shirt i think the media is corrupted
    they put you in the lime light and bring you down in no time
    g-d shouldnt change for anyone
    love u g-d
    dont mind the haters
    hey atleast you get more attention

  14. oh gosh I love how taeyang says seungri just can’t bear it when he wants to eat something. hahaha. And seungri is so sweet to top! ^^

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