Lee Mun Sae, “I Like Big Bang’s Version of ‘Sunset Glow’ Most” Gives High Praise

November 7, 2008


Credit to: MyDaily | Original Article: Click Here
Translated by: Jeska @ VIPtranslators
*Do not add to or remove credit lines*

Big Bang’s title song ‘Sunset Glow’ received high praise from Lee Mun Sae who sang the original version of the song.

Lee Mun Sae recently told Big Bang’s management CEO, Yang Hyun Suk that “Big Bang’s ‘Sunset Glow’ was made with refined arrangement and melody,” and gave compliment.

‘Sunset Glow,’ which was released in 1988 in Lee’s 5th album “Standing Under Tree Shade,” is a piece composed by composer Lee Young Hun who recently passed away in February of this year; the song was remade by many underclassmen singers such as: Maya, Shinhwa, Yurisangja, Bubble Sisters, M.C the Max, and etc.

Critics said Big Bang used chorus part as a sample and made into completely different song when other singers did a remake version of it. Also, the music video that was made to remind people about Korea Oil Spill receive positive feedback because it ‘gave an opportunity to look back about an incident that people started to forget about.’

Big Bang’s 2nd album is bring a lot of attentions. Before their album was released, they made a record of 200,000 copied of pre-order and soon as album was released, they reached top place in music chart and music selling chart, thus making another blast.

Big Bang will perform ‘Sunset Glow’ and ‘Remember’ with album intro song on their comeback stage in MBC ‘Show! Music Core’ in this coming 8th.



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  2. thanks for translating this. No matter how old the song is, BB will make it fresh and addicting!

  3. haha !
    just like lee mun sae,,
    i love big bang’s sunset glow too !

    * gave high praise for them*

  4. i really really love that song^^…gd and top’s right..”fresh collaboration^^ w/ lee mun sae this 2008 with big bang^_^”

    nan noreul saranghae^_^…even my mom got hook up on the chorus of this song..cause it was my alarm ringing tone^_^..cute anyway^^

    big bang never disappoints us! so we vips too! never disappoint them^_^…

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