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September 29, 2009

it’s as close as you can get to your favorite k-poppers!
i’ve compiled a a list of notable korean celebrities who use twitter or me2DAY. i’ll consider adding cyworld, but i’m not quite fond of it.

if you have another celebrity to add to my incomplete list, please leave me a comment or twitter me so i can check/verify the validity of the account!

credit: gdluvzmc @ VIPtranslators

*note: the ones worth following, i put towards the top b/c they actually update more…

i know i’m missing some, but i’m not one to go searching frantically; whatever comes my way is what i put up. if you have links to share, please send them my way, it’ll help me & others :] thanks!


06. Gossip Man (Feat. 김건모)

September 24, 2009

G-Dragon – Heartbreaker 1st Solo Album

06. Gossip Man (Feat. 김건모)

Composers: G-Dragon + Teddy | Lyrics: G-Dragon | Arrangements: Teddy
Translated by: Ladykwonn + gdluvzmc @ VIPtranslators
*do not add to or remove credit line*

-note: ITALICS are sung in English

[GD] Emergency

[Chorus – GD + 김건모]
Hey man~ What’s the topic of today’s gossip again?
Not a single day of silence – Why~ Why (do) you~
Everybody, attention please
I am Gossip Man

[GD] (Whassup) Ladies and gentlemen, ho!
They call me Gossip Man, you know

People who know enough all know
The truth is not what it seems
Today, (they) said a girl threw water in my face at a café
[T/N: he made a splashing water sound. lol @ the sound effects]
Yesterday, (they) said some guy kicked me hard with his foot in an alley (ow) [T/N: “they” being the tabloids/paparazzi]

Who, me? No, lie
I hear all the rumors about me
The numerous eyes (at me) are frightening
This much I know, but I laugh it off (haha)
In the past, I’ve cried many times
More and more, (their) mouths continue to inflate
With much thought, I speak less and less
World, give me back my life

“Because you’re cool, cool”
Yes I am cool, cool

It may be enjoyable, and  it could be fun as well
~ If the bored world is solely entertained from knowing about my life,
Say~ Superman, Batman, like (them, I sign) X.O.~ Gossip Man

[T/N: “X.O.” is shorthand in writing, “with love.” essentially, what the hook is saying is: because people think he’s cool & everyone finds his life so entertaining (emphasis on “himself,” as if to say “they” tend to pick on him), like Superman/Batman, he’s become “Gossip Man.” genius.]

[Repeat Chorus]

[GD] In school, at the company, at the office, or even at home
Even the TV, CD, radio, MP3, hot news, magazine
They’re waiting for something, bored as usual
Now, the prepared subject of conversation for today is coming

As the day begins, their pens are quickly put to work
Checking out the current search ranking,
The many netizens’ fingers are overworked
The situation is beyond serious (yes)
Our nation is a “hot pot”
In a blink of an eye, everything will cool down
Popular trend? Do your thang
Conduct? Zero, (I) do my thang

[T/N:  here, he points out (more like makes fun of) how something little gets blown out of proportions, sparking major controversy/gossip among netizens, but eventually cools off. then he says to do your own thing & if questioned about his conduct/behavior, his answer is zero. he does his own thing/ steps out of line]

“Because you’re cool, cool”
Yes I am cool, cool

It may be enjoyable, and  it could be fun as well
~ If the tough world is entertained by just my only self,
Say~ Superman, Batman, like (them, I sign) X.O.~ Gossip Man

[Repeat Chorus]

[김건모] What’s with all the words? [T/N: words/talk/gossip]
What the hell are you so curious about?
It’s their own life (ey)
Unnecessary controversy (ey)
Don’t let it matter and stand up
Go on boy, let him go~~

[Repeat Chorus]

[GD] Alright, I’m done yo
What’s my name?
Say Gossip Man
(Haha) You know what it is

Everybody, attention please
I am Gossip Man

*Korean and Romanization lyrics under the cut*

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Daesung Can’t Stand on Stage Yet

September 18, 2009


Source: Gwangnam
Translated by: ladykwonn @VIP Translators
*do not add to or remove credit lines*

Big Bang’s group member, Daesung, will not attend the ‘2009 Asia Song Festival’.

On the 18th, an official from YG Entertainment talked on the phone with the Asian Economy Newspaper . He revealed, “This coming 19th, Daesung will not attend the ‘Asian Song Festival’ that will open in the evening.

He also revealed, “Daesung is in an almost completely cured condition, but still, standing on stage has been judged as too difficult for him.”

On this day, Big Bang will schedule to go on stage with only 4 members.

On a side note, Daesung took part in the filming of ‘Family Outing’ and got into a car accident on his way back to Seoul on the 11th of last month. He fractured his nose and back.

After surgery, he was discharged from the hospital on the 28th and recuperated at home. He will participate in the upcoming filming of SBS ‘Family Outing’ in Jejudo on the 21st-22nd.



04. So In Love, Part 2 (Feat. G-Dragon)

September 7, 2009

김조한 – Vol. 5 Soul Family with Johan

04. So In Love, Part 2 (Feat. G-Dragon)

Composers: Fractal | Lyrics:성낙호 + G-Dragon | Arrangements: Fractal
Translated by: Ladykwonn + gdluvzmc @ VIPtranslators
*do not add to or remove credit line*

-note: ITALICS are sung in English

[Johan] Yeah~ What’s up man
Yeah, it feels good to be back
You know, I wanna give you something that you can chill with this time (So in love with you)
We got something special here
It’s called “So In Love, Part 2” (oh~)
And I got my boy G-Dragon
Yeah, we gonna show what time it is (I am so in love, so in love with you)

[Johan] I meet the morning with your fragrant aroma
And start the day with a soft kiss
We gaze at each other while having our morning coffee
It can’t get better than this (Ooh yeah)
We said our goodbyes a little while ago
But still I miss you, and so I call you
I see you over and over again; why am I like this?
I don’t want to hide it because I love you

[Chorus] Saying “I love you” cannot fully express it all
What do I do? I can’t stop smiling
Am I allowed to be this happy?
I am so in love, so in love with you

[GD] (Lady, listen) Yo, yo
People look at me and ask me why I always smile the way I do (haha)
Why I look so giddy and happy (oh)
It’s probably because I’ve fallen in love
Like a little kid, I’m so excited (yeah)
This moment is sweet like cotton candy
I wish it’d last forever; you’re outstanding like the night sky
You shine like a star, you’re my own big star
That radiant smile today is so fly, fly

[Johan] Your smiling face is like that of an angel
And if I were to be together with you, it’d be heaven
Whoever sees my appearance these days would think I’d look like a fool (mm, yea)
If I’m with you, I don’t mind what we do
If you want, I’ll even give you the stars in the sky
I’m okay with giving you my everything
I won’t regret it because I love you (Check this out)

[Repeat Chorus]

[GD] Yeah, baby boo (so sweet)
I’m so addicted, hmmm … haha (Let’s go)

Together we ride in a fancy car
There are no set rules, let’s just go wherever (haha)
The whole world is blessing us
Oh word, they’re rejoicing for us
These two hands you’re holding, don’t ever let go
Let’s always trust each other and fill each other up
Happiness, sadness – let’s share it all together, I say
I love you forever girl

[Repeat Chorus]

[Johan] Yeah, at this time, I wanna give thanks to all the brothers that helped me out with this album
You know, like uh, Big Bang, you know, Taeyang and G-Dragon
My boy DJ Fractal (ah yea), my boy … Mr. YG … Lena Park …
My big brother Sam Lee, my boy Nako … KM Music and the base ninja Andre Barry … Guitar Hyung
My boys No Brain, and all my friends and family …
This was a Soul Family Production

*Korean and Romanized lyrics under the cut*

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ASK VIP: 3rd Anniversary

September 5, 2009

every year, each member will ask 3 questions released every other day or so on their specially-dedicated VIP anniversary site.

Translations by: jeska @VIPtranslators
Edited by: gdluvzmc @VIPtranslators
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source: ASKVIP 3rd Anniversary

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Join Us! | How We Do

September 1, 2009

i wanted to take some time to reach out & invite you to join our team & to also explain the routine as to how we operate.


VIPtranslators is always open to new staff members. if you are interested:

  • send admin (melly or jeska; see contact page) a sample of your work
  • how much time you can dedicate to our site


  • translators for news articles  & lyrics
  • graphic artists to make buttons, affiliate banners, site banners, etc.

special instructions for translator positions:

  • include the original work, along with your english translation.
    – the better your grammar/word choice, the more likely we will choose you.
  • include extra information like
    – how fluent you are in the language you are translating
    – where you’re from, etc.

we look forward to accepting applicants as we have a lot of projects in mind, & we can only accomplish them with the help of a great staff =]


now i’m gonna explain the routine we go through in publishing translations.

  • the staff are fluent in their language & english & do a superb job at translating; however short-staffed we are & although we don’t put out translations quickly & in great numbers, when we publish, the translation is final.
  • we have a motto & we stick with it. we bring quality translations. that means we spend a great deal of time making sure everything is as correct as it can be before we make them public.
  • when staff finish a translation of lyrics or articles, they go through a draft process & i give it a look-over before i publish it to assure that everything sounds good.
  • news articles usually get published by the authors themselves. however, the lyrics undergo a more thorough editing process before they get published b/c many of you tend to share them elsewhere.
    – this is why we don’t get lyrics done as fast as you would like.
  • when we publish lyrics, we make sure they are accurate in source, & provide the romanization as well as the translation & the original hangul lyrics.
    – sometimes the korean lyrics do not match up & that has to go through editing as well.
  • once the translations are done, they are carefully archived into our master lists of lyrics or news articles. there, you will find all the translations we have done since our opening.

i hope this explains our operations & why it’s important to have quality over quantity. it’s what we pride ourselves for & what makes us a great team.

& hopefully, this motivates you to join us as well as we’re looking to do many things!



G-Dragon’s Solo Debut on ‘Inkigayo’, Amazing Viewers’ Rating

August 31, 2009

Source: Dailian , E-Daily
Translated by: ladykwonn @VIP Translators
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SBS’s ‘Inkigayo’, where Big Bang’s G-Dragon debuted as a solo artist, exploded with an amazing viewer’s rating.

On August 30th, G-Dragon performed his two title songs,‘Heartbreaker’ and ‘Breathe’, on his solo debut stage. During his performance, the viewer’s rating rocketed to nearly 17% (according to TNS Media Korea).

Not only that, but on that same day, ‘Inkigayo’s’ average viewer’s rating was recorded as 14.1% (according to TNS Media Korea). In comparison with the previous recording of ‘Inkigayo’s’ ratings on August 16th (11.3%), G-Dragon’s solo debut raised the viewer’s rating by a prodigious 2.8 points. This overall effect can only be explained as something crazy.

[On the 23rd, ‘Inkigayo’ was canceled due to the former president’s, Kim Dae Joong, death.]

On his own birthday (last 18th of August), G-Dragon released his first solo album and showed an enormous power. Although he was enwrapped in plagiarism rumors, in an instant, he was #1 on the CD sales. Undoubtedly, his title song, ‘Heartbreaker’ swept the #1 spot on both the online music charts and mobile charts.

Especially, on August 28th, G-Dragon won 1st place on KBS’s ‘Music Bank’ even before he made his debut stage. This surprised the PDs and staff alike.

On a side note, G-Dragon will showcase more superb solo stages on SBS’s ‘Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate’ on the 2nd and on KBS’s ‘Music Bank’ on the 4th.


MC Mong’s Kid Rapper B.I, “I Met G-Dragon, The Person I Want To Look Like”

August 31, 2009

Source: Newsen
Translated by: ladykwonn @VIP Translators
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Kid rapper B.I (real name Kim Han Bin) revealed a picture of himself with G-Dragon.

On August 30th at 8:04 pm, B.I uploaded a picture titled ‘With G-Dragon Hyung’ on his Cyworld Minihompy. He and G-Dragon both held ‘V-signs’ (peace signs) in the picture.

In his first year in Junior High, B.I is the kid rapper promoting alongside MC Mong with the song ‘Indian Boy’. B.I is grabbing a lot of attention for his adorable appearance and his mature rapping.

On August 7th on KBS 2TV’s ‘Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook’, B.I expressed, “I want my lifestyle to be like Mong hyung’s and my face to look like G-Dragon’s”.

On that same day, MC Mong said, “When I look at B.I, I feel like I’m looking at the young G-Dragon.”