07. 멍청한 사랑 / Foolish Love

November 9, 2008

Big Bang – Remember Vol. 2

07. 멍청한 사랑 / Foolish Love

Composers: Kush + 최규성 | Lyrics: G-Dragon
Translated by: Jeska + gdluvzmc @ VIPtranslators
*do not add to or remove credit line*

note: ITALICS are sung in English

[SR] (yea, yea) i think (of you) again like a bad habit
i get tired of this hard life so I countlessly
laugh when i think of you, cry when i miss you
i got tired (of it) and fell asleep

[YB] your love makes you feel difficult, so you turn around like a rough wind
my lack of understanding, uncertain future, i couldn’t take it anymore

[DS] i wanted to wipe the tears around (your) wetted eyes
but the image reflected in your eyes
isn’t me, it’s someone else baby

[YB] don’t lie baby, tell me ‘this isn’t it’
your head looks down and you can’t say anything; why are you making me miserable
[DS/SR] why do you feel sorry for me? stop now, leave after making me hate you foolish love left with wounds; bye bye

[SR] everything’s gonna be alright, right

[TOP] (uh) love came and left again like a migratory bird
“my heart hurts more,” i tell you endlessly but you were stubborn everyday
[GD] (just like) smoking a hit (you can) forget about (us) already as if it’s easy
“meet another woman and live well,” huh? (ok? or aiite?)
(T/N: he means she can throw away their relationship and wish him well like it’s easy)

[TOP] friend, what did i tell you, i’m not sure about her
[SR] (once a glass cup is broken, it’s hard to put it back together)
a game with an expected ending, nothin’ never ever change
i felt more anxious while i was watching from the sidelines

[GD] look, she will fall asleep while nestling in another guy’s arms
she will come looking for you a year or 2 later (let him go girl)
(T/N: this verse gets confusing b/c TOP & GD are having a dialogue with e/o)

Repeat Chorus

[DS] i hoped that you would hold me a bit more, but it’s useless now
[YB] my stupid shadow is now left alone and wandering around on this dimmed street
i think i am still waiting for you

[TOP] i feel pity, you aren’t that bad;
[GD] i feel pity, why do you end up with those kind of girls
[TOP] i feel pity, what she gave you is a nightmare;
[GD] i feel pity, for you, not your girl

Repeat Chorus

[SR] everything’s gonna be alright, right, yea yea… foolish person.

*Korean and Romanization lyrics are under the cut*


Credit to: bobo6465 @ BUGS MUSIC
Edited by: Jeska + gdluvzmc @ VIPtranslators
*do not add to or remove credit line*

[SR] 못된 버릇처럼 또 생각이나
고된 삶에 지쳐 널 몇 번이나
떠올리다 웃고 그리움에 울고
난 지쳐버려 잠이 들었지

[YB] 너의 사랑 너무 힘이 든다고 거친 바람처럼 등을 돌려 버리고
모자랐던 이해 불투명한 미래 더 이상 참을 수가 없었지

[DS] 촉촉히 젖은 눈가에 눈물을 닦아주고 싶었지만
그대의 눈동자의 비친 모습은
내가 아닌 걸 다른 사람인걸 baby

[YB] 안돼 거짓말은 baby 아니라고 내게 말해줘
고개를 떨군 체 아무 말 못한 채 왜 날 비참하게 하는 거야
[DS/SR] 왜 내게 미안해 이제는 그만해 널 미워할 수 있게 만들고 떠나가줘
상처투성이로 남겨진 멍청한 사랑 bye bye

[SR] everything’s gonna be alright right

[TOP] (uh) 사랑은 철새처럼 왔다가 또 갔구나
내 맘이 더 아프다 허구한날 말해줘도 넌 매일 고집 피웠잖아

[GD] 담배만 피더라 뻐끔 그만 좀 잊어라 거뜬하게 보란 듯이
딴 여잘 만나 잘살아라 어?

[TOP] 친구야 내가 뭐랬어 그 사람 모르겠다고
[SR] (한번 깨진 유릿잔은 다시 붙기 힘들다고)
Yo 끝이 보이던 게임 nothin never ever change
옆에서 지켜보는 내가 더 불안하더라고

[GD] Look 그 앤 다른 남자의 품에 안겨 잠들걸
1,2년 지난 후에야 나타나 널 찾을걸 (let him go girl)

Repeat Chorus

[DS] 날 조금만 더 붙잡아주기를 바랬던 내 마음은 아무 소용 없는 미련인데
[YB] 홀로 남겨진 이 어둠 속에 길을 헤 메는 멍청한 내 그림자
난 아직 너를 기다리고 있는 듯해

[TOP] 안쓰러워 네가 뭐 꿀린다고
[GD] 안쓰러워 그런 여자만 왜 꼬이냐고
[TOP] 안쓰러워 그녀가 준 건 악몽이라고
[GD] 안쓰러워 네가 아니 너의 그녀가

Repeat chorus

[SR] everything’s gonna be alright right 멍청한 사람


Edited by: Jeska + gdluvzmc @ VIPtranslators
*do not add to or remove credit line*

[SR] (yea, yea) motduen buhreutchuhrum ddoh sengakeenah
goduen salmae jichuh nul myut buneenah
dduhollidah ootgo geurioomeh oolgoh
nan jichuhbuhryuh jahmee deuluhji

[YB] nuh-eh sarang nuhmoo himee deundahgo guhchin baramchuhrum dollyuh buhrigo
mojaratdun eehae booltwomyounghahn mirae duh eesang chameul soogah upsutji

[DS] chokchokhee juhseun noongaeh noonmooleul daggajoogo shiputjimahn
geudae-eh noondongjaeh bichin moseubeun
naega ahnin geol dareun saramingeol baby

[YB] ahndwe guhjitmaleun baby ahnirago naegae malhaejoh
gogaereul ddulgun chae ahmoo mahl mothan chae whe nal bichamhageh haneun geoyeah
[DS/SR] whe naegeh miahnhae eejeneun geumahnhae hul miweohal soo itgae mandeulgo dduhnagajoh
sangchuhtoosung-eero namgyuhjin mungchunghahn sarang bye bye

[SR] everything’s gonna be alright right

[TOP] (uh) sarang-eun chulsaechuhrum watdagah ddo gakgoonah
nae mamee duh ahpeudah huhgoohannal malhaejodoh nun maeil gojip piwhatjanah

[GD] dambaemahn piduhrah bbuhggeum geumahn jom idjuhra guhddeunhageh boran deushi
ddan yuhjahl manna jalsalahla uh?

[TOP] chingooyah naega moressuh geu saram moreugetdago
[SR] (hanbeon ggejin yuritjaneun dashi bootgi himdeuldago)
yo ggeuchi boeedeon game nothing never ever change
yupesuh jikyuhboneun naega duh boolanhaduhrago

[GD]  look geu ehn dareun namjaeui poomeh ahngyuh jamdeulggul
il, ee nyun jinahn hooehyah natanah hul chajeulggul (let him go girl)

Repeat chorus

[DS] nal jogeummahn duh bootjabajoogireul baletdun nae maeumeun ahmoo soyong upneun miryunindae
[YB] hollo namgyuhjin ee uhdoom sogeh gileul hehmehneun mungchunghan nae geurimjah
nan ahjik nuhreul gidarigo itneun deutnae

[TOP] ahnsseuruhwuh neega muh ggoolindago
[GD] ahnsseuruhwuh geurun yuhjamahn whe ggoiinyago
[TOP] ahnsseuruhwuh geunyuhga joon gun akmongeerago
[GD] ahnsseuruhwuh neega ahni nuheui geunyuhga

Repeat chorus

[SR] everything’s gonna be alright right mungchunghan sarahm



  1. one of my faves from the album 🙂
    i LOVE the feelings the song evoke in me ^^

  2. taking my fave 🙂

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  4. OH MY…honestly, I have to say this…BIG BANG DONE IT AGAIN!!!!…their lyrics keeps getting better and better,…
    of course, thanks for the sub…u amaze me with ur hard work


  5. you are the best!
    love what you guys are doing keep all of us big bang fan updated and stuff.

  6. Thank you for all the translations. =) I don’t know if it’ll be a hassle or not, but can you write the romanticized titles as well? If it’s gonna be a hassle, it’s alright. I’ll just look for the phrase closest (or the actual title) and look at the romanticized lyrics (that’s actually how i found the title for this song).

  7. i love this song very much.thanks for translation and romanticized lyrics.i love seung ri’s voice and seung ri.

  8. @ koala: thanks for visiting, but i deleted your other comment because i believe it’s important to keep their privacy safe.

  9. sarangggggggg hae yooooooo<3.

    omg lovelovelove this song.
    beautiful lyrics.

  10. hey everybody, PEACE! someone uploaded the HQ version of UNtil Whenever on the BB fansite, great job! can anyone make the romanized lyrics for this song?? It’s super duper fantastic…

  11. thanks for the translations! my fave in this album <33

  12. i memorize all of it.!

  13. i love this song!! *lurve* ♥///♥ when Tops voice goes all sqeeky..thats so awesome! i love Big Bang!! theyre so HAWT!! i want to go to their concerts T-T

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