★Taeyang – On the Front Line of Music Industry This Year, There was ‘Look at Only Me,’ and Taeyang was Shining There.

November 21, 2008

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Credit to: GQ, 영배갤, 큰엄마 @ BBVIPZ
Original article:
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Translated by: Jeska @
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*GQ picked Taeyang as the man of the year. CONGRATULATIONS!*

Q: Do you like to receive compliments?
-It’s okay. I like to receive criticism too.

Q: You like to receive criticisms?
– I am used to being scolded.

Q: Why would you like it even if you are used to it?
– I think it’s a part of showing interest (to me) in anyway.

Q: I was about to give you compliment that you did very well this year but our conversation is getting twisted.
– Ah, haha. “Thank you.”

Q: How can you describe your year of 2008 in one word?
– Well, out-of-control, maybe?

Q: An idol, especially if someone from idol groups under big management company does something, I don’t think his act (doing) is entirely his: A song that someone made, a dance that someone put a polish on, a first place impression that someone could’ve wrote even. But your performance was different.
I tried to put my sincerity as much as I can during solo performance. The biggest reason why I sing is to convey my sincerity (to people who give me love).

Q: Sincerity is a hard word; rather, iffy. It includes to do what you wanted to do, to know what you do exactly, and etc. What’s your sincerity?
– First of all, it’s music. A thought about doing music in real life that I’ve been wanting to do since I was little was in center (of my mind), and I strived to enjoy every work.

Q: ‘Strived,’ do you mean everything wasn’t fun all the time?
– Yes. Compare to my younger days where I used to just like music, I feel music as a work so I get responsibility. So I think I need to strive to have fun. Isn’t it obvious that I need to strive because I am happy when I do music most?

Q: You were able to shine part of it is because of a stage. Stage is a scary place. Fake ones can be found easily and not all of sincerity can be conveyed.
– I just want to say this for now; I am at the happiest moment when I am on stage. Instead of being happy by just standing up on a stage, I feel truly happy when my thought and will make something perfect. I strived to make it perfect.

– Interview continues under the cut.


Q: How did ‘Look at Only Me’ stage start?
– I first wanted to express lyrics well. It carries a bad boy image, but when you express it, doesn’t it have some pureness of men that can’t be hidden? In other way, I guess it would be right to say that I expressed to make (myself) not to look like a bad boy on the stage.

Q: All that was calculated; I think I saw this system too negligible.
– In any way, I am not a bad guy.

Q: I want an evidence.
– I never cheated at least.

Q: How simple is that! Wasn’t your solo activities (promotions) were like a wind? Inside of those, according to your word, ‘out-of-control’ days you spent, I think you would feel like there’s a hole.
– Like feeling empty? I feel it a lot. I feel even more since year-end is coming. In this year I gained a lot of popularity through Big Bang promotion, a lot of albums were released, we did a lot of concerts, but I still feel empty about what I achieved by myself.

Q: Taeyang inside of Big Bang surely don’t look fun compare to solo.
– I think that way too. When I do solo activity, the fact that there isn’t the time to prepare to promise ‘next’ makes me feel empty.

Q: That was summer then, and it’s winter now. What has changed?
– The fact that I have my own song changed. I like how people who didn’t know me while I was active as Big Bang recognize me (now) and say ‘he sings this kind of song, he the one who can dance like that.’

Q: Did the meaning of ‘Big Bang’ change? Like ‘I want to finish Big Bang activity and do solo activity.’ I know you will say no, but I am asking anyways.
– Haha, I don’t have that kind of thought. In anyway, because I think Big Bang activity led solo activity, I think there will be another good chance as I work hard during Big Bang activity in future.

Q: A chance doesn’t always wait for you only. First of all you are really busy.
– That’s right, I am busy. I think I bump into the limit every time. Limit of tiredness, limit of hunger, I am saying being busy make you bump into a lot of limitation.

Q: I heard you were the only one who didn’t collapse?
– I am healthy. I thank myself for exercising hard frequently.

Q: I can think of you when I hear ‘only member who didn’t collapse:’ He must be healthy, not drink, go to church every week, and not that funny.
No, I am funny. People laugh when I talk about something serious. For me, it’s something I wonder.

Q: A boy image is dominant (over your whole image). I can’t think of Taeyang who would be lazy, sly, or corrupt. What do you think about future?
– I am worry about that too; people always see me as same image: straightforward, constant, changeless. But I won’t always be like that.

Q: Do you see any signs for it?
– I think no one will know as a year or two passes by. Noonas or fans say I will marry with my first love no matter what…

Q: That suits you.
– But I don’t have enough confidence. I really hate how that image is stuck (with me).

Q: You are at the age of being able to do what adults do. What kind of thoughts does it give it to ‘boy’ Taeyang?
– It gives me a lot of temptation.

Q: A word ‘temptation’ feels like an enlivened word.
– I think I won’t be able to control soon. Now those temptation really…

Q: Isn’t it fun to fall into temptation?
– One day I got swept away by atmosphere and as I drank one shot and another, I felt like I was getting drunk. I was hearing people talking like a tape was stretched and I was getting hyper. I realized ‘this is why people like to drink,’ and started to worry after what happened.

Q: You worried because of how you felt when you drank? You have a long way to go.
– Maybe it’s because I started with something really strong. I drank the one where you drink with straw after you put a fire.

Q: ‘Taeyang drinks an alcohol with fire on it;’ that sounds like a ‘concept’. So what happened in the end?
– I just felt being drunk and ended.

Q: So you ended up going back to a boy in the end. I want to give my vote for you getting married with first love.
– No, I don’t think that would happen. I have an idea that my first love can’t be everything.

Q: Then who would want to be your first love?
– Haha. Like how I try to lead to the good side on the stage, I think relationship will be poor first, but it will be organized certainly as it gets better.

Q: Is there another side of you that people don’t know of?
I am not that as honest as how people think. Of course I try to (be honest) but not as much as how they think.

Q: Do you like yourself?
– I, myself…yes. But, I don’t like myself that much either. I try to put myself strict a bit.

Q: What kind of 20s do you want to live in?
I want to be someone proud who can stand up on a global stage. I want to be approved. I want to be approved more in musical talent, singing, or on stage.

Q: Wouldn’t that happen if you think that way?
– I’ve been doing it since I was little. Maybe not in YG, but I never thought about not becoming a singer.

Q: Do you have time to be absent-minded?
– I am gone once I think about one thing deeply , I usually end before that. I tend to think all the day (once I do it.)

Q: What’s on the end? the universe?
– I end up falling into nonsense thoughts, but there’s no special meaning to it in the end. I think it’s important to be absent-minded first. There might not be anything left, anyhow I gain a result through that process.

Q: This world is in a mess to record celebrities. A lot of medias are capturing you without you knowing it. How do you record your everyday life?
– I pray. Even if I exclude religious meaning, I pray about how I spent the day and what I did wrong…

Q: What was your worst thing you did in 2008?
– I have so many.

Q: Good things you did fill twelve baskets, (it means he has done a lot of good things) (so) I think you can say it without any obligation.
– Word is a problem. I hurt people around me with words I didn’t intend to say.

Q: People see only parts of what you showed, instead their want will increase. They will want something more than what you showed this year, and that’s a fair hope. What are you going to do?
If it goes by a plan, I am going to do a solo activity (promotion) again next year. I am working on an art piece now (or I have been drawing (painting) an art piece). I don’t know how it’s going to turn out.

Q: I think it will be better after you experience more temptation.
– Haha. “Nae.”


  1. Thanks for translating, that was interesting. It’s always good to learn more and experience more sides to YB’s personality!

  2. I love this article! It gives us a more in depth view of Taeyang. 😀

    Can I post this on BBPh:


    Hot Issue section. Will credit you guys of course. 😀

  3. @ meg:

    thanks for visiting our site!

    yes, you can move this article to that site.

    just remember to properly credit, i.e. leave the credit roll as is. ^^

  4. i love you Taeyang

  5. just out of curiousity…
    what is taeyangs and the other members of bigbang’s religion? 🙂

  6. @ xsarahallyza: i think most of them are christian. you can go to their official website and check their profile 🙂

  7. to jeska:
    thank you (:

  8. aww..you can really see the real side of bebe..

    yongbae-ah don’t worry too much!!^_^

  9. Wow, I loved reading this article. Tae Yang explains a little more about himself which enables his fans to get to know a little more about him. Since he has been my favorite, besides GD, I appreciate him even more because I get to understand a little more about “him”. Thank you for posting the article. Is this GQ magazine the US version?

  10. @ yoli: no. GQ korea. i wish it was GQ US version though. that would be..like..omgness. lol.

  11. i love taeyang!!

  12. O.o
    He actually got drunk once.. x]
    Must have been a very bad hangover.. Haha.. That’s not funny.?

    TaeYang is awesome~! x]
    But SeungRi is better. Hahaa

  13. TAEYANG is cuteeeeeeeee 😀
    HAHAHAHAH! hottttttttt too!

  14. i want to do a song with you tae yang your music is mad sick and mine is to contact me so we can do music together my email is northpimp_14@yahoo.com
    i knoe its lame but it will do for now

  15. the music industry would always be a thriving industry specially these days where we listen to a lot of music ,.”

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