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★Taeyang – On the Front Line of Music Industry This Year, There was ‘Look at Only Me,’ and Taeyang was Shining There.

November 21, 2008

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Credit to: GQ, 영배갤, 큰엄마 @ BBVIPZ
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*GQ picked Taeyang as the man of the year. CONGRATULATIONS!*

Q: Do you like to receive compliments?
-It’s okay. I like to receive criticism too.

Q: You like to receive criticisms?
– I am used to being scolded.

Q: Why would you like it even if you are used to it?
– I think it’s a part of showing interest (to me) in anyway.

Q: I was about to give you compliment that you did very well this year but our conversation is getting twisted.
– Ah, haha. “Thank you.”

Q: How can you describe your year of 2008 in one word?
– Well, out-of-control, maybe?

Q: An idol, especially if someone from idol groups under big management company does something, I don’t think his act (doing) is entirely his: A song that someone made, a dance that someone put a polish on, a first place impression that someone could’ve wrote even. But your performance was different.
I tried to put my sincerity as much as I can during solo performance. The biggest reason why I sing is to convey my sincerity (to people who give me love).

Q: Sincerity is a hard word; rather, iffy. It includes to do what you wanted to do, to know what you do exactly, and etc. What’s your sincerity?
– First of all, it’s music. A thought about doing music in real life that I’ve been wanting to do since I was little was in center (of my mind), and I strived to enjoy every work.

Q: ‘Strived,’ do you mean everything wasn’t fun all the time?
– Yes. Compare to my younger days where I used to just like music, I feel music as a work so I get responsibility. So I think I need to strive to have fun. Isn’t it obvious that I need to strive because I am happy when I do music most?

Q: You were able to shine part of it is because of a stage. Stage is a scary place. Fake ones can be found easily and not all of sincerity can be conveyed.
– I just want to say this for now; I am at the happiest moment when I am on stage. Instead of being happy by just standing up on a stage, I feel truly happy when my thought and will make something perfect. I strived to make it perfect.

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