Co-Sponsored Project: ‘VIP Video Messages to BIG BANG’ Final Cuts & Follow-Ups

December 1, 2008



We have narrowed our list down & this is our final cut is down to 31 applicants! (you can double check for your name under the cut)

to those 31 lucky VIPz, you will receive an email from me within the next 24 hours containing the next details.

THE DEADLINE TO REPLY TO MY EMAIL IS FRIDAY, DECEMBER 5th, 2008. NO EXCEPTIONS. if you do not reply to my email, you cannot be a part of this project.

another follow-up email will be sent to confirm your continuation to record your video.
YOUR VIDEO DEADLINE IS DUE BY SUNDAY, DECEMBER 14th, 2008. NO EXCEPTIONS. if your video is not emailed to me by this date, your video will not be edited into the project. (details will be under the cut on how you can get your video file to me)

you need to reply to me to confirm your message as well as answer the questions i have posed to you.
some of the details i post here will be on the email as well:

  • your fansite SN has no part in the video project, just for our records.
  • we do need your real, full name so BB knows your name & see where all their fans come from
  • we also need to know where you’re from exactly (the city, state, country).
  • you need to confirm your message as we have it written in the email space. that is exactly what we will be translating, & saying anything more or less will do you no good b/c bb will most likely not understand it.
  • your video needs to be within a minute. exceptions can be made, but if we feel your video is too long, your video will not be used in the project (those w/ the exceptions, i have noted in the email).
  • the video should be recorded in a presentable manner. i mean that what comes out on video should be appropriate. your video represents yourself & our fansite. anything profane or too spazzy will not be included in our project. bb deals w/ fangirls everyday & we want them to be amazed by our video.
  • some of your messages have been edited slightly to accomodate the translating. be lucky, otherwise your application would not have made it.
  • ANY QUESTIONS, POST A COMMENT HERE, as i will check on this post daily.

check under the cut to see if you made the list, & more details on how to send me your video….

congrats to those who made it! we’re looking forward to making this project for you all to enjoy. we will be designing a very nice cd cover & the dvd will go

to bb, & if we’re lucky straight into their hands. we will upload the video & show you the final project once it’s done! (we hope to have it done by JANUARY)
work hard on it & keep it clean!


how did u make it to the list?
thank the project board judges. we went through each applicant & chose the worthy ones.
thank yourself for your dedication to our site. some of you were borderline, but if i have noticed you commenting on our fansite daily, or better yet, you know me personally, you had a safe bet that you made it on this list.
now get to work on your video!!

1. seungriismine
3. VAN_R_E
5. Aprilvip
6. Samaher Abuzahriyeh
7. Maryam
8. Karenn Lee
9. Yuni InodoVIP
11. Yui´loves´YB
12. feyfey
13. Kat-Chan/WildSevenGirl
14. Kristie
15. PH4T
16. yumyumSUSHI
17. IchaisVIP, Purple.princess. ~Boldstripes, Tasia-is-vip, Mort2512
18. xLadyTOP & LadyJiYong
19. luvpandaeyes
20. bigbangluv
21. godivaluvzgd
22. mooncake
23. Felisha
24. sann-ee
25. babybear
26. KATisBAK
27. yongyong
28. christineknockout
29. loveeannnaa
30. seunghyuns2saerom
31. milkydonut


  • you will receive a second email from me accepting your final details, which means you are good to film away!
  • don’t forget your video has to be under a minute (exceptions made, see above details)
  • video formats can be: MP4, MPEG, MOV, WMV, AVI ONLY. otherwise we cannot work with your video & encode properly.
  • upload your videos onto file host-sharing sites like: MEDIAFIRE, MEGAUPLOAD, SHAREBEE, etc.
    -it’s very simple if you all can DL bb performances, you can upload your own videos; please upload your videos so it’s easier for us to download them.
  • DEADLINE FOR YOUR VIDEOS (uploaded, downloaded by us & in our hands by) SUNDAY, DECEMBER 14th, 2008. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • if we find your video to not match our project image, we will be forced to not add your video to our project, so please record with caution.



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