01. ABC

January 7, 2009

Jin – ABC (1st Cantonese Album)

01. ABC

Lyrics: Jin | Produced by: Far*East Movement
Credit to: gdluvzmc @ VIPtranslators
*do not add to or remove credit lines*

-note: ITALICS are sung in English

Uh, check it check it check it out
Yo, yo
listen up
First name Jin
, Jin is my Chinese name
All you have to do is look at the tattoo on my neck
Whether young or old
Thanks for your support, it’s really not easy
An ABC has to look carefully in the mirror
They want to know how I speak Chinese so well
“Did you study the language with a tutor?” not me
As a kid I use to watch a lot of TVB
My favorite shows starring Mr. Leung he was so cool
As well as others I even know the theme songs
“Working hard all day and night with no rest”
It doesn’t matter how I say it, just as long as you know…

Chorus: (x2)
ABC that’s me, that’s me
No matter how you look at it, that’s me
That’s right, that’s right
ABC that’s me, that’s me
(You know that’s me)

Don’t worry about where I was born
A birth certificate is only a sheet of paper
I ask you, “What’s so bad about being an ABC?”
Even if I am, don’t take me as an idiot
In the blink of an eye
I’ve already been in the US for 24 years
I’m 24 this year and not much has changed
Time sure flies
It seems like only yesterday I was 7 years old drinking soy milk
If I ever acted like I was “all-that”
Don’t blame me, take it as I was only a child that didn’t know better
I bet you wouldn’t even know if I didn’t tell you
That’s why I have to clarify it at this moment that…

Repeat Chorus x2

You say I’m not officially Chinese, “Who are you?”
In the eyes of foreigners I am “yellow skinned,” just like you
Even though we come from two different worlds
But it’s pretty much the same, so don’t treat me otherwise (T/N: literally translated, “don’t step on me”)
August 15th and Lunar Festival, we celebrate it all the same
Chinese New Year is a time to collect red bags
Get dim sum and whatnot, or maybe even playing some cards
Au Yeung Jin, exactly who is he?
Nobody knows him better than me
Simply put, he is three letters
Which three?

Repeat Chorus x2

Yea, Jin
You know that’s me

*Romanization lyrics are under the cut*


Credit to: gdluvzmc @ VIPtranslators
*do not add to or remove credit lines*

-note: ITALICS are sung in English

Uh, check it check it check it out
Yo, yo
teng jyu la
First name Jin jik hai ngo jung man meng
laap ji jou go cheng ji tai ching cho go gang
mou leun si hau saang jai waak si lou bing
do je nei ji chi jan hai m easy
yat go ABC yiu jiu ching cho faai geng
keui dei seung ji dim gaai di jung man wui gam jing
hai mai yau go bou jaap lou si not me
yau sai dou daai ngo tai gwaan TVB
san jaat si hing leung chiu wai jan hai yau ying
fun lok gam siu ho B tung jeng yu ling
yat tau maan jou jau mou dak ting
dim gong dou hou jeui gan yiu hai ne ming

ABC hai ngo hai ngo
waang tai dim tai dou hai ngo
mou cho mou cho
ABC hai ngo hai ngo
(you know that’s me)

nei sai gwai lei ngo bin dou cheut sai ji yiu ngo yau liu
yat jeung cheut sai ji dim ho yi jou doi biu
ngo man nei jou sing yau mat gam sat lai
jau syun ngo hai nei dou mai dong ngo hek saai mai
m gaau m gaau hai mei gwok jyu jo 24 nin
ngo gam nin 24 seui jan hai mou mat bin
si gaan gwo dak jan hai taai faai
hou chi mou gei noi ngo sin ji 7 seui yam gan wai ta naai
yu gwo ngo jan hai baan ngo daai saai
yau gwaai mok gwaai dong ngo sai lou jai m sik sai gaai
nei gan bun wui m ji yu gwo ngo m cheut seng
so yi ngo gam chi yat ding yiu hai dou wa gwo nei teng

Repeat Chorus x2

nei wa ngo m hai jing jung tong yan who are you
di gwai lou tai ngo yau mai hai wong pei fu
seui yin ngo dei waan ging hai 2 go m tung sai gaai
daan hai fan bit hou siu nei m hou chai dak jau chai
baat yut sap ng tung jung chau jit
gau lik san lik gan bun jau mou fan bit
san nin lau lau mai yau hai dau ha lei si
yam ha cha da gei gyun m hai ge mai cho D
au yeung jing gau ging hai bin go
nei jan hai seung ji jeui ching cho hai ngo
gaan daan loi gong saam go ji bin saam go

Repeat Chorus x2

Yea, Jin
You know that’s me


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  2. haha very accurate! thanx! 🙂 love mc jin and Big bang! ❤ TOPPPPPPP

  3. ^^
    i notice this trans. just right now.

    and it’s amazing!
    i didn’t expect to see any Cantonese song here!
    it’s COOL!

  4. Muahaha, thanks for translating! x)
    I love Jin~! ❤

    (I didn't know FM produced this song! xD)

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