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Daesung, by FO’s Exposure that He “Exchanged Text Message with a Female Group Member,” He Undergoes Hardships

November 23, 2008


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Idol star Daesung from Big Bang admitted that he exchanged text message with a female group member.

On 23rd during ‘Family Outing’ of SBS ‘Good Sunday,’ he confessed shyly that he has “exchanged text message with a female group member before.”

One of members exposed a secret, “I saw Daesung exchanging text messages with a female group member” and as he was showing his surprised expression, he made idle remarks that he “won’t be able to work forever from now on if this continues.”

Daesung continued and spoke, “I exchanged two text messages but I drew the line (between us),” thus brought misconception. Although it was a simple text messages that can be exchanged between colleagues, he was trying to explain that there’s nothing special between them; family members cheered him that “it’s fine to exchange to keep in touch.”

In addition, Daesung revealed, “when only cold water came out when I was about to take shower, I pretended like I took shower.” But, this was a secret that he revealed himself. He made an awkward smile and showed interest about his another secrets (that others wrote).

But at a sudden exposure he said, “I putted a slipsole on the first episode of ‘FO'” and feigned innocence. But ended up confessing that “I put slipsole inside of shoes during opening and ending of the show” and made people around him burst out in laughter.