언제까지 / Until Whenever

January 22, 2009

Big Bang – 언제까지 / Until Whenever

Lyrics: G-Dragon | Produced by: G-Dragon + 김도현
Credit to: melodygreenleaf
Edited by: gdluvzmc @ VIPtranslators
*do not add to or remove credit lines*

-note: ITALICS are sung in English

[GD] (You!)
I keep cryin’
(Yea, you!)
I keep lyin’
Something about us
This is a song for, you
Damn, what should I say?
What should I do, tell me

[TOP] I avoid the warm gaze watching me (i keep cryin’)
You know my heart, will you wait? (i keep lyin’)

oh baby don’t cry lady (oh)
Don’t forget that promise of ours (oh)
I’ll take care of you until whenever
[SR] No matter how sad I am [GD/TOP] (I can only laugh)
[DS] Even though I’m tired and hurt (I can only endure)
[YB] Even if you leave (I cannot catch you)
Only with your trust can we only be forever

[GD] The day when the sunlight was warm, the day when we first met
I, who looked like a fool drenched in sweat,
still remember, “You shine more than anyone else,”
this one girl said as she picked me up

[SR] From that moment on, 1 year, 2 years, time passed steadily (yea)
All the memories we experienced together [went by] in the blink of an eye
[GD] In that place, between you and I,
blocking and standing [up against], a wall full of hypocrisy (ah) [T/N: in regards to the rumors of plagiarism, etc]

[YB] Although I like you, I can’t approach you
When I see your pure eyes, I am afraid,
I’m scared the world will snatch you away
I ask for that beautiful smile not to change, you are so

[GD] beautiful girl, you are more valuable than those jewels
You [are like] a wound that will embrace the young and delicate
I don’t want to hurt your pure heart
Pray, shut your eyes and ears, I’m crazy over you

[Repeat Chorus]

[GD] T O P
[TOP] Whenever, wherever we were together
We were so happy, we were the world together
So we ran, on the dangerous road and fields
I, who even after falling, stood up again at the thought of you

[DS] Run looking only forward, I’ll watch your back (destiny)
Spread your wings, I’ll block the wind
you are the one in my life oh like an undying star [T/N: GD quoted from his Daesang Award speech: “We will try hard to become undying stars.”]

[TOP] Who knew a wrong mistake would turn out like this
Who knew that you, who I lean on, would hurt this much
Only an ocean of sadness [and] dark loneliness exists
I can only cry like a little kid lost in the black darkness

baby girl don’t leave
[SR] (I can’t be without you, please don’t leave)
baby girl don’t lose your spirit
[YB] (I’ll give you a bigger trust, please don’t cry anymore)

[Repeat Chorus]

eh eh eh oh oh oh oh oh
[SR] Like your friend
eh eh eh oh oh oh oh oh
[YB] Like our promise
eh eh eh oh oh oh oh oh
[DS] I see only you
eh eh eh oh oh oh oh oh

[TOP] I avoid the warm gaze watching me (yea yea yea)
You know my heart, will you wait? (whoa yo~)


*Korean and Romanized lyrics are under the cut*


Credit to: dhflajrdmffp @ cafe.naver/com/fghldifboir
Edited by: gdluvzmc @ VIPtranslators
*do not add to or remove credit line*

-note: ITALICS are sung in English

[GD] (You!)
I keep cryin’
(Yea, you!)
I keep lyin’
Something about us
This is a song for, you
Damn, what should I say?
What should I do, tell me

[TOP] 나를 보는 그 따스한 눈빛을 외면해 [GD] (I keep cryin’)
내 맘을 넌 알잖아 기다려줄래 (I keep lyin’)

oh baby 울지마요 lady (oh)
우리의 그 약속 잊지 말아요 (oh)
그대만은 내가 지켜줄께 언제까지
[SR] 아무리 슬퍼도 [GD/TOP] (웃어야만해 난)
[DS] 힘들고 아파도 (참아야만해 난)
[YB] 네가 떠나가도 (붙잡지못해 난)
그래도 널 믿기에 우린 영원할 수 밖에

[GD] 햇볕이 따사로운 날 우리 처음 만난 날
땀으로 온 몸이 다 젖은 망신창인 날
아직 기억이나 누구보다 빛나다며
날 치켜세워 말하던 한 소녀가

[SR] 그 후로부터 1년 2년 세월은 뚝딱 (yea)
우리가 함께했던 추억들도 눈 깜짝
[GD] 그 자리에 너와 내 사이에
가로막고 서 있는 적 위선으로 가득찬 벽 (ah)

[YB] 널 좋아하지만 다가갈 수가 없어
네 맑은 눈을 보면 두려움이 앞서
널 빼앗아 갈 것 같아 세상이 무서워
그 예쁜미소 변치 않길 you are so

[GD] beautiful girl 넌 저 보석보다 값져
어리고 여린 너에게 안겨줄 상처
네 순수한 맘 다치게 하긴 싫어
빌어 눈과 귀를 닫어 너에게 난 미쳤다

[Repeat Chorus]

[GD] T O P
[TOP] 언제나 어디서나 우린 같이 하였잖아
너무 행복했잖아 우리 세상였잖아 (please)
그래서 달렸잖아 험난한 길에 광야
쓰러져도 네 생각에 다시 일어섰던 나

[DS] 앞만 보고 뛰어라 뒤를 지켜줄테니 (destiny)
날갤 펼쳐라 바람을 막아줄테니
you are the only in my life  oh 지지 않는 별들 처럼

[TOP] 잘못된 실수가 이렇게 될 줄 이야
내가 기대던 네가 아파할 줄이야
슬픔의 바다 짙은 외로움뿐이야
시커먼 어둠 길잃은 애처럼 울뿐이야

baby girl 가지말어
[SR] (난 이제 너 없이는 안돼 제발 떠나지 말어)
baby girl 기죽지말어
[YB] (내가 더 큰 믿음 줄께 제발 더 이상 울지말어)

[Repeat Chorus]

eh eh eh oh oh oh oh oh
[SR] 네 친구처럼
eh eh eh oh oh oh oh oh
[YB] 우리 약속처럼
eh eh eh oh oh oh oh oh
[DS} 나 그대만을 바라봐
eh eh eh oh oh oh oh oh

[TOP]나를 보는 그 따스한 눈빛을 외면해 (yea yea yea)
내 맘을 넌 알잖아 기다려 줄래 (whoa yo~)




Written by: kiwiberry@bbph
Edited by: gdluvzmc@ VIPtranslators
*do not add to or remove credit line*
-note: ITALICS are sung in English

[GD] (You!)
I keep cryin’
(Yea, you!)
I keep lyin’
Something about us
This is a song for, you
Damn, what should I say?
What should I do, tell me

[TOP] eonjekkaji nareul boneun geu ddaeseuhan nunbicheul wemyeonhae [GD] (i keep cryin’)
nae mameul neon aljanha gidaryeojullae (i keep lyin’)

[Chorus] oh baby uljimayo lady (oh)
uriui geu yaksok itjimayo (oh)
geudaemaneun naega jikyeojulge eonjekkaji
[SR] amuri seulpeodo [GD/TOP]  (useoyamanhae nan)
[DS] himdeulgo apado (chamayamanhae nan)
[YB] nega ddeonagado (butjapjimothae nan)
geuraedo neol mitgie urin yeongwonjalsubakke

[GD] baetbyeoti ddasaroun nal uri cheoeum mannan nal
ddameuro onmomi da jeojeun mangsinchangin nal
ajik gieokina nuguboda bitnadamyeo
nal chikyeosewo malhadeon man sonyeoga

[SR]geu hurobuteo il-nyeon i-nyeon seworeun ddukddak (yea)
uriga hamkkehaettdeon chueokdeuldo nun kkamjjak
[GD] geu jarie neowa nae saie
garomakgo seoittneun jeok wiseoneuro gadeukchan byeok (ah)

[YB] neol johahajiman dagagal suga eopseo
ne malgeun nuneul bomyeon duryeoumi apseo
neol bbaeasa galgeotgata sesangi museowo
geu yeppeun miso byeonchi angil you are so

[GD] beautiful girl neon jeo bosakboda gapjyeo
eorigo yeorin neoege angyejul sangcheo
ne sunsuhan mam dachigehagin silheo
bireo nungwagwireul dada neoege nan machyeottda

[Repeat Chorus]

[GD] T O P
[TOP] eonjena eodiseona urin gatihayeottjanha
neomu haengbokhaettjanha uri sesangyeottjanha (please)
geuraeseo dallyeottjanha heomnanhan gire gwangya
sseureojyeodo ne saenggake dashi ireoseottdeon na

[DS] apmanbogo ddwiera dwireul jikyeojulteni (destiny)
nalgael pyeolchyeora barameul magajulteni
you are the one in my life oh jiji anneun byeol deulcheoreom

[TOP] jilmotdwen shilsuga ireotge dwel juriya
naega gidaedeon nega apahaljuriya
seulpeumui bada jiteun weroumppuniya
shikeomeon eodum girilheun aecheoreom ulppuniya

baby girl gajimareo
[SR] (nan ije neo eopsineun andwae jebal ddeonajimareo)
baby girl gijukjimareo
[YB] (naega deo keun mideum julge jebal deoinsang uljimareo)

[Repeat Chorus]

eh eh eh oh oh oh oh oh
[SR] ne chingu cheoreom
eh eh eh oh oh oh oh oh
[YB] uri yaksokcheoreom
eh eh eh oh oh oh oh oh
[DS] na geudaemaneul barabwa
eh eh eh oh oh oh oh oh

[TOP] nareul boneun geu ddaseuhan nun bicheul wemyeonhae (yea yea yea)
nae mameul neon aljanha gidaryeo jullae (whoa yo~)




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  3. this is a really good songg, it songs different for all the others.. 🙂

  4. I think he’s actually saying “I keep cryin’……I keep lyin'” (as oppose to just cry or lie)but it just is stringed like one syllable.

  5. this song is really nice. where is this song coming from? yeah, im dumb XD

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  7. Finally!!~ Ive been waiting for the romaji foreverrrrrrrrr

  8. @ Chrissy, lol, we excuse our boy for not always having the right grammar

  9. @ chrissy

    majority of the times, i like to keep what the lyrics have it as rather than alter it w/ the correct grammar.
    it keeps both the original & translations accurate.

    the actual translating is where i get grammatically correct as opposed to direct translations.

    sometimes i fix their english songs to be more grammatically sound.

    thanks for noticing though.

  10. hi vectory big bang

  11. LoveloveLOVE this song! ❤
    Thanks so much for the English and Romaji! ;D

  12. Oh I dont know if you guys had like a lyrics sheet or not but I meant like I thought he was actually saying it (cryin’/liein’). Maybe I just heard differently.

  13. Melly, I wrote in the original post:
    “Translated by melodygreenleaf. Do not add to or remove this entire line.”

    You obviously disregarded that request and added your own name in the credits. I find it hypocritical that you yourself wrote, “Do not add to or remove credit lines.”

  14. melo:
    i presented my reasoning to you & fixed it.
    just for recorded purposes.

  15. Bigbang is vip!!

    역시 빅뱅은 외국에서도 알아주는구나ㅎㅎ

  16. oouww…the lyric almost make me cry..but i hold that tears..ahhaahha..
    thank you very much for translating it…
    i knew it has a beautiful meaning from the very first, and u enlight me..thank you..!!

  17. hi big bang

  18. Big Band No.1, love u much

  19. I’m a Vietnamese but i extremely love Big Bang. I don’t know when i was addicted their music. G-Dragon cute, intelligent; T.O.P manly, cool; Dae Sung shy, Seung Ri handsome; Taeyang muscle, manly. In short, i love Big Bang, especially T.O.P. Can i joy in Big Bang fan clup with you. I absolutely looking for your reply.

  20. Big Bang is my love forever. I don’t know what will happen if someone say “I will love my boyfriend” but I clearly know nothing can afford to change my love for Big Bang and T.O.P. I can not use words to express my feelings now. I just know that Big Bang is my big love. In my eyes, now only Big Bang is VIP, number 1

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  22. Now I have answer for myself. I’m now a official member. It makes me happy, absolutely.

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    want to meet big bang..

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  26. *simply

  27. i just love their music,it has soul n life in it.very meaningful eventhough i don’t really understand the meaning w/out translation..tq

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    i love them so much…!!!
    BIGBANG 4ever..

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