나만 바라봐 Part 2 / Look At Only Me Part II

November 9, 2008

G-Dragon – 나만 바라봐 Part 2 / Look Only At Me Part II

Composers: Teddy + Kush | Lyrics: Teddy + Kush | Arrangements: Teddy
Translated by: Jeska + gdluvzmc @ VIPtranslators
*do not add to or remove credit line*

-note: ITALICS are sung in English

I’m not trying to make sense here
I’m just trying to make things right
I’m not asking, but I’m telling you
Baby listen
Ah ah ah ah I’m sorry girl

All all all all it’s all my greed
Ah ah ah ah I’m sorry girl

Look Only At Me, Part 2

All men are all same but I am different, believe me girl
I am different from those other guys you met
I said with my whole heart that ‘I will only look at you’
There won’t be betrayal in front of love you gave me
Honestly I sometimes waver
But don’t worry it doesn’t go farther
I was just curious of being fluttered from dating for a long time, those small fights

I feel happy when you are next to me so I am not alone
But I feel unnerved and think the past was better sometimes
Although I feel sorry

Don’t ever cheat although I do, baby
Don’t forget about me although I do (forget about you), lady
Sometimes, I don’t contact you and I drink
And if I met lips with another woman, look only at me

(I am sorry honey, but…)

I delay a date with you today
Once, twice, it became many times already, like a habit (Let’s meet for sure tomorrow)
‘I will do it next time’ ‘I will do better from now on’ but I lie at the last minute
But I can’t help it, I keep lying to you
I know it’s bad, I always feel anxious
No girl girl girl
Everything is my fault, swerved (broken) promises repeat (ah)

(I hope you won’t know about this)

I look for you when I feel lonely and inconvenient
I feel sorry, then it happens soon
You comfort me saying it’s okay to do it when I am foolish

Repeat Chorus

I know very well that I only think of myself (Honestly I don’t know well)
You wait for me at the same place everyday, but that’s all baby
I wish you will always have only me
That’s my wish, a man’s hope, honey don’t hate (hate on/cuss at) me
No No…

Repeat Chorus

*Korean lyrics under the cut*


Credit to: Cyworld
Edited by: gdluvzmc @ VIPtranslators
*do not add to or remove credit line*

i’m not trying to make sense here
i’m just trying to make things right
i’m not asking, but i’m telling you
baby listen
ah ah ah ah i’m sorry girl
다다다 다 내 욕심인 걸
ah ah ah ah i’m sorry girl

나만바라봐 part 2

남잔 다 똑같단 그 말 달라 날 믿어줘 girl
여지껀 내가 만났던 그런 사람들과는 틀린 걸
너 하나만 바라보겠단 말 내 진심인 걸
니가 내게 준 사랑 앞에 배신은 없을 껄
솔직히 말해 가끔은 흔들릴 때도 있어
하지만 걱정은 하지는 마 그 이상은 아닌 걸
긴 시간의 만남에 혹은 사소한 다툼에 또는 새로운 설레임에
잠깐 궁금했을 뿐인 걸

니가 옆에 있어 왜 믿지 않아 행복해
아마 그 또 어느새 부담스러워지고
때론 예전이 낫다 생각해
내게 미안하지마

내가 바람펴도 너는 절대 피지마 baby
내가 너를 잊어도 넌 나를 잊지마 lady
가끔 내가 연락이 없고 술을 마셔도
혹시 내가 다른 어떤 여자와 잠시 입을 맞춰도
넌 나만 바라봐

자기야 미안한데
오늘 너와의 약속을 미뤄
한 두번 하다보니 벌써 버릇처럼 수십번
내일은 꼭 보자
다음에는 그래야지 이제부턴 잘해야지 하면서
마지막 거짓말 하지 하지만 어쩔 수 없는데
널 자꾸 속이게 돼 나쁜 걸 아는데
매번 맘 조리게 돼 (no girl girl girl)
모든 게 내 잘못 틀어진 약속 바보
너만을 몰라서 미안해

oh 혼자 있는 게 지겨워 질 때 널 찾아 미안해
아마 또 그 어느새 그럴 수도 있다고 넌 그래도 된다고 위로해

Repeat Chorus

내가 이기적이란 걸 난 너무 잘 알아 (사실 잘 몰라)
넌 매일 그 자리 그 곳에서 날 기다리면되 그 뿐이야 baby
너만은 언제나 나 하나 뿐이기를 바래
이게 내 바램인 걸 남자의 마음인 걸
그대가 날 욕하지마

Repeat Chorus



  1. Thank u soo much for posting this…am searching 4 da lyrics of GD’s But I love you girl bt i cant find it…can someone pliz tell me where t find it if it’s already posted and if not am makin a request t da vip translators…as I dnt understand Korean am totally dependent on u guys everytime…thanks again..

  2. thank you 🙂

    PS will this piece also be translated to ROMANIZATION version later?

  3. YeSSS..i want the romanization SO BAD!!! PLEASEEEEEEEE..

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