March 9, 2009

calling all computer geeks!

i’m looking for peeps who are knowledgeable w/ html scripting & has worked w/ giant forums & has played around w/ or knows how to work w/ invisionfree powerboards (you could be qualified if understood any bit of what i just said).

i had been working on this secret for a while & gave it up a while back, & people (like GYANG) have been pestering me to get it going since something special is coming up (knowing me, you might know what it is already).

i’m a bit hesitant to move forward w/ this… but i have a vision. & many people are beginning to respark my interest in this… so… if you believe & love G-DRAGON as much as i do (gasp, i gave it away!) contact me, & i will let you in on a lil secret & see if you share the same dream as me.

i’m looking to recruit outside help for any & all the sites i work on as well, especially in need of graphic artists or people with too much time on their hands. so, if you’re interested, just send me an email ^_^

i am especially interested in:

  • graphic artists
  • translators
  • experiences mods/admins
  • html scripters
  • skin designers, etc

comment or email me your:

NAME: (so i know what to call you)
LOCATION: (so i know what time of day you’re usually active)
EMAIL: (so we can be friends! lol)
EXPERTISE: (what you’re good at)
EXPERIENCE: (show me examples of graphics, designs, sites you’ve worked on, translations you’ve done, etc)
(how much of your idle time do you spend on the computer)

hope to hear from you soon!




  1. T.T
    I would help if I had any time extra. Besides going online to youtube.. xP

  2. I was going to post this on the bbfansite, but I was too lazy to try to find it under that pile of other big bang stufff, lol, not that im complaining about it. ❤
    Sorry im kind of late.. eheheh…
    NAME: Julie
    LOCATION: Chicago
    EXPERTISE: Translating, maybe some HTML stuff.
    EXPERIENCE: Well, I havent worked with anything like this before, but I was born in korea and english is my 2nd language…
    HOW MUCH TIME YOU CAN DEDICATE: I’m on the computer a lot.. maybe 5-6 hours on weekdays, all day on weekends. lol.

  3. oops forgot the email..invader.zim96@gmail.com

  4. NAME: just call me letsyoutubetop lol.
    LOCATION: New York City 🙂
    EMAIL: letsyoutubetop@gmail.com
    EXPERTISE: Tanslating 🙂
    EXPERIENCE: I’m Korean.
    HOW MUCH TIME CAN YOU DEDICATE: Meh. Like 3 hourish? 😀

  5. wer

  6. I might take you up on this, i’ll fill out a form as i’m completely certain i can do it. after all, i do have ALOT (scratch that: WAY TOO MUCH) free time XD

  7. omona..i hope im not too late for dis..i wanna give it a try too..^^

    NAME: Syazwani a.k.a hanyuki
    LOCATION: Malaysia
    EMAIL: kyonkichirai@hotmail.com
    EXPERTISE: searching for new news,info & pics
    EXPERIENCE: i had experienced as a g-mod in big bang forum & mod in other forums
    HOW MUCH TIME CAN YOU DEDICATE: usually i spend my whole time on the net when im on school holidays because im staying in a hostel

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