G-Dragon’s Solo Debut on ‘Inkigayo’, Amazing Viewers’ Rating

August 31, 2009

Source: Dailian , E-Daily
Translated by: ladykwonn @VIP Translators
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SBS’s ‘Inkigayo’, where Big Bang’s G-Dragon debuted as a solo artist, exploded with an amazing viewer’s rating.

On August 30th, G-Dragon performed his two title songs,‘Heartbreaker’ and ‘Breathe’, on his solo debut stage. During his performance, the viewer’s rating rocketed to nearly 17% (according to TNS Media Korea).

Not only that, but on that same day, ‘Inkigayo’s’ average viewer’s rating was recorded as 14.1% (according to TNS Media Korea). In comparison with the previous recording of ‘Inkigayo’s’ ratings on August 16th (11.3%), G-Dragon’s solo debut raised the viewer’s rating by a prodigious 2.8 points. This overall effect can only be explained as something crazy.

[On the 23rd, ‘Inkigayo’ was canceled due to the former president’s, Kim Dae Joong, death.]

On his own birthday (last 18th of August), G-Dragon released his first solo album and showed an enormous power. Although he was enwrapped in plagiarism rumors, in an instant, he was #1 on the CD sales. Undoubtedly, his title song, ‘Heartbreaker’ swept the #1 spot on both the online music charts and mobile charts.

Especially, on August 28th, G-Dragon won 1st place on KBS’s ‘Music Bank’ even before he made his debut stage. This surprised the PDs and staff alike.

On a side note, G-Dragon will showcase more superb solo stages on SBS’s ‘Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate’ on the 2nd and on KBS’s ‘Music Bank’ on the 4th.


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