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September 1, 2009

i wanted to take some time to reach out & invite you to join our team & to also explain the routine as to how we operate.


VIPtranslators is always open to new staff members. if you are interested:

  • send admin (melly or jeska; see contact page) a sample of your work
  • how much time you can dedicate to our site


  • translators for news articles  & lyrics
  • graphic artists to make buttons, affiliate banners, site banners, etc.

special instructions for translator positions:

  • include the original work, along with your english translation.
    – the better your grammar/word choice, the more likely we will choose you.
  • include extra information like
    – how fluent you are in the language you are translating
    – where you’re from, etc.

we look forward to accepting applicants as we have a lot of projects in mind, & we can only accomplish them with the help of a great staff =]


now i’m gonna explain the routine we go through in publishing translations.

  • the staff are fluent in their language & english & do a superb job at translating; however short-staffed we are & although we don’t put out translations quickly & in great numbers, when we publish, the translation is final.
  • we have a motto & we stick with it. we bring quality translations. that means we spend a great deal of time making sure everything is as correct as it can be before we make them public.
  • when staff finish a translation of lyrics or articles, they go through a draft process & i give it a look-over before i publish it to assure that everything sounds good.
  • news articles usually get published by the authors themselves. however, the lyrics undergo a more thorough editing process before they get published b/c many of you tend to share them elsewhere.
    – this is why we don’t get lyrics done as fast as you would like.
  • when we publish lyrics, we make sure they are accurate in source, & provide the romanization as well as the translation & the original hangul lyrics.
    – sometimes the korean lyrics do not match up & that has to go through editing as well.
  • once the translations are done, they are carefully archived into our master lists of lyrics or news articles. there, you will find all the translations we have done since our opening.

i hope this explains our operations & why it’s important to have quality over quantity. it’s what we pride ourselves for & what makes us a great team.

& hopefully, this motivates you to join us as well as we’re looking to do many things!



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  2. Hmmm i would like to be a design banner (: .. as well my korean sucks x;

  3. kinda great if i can translate english news into malay!!
    n do a page for all VIPs but special for MALAYSIAN VIPs!!(we kinda lack of BB stuff here!!

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