“Us, Forever.”

October 6, 2009

written by: gdluvzmc @VIPtranslators
source: http://mapthesoul.com/
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this just in… DJ Tukutz from Epik High is getting married & will enlist for military service soon after.

Tukutz (28), whose real name is Kim JungSik, has decided to ask his girlfriend of 10 years, for her hand in marriage.

Soon after, he will be enlisting for military service on October 15th.

He posted the news on Epik High’s official site today.

When asked to comment, Epik High’s side explained that Tukutz’ enlistment date came too sudden, hence the rush for him to do a wedding. The plan was to have Tablo & Kang HyeJung marry first, but Tukutz’ wedding date has been pushed forward due to his military enlistment.

The picture above was taken from Tablo’s blog on MapTheSoul.com titled, “3.”

“우린, 영원. 사랑해 정식아 – Us, forever. Love you, JungSik ah”

3, as in 3 members of Epik High.

personally, i am moved by how powerful such short & simple words have about the entire ordeal. & it couldn’t have been a better picture to represent the LOVE.

Epik High has been a great foundation for my love of korean music, & music in general. they were one of the 1st groups i really got into & without their influence on me, i don’t think i would love hip-hop music as much as i do now.

I was fortunate enough to attend one of their MapTheSoul Concerts (the one in Los Angeles) & it still remains THE BEST concert i’ve ever been to. although i wasn’t in the front, just being in that room full of people in love with music – my eyes & ears could not have asked for more.

although i am sad that funnyman Tukutz will be going away for 2 years, the happier note is that he is marrying the love of his life. for that, we should be happy.

Tablo, the genius with words, couldn’t have captured the essence better in 2 words. “Us, forever.”

Epik High will still be around to give us joy in the music they make & will continue to make. & best believe, they’ll keep us posted on the exciting stuff that’s to come: Tukutz’ wedding, his goodbyes, Tablo’s wedding, & the next High Skool kid (Tablo’s baby).

so thanks Epik High. you’ve given me a lot & i feel that love you share. good luck, & we’ll always be here to support you. waiting…



  1. That is so sweet. I always admire them on their courage for music.

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