Message From YG 20090430

May 11, 2009

a long & overdue one.
read with caution.

includes info on 2NE1 & GD’s solo.

i’m very sad right now. so my translating reflects that.

my random comments in GREEN.

Message From YG 20090430
Source: ygfamily.com
Translated by gdluvzmc @ VIPtranslators
*do not add to or remove credit lines*


it’s been 8 months since he last posted a “YG Message” … back in 2001 he first started this to deliver the official news straight to the fans, wanting to tell them personally.

but since recently he’s been planning so many things, they were subject to change without notice (YES THEY DID -.-) & the fans didn’t like this, so he would like to APOLOGIZE for this behavior. (apology accepted.)

also, he would like to assure the fans that any news coming from sources other than associations w/ YG to be taken lightly or as “prior information” instead of anything being official, & that only the “Message from YG” would have accurate info on his plans, since he wrote it himself. so fans, take news lightly until they are officially confirmed.


ABOUT G-DRAGON’S SOLO ALBUM (this is heart-breaking T_T)

the expected solo album release of GD that was meant for April has been unfortunately postponed (figured that…)

2 months back, he’d noticed that G-Dragon had become very tired of the people around him & decided to send him to counseling.

“His condition was a bit more serious than a slump of depression…”

this was due to the lack of a real break since his debut, which had taken a toll on him mentally & physically,
& add on top of that, the immense pressure from releasing his solo album.

even though promotional activities technically ended w/ their “BIG SHOW Concert” in February, they have continued to work on a Japanese Album, set to release in June, & have been busy filming CF’s. the truth is that there wouldn’t be enough time for jiyong to release his album on April 2nd.

“Looking at Jiyong & him being so tired, I feel very sorry. I never considered the time & environment that he is working under, having always expected good results.”

so he said, “Jiyongah, don’t worry about the exact timing, just finish the album at your own pace,” & handed him the responsibilities to work on producing 2ne1’s album

even though there are important issues at hand, he believes that jiyong’s condition is more important & that those who have been waiting anxiously for his album would also agree.

then a month alter, jiyong came back to his bright & cheerful self again, lately being enthusiastic about his album. (this boy…. *BIG SIGH OF RELIEF*)

then he goes on to talking about the album:
– it’s gonna be a mini album w/ 7 songs.
– will feature new composers so fans will get to enjoy a different feel from what we’ve seen so far.
– all the songs will express jiyong’s own music style.

“i personally think they are satisfying.”

in regards to the style & concept for his solo album, jiyong is currently vacationing in europe, which started yesterday (for about 8 days). (BON VOYAGE MY LOVE *tears*)

all the album preparations are in its final stages, but since BIG BANG is set for promotions of their Japan release in June & July, jiyong’s solo album will be scheduled to release in August.

“we hope the fans understand!”

Misconceptions about Jiyong’s Composing

there’s some rumors that he would like to clear about “collaborative composing,” in instances where jiyong & other composers work on a song, but only adding his name to it.

Music composition involves creating the lyrics & the melody together, which is a very important part in producing a song. Until now, all the songs that jiyong has been “collaboratively composing” – 100% of the melody, raps, & lyrics came from him.

In the cases of YG composers, usually before making the melody, the accompanying music is made first. this is ordinary work which can be done in a day. the beats come together in the following 2-3 days.

jiyong usually chooses from hundreds of ready-made beats that he likes & works on the melodies & lyrics at home. then he goes to YG studio where he records his own demo. the final song that appears on the album is the product of the other BIG BANG members’ opinions, & then they start work on practicing & recording.

it’s technically called “collaborative composing” b/c the beats are not done by jiyong, but has many different parts in it that involve a number of people. (this includes TOP’s composed pieces as well).

“i hope that there will no longer be any more misunderstandings about this.”

2NE1’s Official Debut Schedule

YG’s new female group 2NE1 was first revealed in the CM song “lollipop” w/ Big Bang a month back.

the group will be releasing their debut single on May 6th, entitled “FIRE.”

“Fire” is produced by YG’s main producer, Teddy, who also did Taeyang’s “Look Only At Me,” & Uhm Jung Hwa’s “D.I.S.C.O.” Teddy not only composed & wrote the lyrics for the song “Fire,” but also is the overall producer of 2NE1’s style & video concepts.

– the song will have a reggae, hip-hop feel to it.
– the choreography will be done by Sean & Aimee, who also worked w/ Taeyang.
– the director of the MV will be Seo Hyung Seung

“we hope to achieve great results w/ the best staff for the group’s debut.”

2NE1’s promotional debut plans:
the song “Fire” will be released on May 1st through the group’s official website. w/ a 20 sec teaser, everyday adding another 10 sec. May 5th will have a 1 min version.
– on May 6th the MV will come out, as well as the full song being available on online music sites.
– there will be 2 versions of the MV, filmed on the same set, but no duplicate scenes. it’ll be a Re-Edit, not a remix, so as to not make it seem like they’re releasing 2 different songs. this will be an interesting experience.
– 2NE1’s debut stage will be on SBS Inkigayo, May 17th.

it’s been 4 yrs of preparation, & 2NE1’s album will have 10 songs which have already been recorded, but since they are newcomers, the plan is to first release “Fire,” to express their image & be their title song. From July to October, there will be plans to release a mini album, as well as a full-length album. the group will be active for the rest of the year.

This is YG’s first female group since SWI-T in 2002, & YG is more than a little nervous about it. w/ these difference concepts, hopefully the fans will lend their support to 2NE1

A long story much needed.

(idk wat to think right now. like i knew something was wrong, but i didn’t think it’d be that bad. he just did it to himself. i’m kinda mad, but at the same time sad too. that he was hurting like that. just glad that he’s better now…. but now he’s away from me >__< come back soon.)

DISCLAIMER: jiyong was FEELING DEPRESSED, but he ISN’T NOW. so we’ll try to be good people & not dwell on the past & spread this like wildfire. i just hope gossip sites don’t turn this into a fiasco. cuz it’s not anymore.

  • look out for jiyong in europe these next few days (i’m counting down on twittter).
  • look out for 2NE1 in may
  • look out for BIG BANG in JAPAN in June/July
  • look out for G-DRAGON in August.


HE DOESN’T LOOK SAD TO ME (anymore) OKAY. jiyong fighting!


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