080701: Message From YG

January 24, 2009

Source: ygfamily.com
Translated by: gdluvzmc + jeska @ VIPtranslators
*do not add to or remove credit lines*


  • D.I.S.C.O. Album finally came out today, with participations from all of YG: Teddy, Kush, Perry, G-Dragon, & features from TOP & CL.
  • YB’s Concert date is confirmed to be on July 20th at the Melon AX Hall, 5PM-8PM.
  • he will perform all the songs from his mini-album, including his solos via BIG BANG.
    • the boyz from Big Bang will be there to support YB as guests & will play a minor role in his concert.
      -hence, the reason why “look only at me” friend & choreographer,
      shaun evaristo is back in town to help YB out ^^
  • as you all know, GD released his version of “look only at me, part 2″. MR. YG clears all your frustrations up & gives you this explanation:
  • YG apparently knows all that goes on, as he is aware of the many complaints from VIPZ about the whole “copying YB’s song”
  • YG, Teddy, & Kush’s reaction was basically a “…?????” wouldn’t VIPZ be happy to have updates on news coming out?
  • he clears up the fact that GD initially didn’t want his version to be released, but YG insisted.
  • THE TRUTH WAS… when Teddy & Kush originally composed the song, they thought the best BB member that would match the ‘bad boy’ lyrics would be GD. & he did, in fact, record this song about the same time as YB.

  • BUT… since YB was working on his solo album at the time, & really liked the song after hearing it, arrangements were made to have the song be released with YB’s mini-album.
    • “you may think that the attention will shift towards GD instead of YB, but having this release would actually boost attention towards the original version. both parties gain attention, regardless, & GD gets the PM.”

“I hope everyone got an answer through this. “

  • Sadly, DS isn’t making an MV for his trot song (& i, being the official BB MV director, am SO DISAPPOINTED ^^), but you can see from his live performances, that this song was made to be sung live, and as a present to the fans. Similarly, GD will NOT be making an MV to promote the song.“I hope you will think of this song as a present to fans who love YB’s song.”
  • As Big Bang ends their promotions next spring, GD will hopefully release his solo album soon after. SInce he’s on top of his game, we expect this project to move ahead smoothly, as this solo project has been in the makings for a few months now.
  • Daesung is to appear in the musical, “CATS” in September. although he was worried with all his TV appearances & BB promos, he really wants to be a part of this musical.
  • T.O.P is appearing in the drama titled, ‘IRIS’ in a supporting role. & he might also take on the starring role of another drama yet to be known.
    • but he’s currently spending a lot of time in the studio, working on his composing. although he just started, T.O.P is producing amazing results & YG only expects good things to come out of it.

P.S.: he will be spending his weekend with uhm jung hwa for her comeback performance.

  • Seung Ri, the experienced actor (as i’d deem him lol) got casted in a supporting role in the movie titled, “WHY DID YOU COME TO MY HOUSE” with kang hye jung, a new YG Family actress. “isn’t it surprising?”

YG trying to be funny: “when TOP appeared in a drama, SR memorized all of his script. now he finally gets his own script to memorize.” XD

Mr. YG has confidence that SR will do well in his acting endeavors, as he recently saw him act in his musical. ^^



  1. ^^ ♥ BB!

  2. yayyy for BB 😀

    GD’s album ❤

  3. Big Bang Fighting, Take care
    Epecially 2 Seung Hyun: T.O.P & SR

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